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Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 2:20 p.m. MDT

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Hyrum, UT

@ MyPerspective:

In this particular instance, you have become a case study in and of yourself. First of all, you make several off-the-cuff unsubstantiated assertions about the program being "a gimmick", followed by another about the football team ranking so low academically... again totally unsubstantiated. Then you try adding gas to the fire with a "glorified high school" comment about BYU, and then act incredulous when others start questioning where in the heck you are coming from with such obviously biased and invidious statements.
Go back and reread your posts, and if possible, look at the situation objectively. You vigorously stirred up a hornets nest and then innocently wonder why you are being stung.

And by the way, Masters programs are supposed to be tougher academically than undergraduate programs. If your graduate work wasn't more difficult there, then the U of U would look very suspect.

Also interesting is a study released by Harvard a few days ago indicating that BYU is the top 25 in the nation as the choice of high school students academic top echelon. The U of U didn't make the top 110. That is substantiated and actually says something worthwhile.


BYU has a higher % (78%) of students that are accepted taht choose to attend there than any other school in the USA (including Harvard, and Stanford.

-BYU's average ACT 28.6
-Utah's average ACT 24.5

I personally know well beyond 15-20 kids that scored a 35 or higher on their ACT's currently studying at BYU and many of them and others are currently working in NY at I Banks such as GS, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan etc.

Many other friends are consulting at Bane as well as Mckinsey. Don't get me wrong I- don't think U of U is a bad academic school. But you can't really compare it to BYU.

I also have 4 friends currently at the U for medical School. They have all said that Med school is a peace of cake compared to their undergraduate at BYU.

I was surprised very surprised to hear that.

see about.com for ACT scores per college

Lindon, UT

I am a graduate of Utah because I didn't have the academic credentials to get into BYU. I was consistently near the top of my class at Utah and graduted in 3 years. Although the faculty was great, the academics were just a little better than high school. I know many people in our commumity and I have never heard of someone applying, and being accepted at BYU and not being accepted by Utah. I can give you hundreds of examples of the opposite. BYU is better academically, better students equals better academics, plain and simple.

Austin Coug
Pflugerville, TX

Well said Tators.

@ MyPerspective

If i was to make a bunch of baseless claims denigrating the U of U medical school, football team academics and academics in general at the U of U, i would expect students and alumni of Utah to call me on it and some probably wouldn't be nice about it. Did you really expect a different reaction when you provided so little to back up anything you said?

Sandy, UT

ACT Scores for Utah Colleges (25%/75%)

Composite - English - Math
BYU 26/31 - 26/33 - 26/31
Utah 21/27 - 21/28 - 20/27
USU 20/26 - 20/27 - 19/26

Only a desperately biased individual would try to claim that an academic institution whose entrance requirements are 5 points higher, across the board, has a less rigorous curriculum, than the school with the lower academic entrance requirements.

Orem, UT


"Not sure how BYU is in the wrong here."

BYU isn't in the wrong here; that's the point.

Instead of accepting the Junior College Credit carte blanche, Texas should have verified all course work independently. It strains credulity that Texas wasn't fully aware of BYU's Independent Study policy concerning non-BYU student athletes.


I've taken Engineering classes at both BYU and Utah. Utah is justifiably proud of their engineering program and I did enjoy my time there but BYU's classes were more rigorous and competitive.

Korea, AE

Two words that this country and everyone in it need to relearn...

Personal responsibility.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT
As for this article, I am not as quick as Mr Teeples to absolve byu of some measure of culpability in this matter. Again, the NCAA needs to conduct a thorough investigation of byu's online courses and make a call."

The NCAA did, "make a call," in 2010. It's in the article.

Ivy league, and such poor reading comprehension. Tsk, tsk.


"The blame doesn't lay at BYU’s feet — except to ask why it took so long to act on the policy."

It took so long to act on the policy because the University of Texas is on BYU's schedule this season...

Salt Lake City, Utah


"It took so long to act on the policy because the University of Texas is on BYU's schedule this season..."

Typical BYU-hating response.

It took so long to act on the policy because BYU didn't discover that Desmond Harrison was a student-athlete until recently.

BYU doesn't have the time nor resources to investigate every Independent Study student. The policy is clearly stated in the registration procedures and students are expected to answer truthfully whether they're an athlete or not.

Harrison has only himself, or whoever signed him up for the class, to blame for this fiasco.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

The real issue here is whether Desmond Harrison answered truthfully whether he was an athlete or not when he registered for the BYU Independent Study class.

If he didn't, which appears likely, then it really doesn't matter when BYU discovered it, BYU was obligated to enforce the policy.

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