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Published: Thursday, Aug. 15 2013 8:15 p.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Well, lets see...

There was the top four, plus West Virginia and Duke. That leaves 15 schools better than you. Oh, and of course the PAC 12 schools. Obviously they are all superior academically to BYU.

I wonder who the other three were...

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Oooops, my bad. Not 21 schools ahead of BYU, BYU is the 21st...

Only two schools to figure out

Mesa, AZ

BYU is always among schools with the highest yield, meaning a higher number of students who are accepted, actually enroll in classes. Or better said, BYU is nobody's backup plan!

West Point , UT

Yep, BYU isn't good enough academically for the PAC12 when prestige is manipulated by the schools (lol, I can't imagine schools doing this, as if). But if we ask high achieving students we get a whole different perspective. Academics seems to be the only revenue earning business where clout and prestige are established by the businesses themselves rather than the consumers that partake of what is offered, LOL. A good ole boy club if ever there was one.

Reality check: BYU is a top tier academic university and obviously the PAC 12 had other reasons for not inviting them. Lets see, BYU has more fans in the SLC market than Utah, and in the national market than Utah. BYU has larger and better facilities than Utah had when they were invited. BYU has a NC, and far more tradition athletically than Utah especially considering all sports. Hmm...I'm running out if reasons, ute fans...except one of course, which U all think had nothing to do with it. Like I said...reality check.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The study's authors aimed to demonstrate a new method of ranking schools that could not be so easily manipulated by the schools themselves. Other common metrics often used to tout a school's popularity — such as the number of applications submitted or the percentage of students who commit to attend the school after they are accepted — are too easily influenced by the schools themselves..."

This is exactly why the results of ranking academic institutions should be taken with a grain of salt (i.e., US News and World Report). Add to that the near incomprehensible criteria being measured and the nonexistence of third party audits of data submitted we are left with highly suspect and unreliable results.

This study is interesting but religious affiliation should also be captured in the sample. If not, any result that put byu in the top 25 is highly suspect. The last number I saw for non-lds students at byu was 2%. Obviously, if the number of lds kids in the sample was high, the result will favor byu making the reported result less attractive. I wonder how they defined "high performing?"

Ask the tough questions, people.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh the comedy that could be written and the jokes this could bring.

Ah, but the spirit of compassion restraineth my soul.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

BYU the only university in Utah that made the list.

Richmond, VA

Ummm, something smells fishy when the school that conducted the survey ranked itself number one.

West Point , UT

"Ummm, something smells fishy when the school that conducted the survey ranked itself number one".

If it were anyone besides Harvard I would agree with you. However, Harvard is known for it's career center and getting grads into great jobs, to say nothing of the real world experiences, fellowships, and internships offered thru Harvard. The fact they're number one is not real surprising.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

"BYU among top 25 choices for high-performing high schoolers"

No surprise there.

Morristown, NJ

No link or other information about how to find the actual study, or am I missing something?

Charlotte, NC

It is amazing that some people think "university" and "football" are synonymous. This wasn't a sports story folks.

byu rugby
Crystal Lake, IL

I only attended BYU for the scholarship money. Except for the Horticulture and Recreation & Youth Leadership Departments and the Rugby Program, I have no real love for the place. I think most Utahns as a general rule think too highly of themselves. It doesn't really matter which university they attend. If you are Mormon it is a mistake to attend any institution in Utah unless they have the best program for your field of study. Ricks College used to be a great place to get your academic legs under you. But, now it just "Provo Lite". Stay where you are, attend a local university, and attend Institute.

Far East USA, SC

"BYU's strong academic programs and campus culture make it a popular choice among certain groups of high schoolers"

Yes, and that "certain groups of high schoolers" are called LDS.

Get real. BYU is a good school, but it ranked high strictly because of religious affiliation.

One Angry Salebarn Worker
Madison, SD

I don't think it comes as news that BYU and UU serve very different student populations. BYU the more high end student and UU more of a community college type student. But, their faculty output is rather similar in terms of scholarly productivity. It's just that UU faculty put more focus on grants and contracts and vita development, and BYU faculty put more emphasis on student development.

River Falls, WI

RE: Cougsndawgs

"Reality check: BYU is a top tier academic university and obviously the PAC 12 had other reasons for not inviting them"

No it isn't. The kind of "top tier" that the PAC12 cares about are the research dollars going into the school. BYU is classified as a "high" research activity school but all PAC12 schools are "very high research". While BYU is more selective and their undergraduates have a better experience (statistically speaking) than most PAC12 schools, the reason they aren't included is because they don't have the graduate programs and aren't publishing and making money at the same rate as those schools.

The argument can still be made that there was a religious bias preventing the invite, as the PAC12 was more than willing to accept Oklahoma State and Kansas State (high research schools). I for one am grateful the invite never came. Independence is a step up from MWC and there's always a chance the Big 12 calls.

Salt Lake City, UT

The one thing all BYU and U of U students have in common: they all applied to BYU.

Layton, UT

Love the pac 12... Like independence more.

Springville, UT

A link to the study would be appreciated.

@ bigsamoan, I doubt anyone would argue with Harvard.

As for BYU, it is udnerstandable it is ranked. It is the flagship schoold for the LDS community of millions, and it can only accomodate so many student coming from that population. It can be selective from that community, and the numbers favor it for this ranking. It speaks well for BYU in the overall scheme of things.

And please, don't pound on the U., the PAC 12, or any other school. This ranking is irrlevant to all of that. Other institutions do great things, often better than BYU, because that's what they choose to do. None of this is a reason to crow or denigrate.


Why isn't there a link to the actual study, or the full list, in the article?

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