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Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Taylorsville, UT

Wow... If this article doesn't bring out the little brother syndrome from Ute county, er, uhm, I mean Ute nation, I don't know what will... Great article, but this is sure to rub a few inferiority complexes around here the wrong way.

Great commentary! Queue the angry Ute trolls in 3...2...1...

Layton, UT

Blast Off!

Typical byu...Living in the past.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Again I ask you this: If independence is where it's at, why isn't Alabama independent?

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

BYU is on its way to a fun year, but they are not being smart if they think they can go through this schedule undefeated.


Brave Sir Robin: because they have a regional fan base. Independence fits BYU nicely... Not all colleges are the same.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

"Not to make this a comparison between BYU and the University of Utah, but since Edwards retired in 2000, BYU has finished ranked in the Top 25 six times. That’s only one less ranked finish than Utah has in its entire history."

I would like to dedicate this quote to Chris B.

Dear Brave Sir Robin,

Alabama is not an independent because they do not have a national following. Religion allows BYU and Notre Dame to go independent. The Military academies can also go independent because of a built in national following from our vets. No institution not connected to an organization that knows no boundaries could possibly go independent.

Dear ekute,

BYU's future looks pretty bright. This football team should be significantly better than last years. The basketball team has an amazing future in the pipeline with Lone Peak stars in the pipeline.

Salt Lake City, UT

"and it’s easy to see why the Cougar faithful are feeling optimistic about the direction of the program."

This seems just a tad suspect to me. Bronco fired his entire offensive staff from last season. And if the Cougars lose to the Utes again, well...

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this is a make it or break year for the Cougs. If they don't win at least 2 of the marquee match-ups this season (including the Utes), I would be concerned about the long-term viability of independence.

Merely playing BCS teams doesn't garner respect IMO.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Layton, UT

"Typical byu...Living in the past."

Where do Utes live?

Layton, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad,

In the PAC12.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

This article is spot on. As a Cougar fan what will help BYU more than anything will be to win games. If they win, recruiting will take care of itself and BYU will gain national attention. This article also shows what I've been telling Ute fans for years, BYU is still and will always be the alpha dog program in the state of Utah. BYU is a rib-eye and Utah is a tube steak. If you take these last 13 years in perspective, BYU has had (for BYU standards) a relatively average 13 years. Utah on the other hand is in their "golden age". BYU has still been ranked in the top 25 more than Utah has. Don't give me strength of schedule crap either, BYU has not ended in the top 25 in their first 2 years of independence. They did this while in the same conference as Utah was in. Reality can be hard to swallow for some Ute fans.

Korea, AE

In the hours to come...

ute trolls will flock to this article to remind BYU fans that they are better, belong to a "big boy" conference, and have beaten BYU three times.

Yet not once, will the ute trolls accept any part of this article, even though it has all been said on these boards a hundred times...

BYU is better in every way but one. the u beat BYU last year.

In a few weeks, you won't have that any more either.

So give it all you got...

it will be over soon and you won't have anything to lord over BYU fans.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

BYU has the perfect line-up of soft/medium soft then hard opponents that the team will hopefully handle the schedule well. I fully expect a national ranking, two wins over the big four on the schedule (ND, WI, Boise and Texas), finally beating the pesky Utes and a bowl win. 11-2 should be top 15 this year and good enough to build 2014 into a serious run at making the playoffs. If BYU manages 13-0, which is highly improbable, it might be enough to get to the championship this year.

How I rank the games in order of difficulty. Utah is sixth most difficult because USU is on the road and the first four teams are likely ranked when BYU plays them.

1 Wisconsin
2 ND
3 Texas
4 Boise State
6 Utah
7 Virginia
8 Georgia Tech
9 Middle TN State
10 Nevada
11 Houston
12 Idaho State

BYU has byes before Utah and Wisconsin. They play Idaho State before ND. Boise State and Texas are the only highly difficult game that BYU won't have extra time to prepare for. I love Independence scheduling!! Can't wait to see the uptempo offense!

Orem, UT

@STuFOO no we won't remind you that we have beaten you three times, we'll remind you we've won 8 of the last 11.

No question byu was the dominant team of the 80s and 90s and had a great run. If not, it wouldn't have felt so good for us utes to finally have our turn to dominate our rival for the last decade.

We'll see what the next decade brings. Both teams are at pivotal moments. They have chances to take big steps forward or big steps backwards. Truth be told, the last couple years have just shed light on the fact that both programs' success and accolades were inflated by weak schedules. It will be exciting to see if either team can take the step to truly join the nations' elite programs.

Saratoga springs, UT


At the *bottom* of the pac12. Fixed that for you.


"we won't remind you that we have beaten you three times, we'll remind you we've won 8 of the last 11."

I guess you have to hang on to whatever stat works for you. The BYU/Utah game is fun, but only one game a year at most.

What works for me is if it was a choice of beating the utes or going to a bowl game, I would choose bowling every time! Last EIGHT years in a row! Go Cougars!

Midway, UT

As a BYU fan I'm trilled to see Utah do well, especially since their promotion. A good performance By Utah is good for BYU. I must say independence concerns me a little because of conference realignments that might forever box BYU out. But, when Utah left the MWC BYU didn't have a choice and it seems that it is heading in a good direction. So for now, I'm happy to see BYU in a tough schedule and hope they are the real deal this year.

Eagle Mountain, UT


In the PAC12.

Every Home needs a doormat.

Orem, UT

@kralon I agree with you, I would take bowl game as well as that is more of a reflection of the season as a whole; however, I don't think anyone would question the fact that if utah would have had byu's schedule they would have been in a bowl game last year and if byu had utah's schedule they would have been 5-7 or worse. If both teams had been in the mwc, they would have won 9 or 10 games. For the first time in their histories, the teams are finally playing respectable schedules, it will be interesting to see how they handle it. If I were a byu fan I would not be super optimistic, seeing how utah has struggled and knowing that utah has had the better program recently.

That being said byu still has 4 or 5 built in wins this year, and while much is being made of their schedule it is still average when compared to other bcs teams, so going to a bowl game won't be a problem. For utah it could be tough. 9 of their 12 opponents are ranked or received votes in the ap poll.

Salt Lake City, UT

Earth to everyone, winning games in sports IS WHAT MATTERS? That is why this is such a ridiculous article, all he is doing is stating a given fact and using it for BYU. Same article could have been written for Utah, or almost any other team in the NCAA. Cookie cutter article with no insight...


If being in a conference is so great then why doesn't Notre Dame play football in a conference?

I love our independence. I love traveling to different places each year, seeing different stadiums, eating at different restaurants and playing at different golf courses while I'm there.

I do not however love the WCC - can't wait until we can get out of there. Let's hope the Big 12 eventually invites us - you can still play golf in December in Texas:)

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