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Published: Friday, Aug. 16 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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Cache county, USA

If eating skunk is the key to long living, I will take steak, and live to 80

no comment
New Orleans, LA

If you what the Aymara ate, trust me, you'd prefer skunk.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's always great to see these people with such great relationships with their wives and family! What a wonderful example. The real key here is he shows us how to live not just long, but happily -- help your wife around the kitchen and go on long walks. ;-)


If a fast food with golden arches opened in his neighborhood and he started to eat their fries, he would not last another week.

Gregg Weber

It ain't age. It's character and what you do that counts.
Although it is different, think of the "choice" Alexander the Great or maybe Achilles had. The choice was a "short life with glory" or a "long life of obscurity."
That could also apply to good/bad or other things.

Provo, UT

Having served in the L.D.S. mission in Bolivia - La Paz spanish speaking. I was around the Aymara and Quecha people and this is amazing as the average life span is like 42 years old as disease runs rampant.

Auckland NZ, 00

Average lifespan in Bolivia is almost 68. Almost 2/3 of the population consists of Aymara and Quechua (not Quecha) people. ImABeliever is pulling statistics out of his imagination, which seems to look down on Bolivia and its people. For those who don't know it, serving a mission somewhere doesn't make someone an expert, or even minimally informed about an alien nation, a distant state, a new city, a foreign language.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

No Pasta? What about Potatoes which are a staple in that part of the world?

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

Deep in the south , possum is the meat of choice to flavor greens especially collard greens , now a young skunk will do in a pinch , but possum is well known for its greasy flavor.

Course most people gobble up all that gmo food and wonder why they have no energy or are sick all the time and eventually when all food is gmo , the herd will start getting thinned out in a hurry.
Nonesense you say - LOL just wait and see Obama Care is the Key

Tucson, AZ

@Aggielove and @no comment, LOL! Hilarious exchange.

@TimBehrend Jeez, cut him some slack. Even your statistics make his point. And I disagree with your assessment of someone who lives among a people for an extended period of time.

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