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Published: Sunday, Aug. 18 2013 3:05 p.m. MDT

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Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

You left out his worst injury of all; his bruised ego when he hit the goal post at the U game last year.

Good article clears the air for no excuses this year.

Good Luck Justin

springville, UT

Hey Farcus, what bowl game did those utes play in last year?

Layton, UT


How many bowls have the cougars been to the last 11 years?

How many times have the cougars lost to the Utes in the last 11 years?

South Jordan, UT

This is GREAT news! Welcome back to the kicking team, Justin! We saw him kick that 62 yard field goal in that Bingham game years ago. I remember how excited we were for him to be a Cougar.

We were also very impressed with his competition in #16 and #17 at that Exhibition Game a week ago at LES. I agree! We ARE in good hands with the kicking game this year!

Go Cougars!

Logan, UT

Max-was-right.........Hey Max was right, what team does BYU hardly ever beat? (hint hint.Utes!)

Idaho Falls, ID

That gives me cause for hope.....
Hmmm. Can he play corner?.....

When are they going to start letting him practice longer field goals?

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

We need field goals made this year.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Just put your best foot forward there, Justin.

Provo, UT

Does Justin know how to play field corner too? We could use anyone we can get about now.

Saint George, UT

Whoa Nellie....that's a good one. Made me smile.

I think we should suit up Bronco to play the corner spot for a few series. This is getting ridiculous with the all injuries among the Defensive Backs.

BYU, Always #1
Saratoga Springs, UT

Scott Far cus,
you do realize that Sorensen wasn't the one that hit the goal post right?
Just trying to help you, not look like a d ute.

Frisco, TX

Scott - Justin didn't kick doink II.

Why do so many Utes post stuff that's not true?

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

"Why do so many Utes post stuff that's not true?"

Were trying to keep up with the Coug Fans false postings.

Surfers Paradise, AU

having scoreboard on the Y is all that U fan can combat with. It's better for them to go 1-12 and the lone win be against BYU, than actually have a winning season. But hey, when you're a doormat in in the PAC-12...what can you say.

Oh and the chances of them making it to the rose bowl...the line from dumb n dumber sums it it.
Lloyd: "What are the chances of us getting together? One in ten, One in a hundred?"
Mary: "More like one in a million"
Lloyd: "So you're telling me there's a chance. Yes!"

Down under
Eugene, OR

This does not bode well for the Utes.

Frisco, TX

@pavalova - that's classic!

Hyrum, UT

It's actually quite entertaining, in a sad sort of way, to read all the crowing the Ute trolls continue chattering about because of that one missed field goal that allowed the Utes to squeeze by BYU by the slimmest of margins... after already losing to USU. After that, they couldn't even qualify for the Whoa-Is-Me Bowl. It makes any talk of currently being dominant almost absurd. The only thing they left to hang their hats on is quickly becoming ancient history.
But on the positive side of things, all of that crowing will quickly come to an end in just 1 more month. If we could just get Ekute and a few other trolls to make the same commitment as Chris B to not comment on any more BYU sports articles for a year after BYU beats the Utes on September 21st, it would just be icing on the cake that is already in the making.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I can see him making many field goal points, good luck Justin.

Layton, UT

It is great to hear that Justin is finally healthy. BTW... To my Utah friends. To me I would rather have gone to any bowl game last year than to have beaten you. Now it would be nice to beat Utah and go to a bowl game but if I had my preference the Bowl game would be top on the list. Not sure if you feel the same.

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

As nice as it will be to have Justin back to his old ways of drilling long field goals, I hope we kick very few FGs. I'd prefer lots and lots of extra points. :)

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