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Published: Saturday, Aug. 17 2013 8:15 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT


I hope you have a great season but more than anything, I hope your daughter is given a clean bill of health.


Great article, Brad. Trevor is a wildman on the field and even a bit eccentric off it, but I can't imagine the sobering effects this must have on his perspective in life. Really pulling for him to join Morgan Breslin and Anthony Barr as the most feared pass rushers in the west this year, but even more pulling for him to help his wife and daughter through an even more challenging year at home. Go, Trevor, and go Shayn!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Very powerful and moving story. Best of luck to Trevor and his family.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for this story, Rock. All the best to Trevor and his family. His young daughter is adorable and obviously as tough as they come. The challenges best the Utes the this year certainly bring the importance of family and friends into sharp focus.

Saint George, UT

It's nice to see a player who excels at what he does but manages to keep it all in perspective. Good luck with everything Reillys!

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

What an adorable little girl! I sure hope this tough trial has a happy ending. When I see Trevor on the field this year, it'll be a little harder to root for my cougars.

Layton, UT

Great article. Wishing the family all the best.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

God bless your daughter and your family, Trevor! I am an ardent BYU fan but now I am a HUGE Shayn fan and a fan of Trevor and his family. I pray that all will go well for you. Wouldn't it be a good idea if both BYU and Utah football teams rallied for Shayn in an event off the field and even a collection was made for Shayn at he game from all the fans at Lavell Edwards Stadium? I believe it would be a praiseworthy cause to bring both sides a good perspective on what is really important in life. Maybe it could help heal more than just Shayn?

Salt Lake City, UT

Football is something we look forward to in the Fall. It's a distraction from life.
But life is in the family
A wife like Jessica is something everyman should have in his life.
We often forget that when a student athlete is on scholarship it's difficult to work and keep the NCAA rules. So it falls to wives often to support the family.
Keeping up a home, two children, a job to support the family and a Div I football player to manage and support...The star of the family is Jessica.
I hope your trials lead you both to greater strength and wisdom.
From a Cougar fan...
Go Reillys!

Denver, CO

Courageous father, courageous mother, courageous daughter, courageous football player - all the best to this caring, courageous family!

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

There are things far more important than football. Little girls are just one of them. My prayers will mention this sweet little baby.


Thank you for letting us know about this situation with Trevor Reilly and his little daughter. Our prayers are with you and your wife, Trevor.

Highland, UT

It is interesting that Trevor's football career took him to a place that has an excellent cancer treatment facility located right in it. It is as if he was guided to be there for purposes beyond what he knew at the time. He appears to simply be at the right place at the right time for himself and his family.

That is really an amazing "coincidence" and it is a very interesting side bar to this story.

Here is hoping for the best for his daughter and all of his family. It is nice for those of us that follow sports to have people we pull for as well as teams we pull for. I pulling for Trevor and I'm pulling for Shayn and I'm pulling for their entire family.

Bountiful, UT

This Cougar fan will be cheering for Reilly all season long. Wish you all the very best. Your story has helped make me be a better man.

salt lake city, UT

What a tough girl!!!!

Spanish Fork, UT

A very good article about a very sweet and brave little girl. Life itself, and the health of a precious child, far transcend any football game. I have become a fan of Trevor Reilly, his wife Jessica and their beautiful little Shayn. Best wishes to the Reilly family and heartfelt prayers that Shayn is soon well. From a Cougar fan to a new hero wearing a Utah uniform I wish this wonderful family all the best!

Richmond, VA

Stories like this puts everything about football in perspective! AS fierce and intense as the rivalry is, it's nowhere as important as a father's love and dedication to his little girl and family. Thanks for being a great example to us not only as a father and husband but as a true blue dedicated Ute.

Good luck to you and the Utes!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

What an adorable picture! Trevor, all Ute fans and so many others are praying for Shayn's return to perfect health! Be grateful she got her looks from her mother! And her character from both!

South Jordan, Utah

Had no idea. Life can be very cruel but you learn early on that you deal with the issues that come your way. Unfortunately, those life lessons sometimes come way to early - for both parents and daughter in this case.

Good luck to Trevor, his wife and their adorable little daughter. Can't say I will ever be a University of Utah fan, but I have become a fan of little Shayn and her dad!

Gilbert, AZ

I am a devoted BYU fan and a 10 year kidney cancer survivor. I hope and pray with all my heart that Shayn will be fine. She is certainly a beautiful girl. I'm confident she will be. I will also be pulling for you and the Utes this season. In Tucson, if you see a fat old man in a Ute hat cheering for you in particular, that'll be me. GO UTES! GO COUGS!

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