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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 14 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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Congrats to Paul. I'd love to see my name on this list.

let's roll

The premise of the Forbes analysis is ill-conceived and silly. You can't make a relevant evaluation of a contract by looking at past performance.

The best way for an NFL team to go downhill is to start paying players for PAST performance. For example, giving a RB a 5 year big money deal because he's had 5 straight good years might look good if you look back like Forbes did, but if you consider the average career of a RB is far less than 10 years and their productive years are typically far fewer than that, it's likely you've grossly overpaid in this scenario.

Kruger is being paid for future performance, not past performance. You can't objectively evaluate the contract until he's played the years covered by the contract.

Lindon, UT

@ let's roll

Where is it that you work where you get paid based of future performance?

draper, UT

Must be depressing to be on the same list as Larry Fitzgerald. Paul's probably hating life right about now.

Highland, UT

Good for Paul, was he supposed to say "no" when they offered it to him?

That said I thought the contract was excessive when it was announced but in the NFL contracts aren't guaranteed so if he turns out to be not worth it they can cut him and save some money, he'll have to live up to it to collect it.


Ageed whole heartedly. Because of the inflation of professional contracts we are not in a position to take a family to a game and enjoy a night out. The fans are the ones who allow this to happen and until we surpress their greed this will never change.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Beats being among the most underpaid players in the NFL.

Unlike basketball and baseball there is no guarantee contracts in the NFL, so if Paul or anyone else that wants to remain overpaid then they must perform.

Layton, UT

I don't read Forbes but if it mentions that he's a Ute and he makes lot's of money, then...OK.

West Point , UT

Congrats Paul. Why shouldn't he be overpaid? He comes from a university that is overpaid by it's conference every year, so it only seems fitting.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Being overpaid is a blessing considering how short NFL careers typically last. It also means Kruger has a top-flight agent.

With such a nice contract, would Kruger help his alma mater upgrade its stadium? :)

Layton, UT

If the haters are getting paid to comment under Utah articles...they deserve a big raise.

Las Vegas, NV


"in the NFL contracts aren't guaranteed so if he turns out to be not worth it they can cut him and save some money, he'll have to live up to it to collect it."

Exactly. What he eventually gets paid is determined by his performance on the field.


"The fans are the ones who allow this to happen and until we surpress their greed this will never change."

Who's greed, the fan's, the owner's or the player's? If the owners didn't pay it or the fans didn't pay for it, the players wouldn't collect it. Seems your unhappiness towards the overpaid players is misplaced. I can't fault ANY player for getting paid if the owners are willing to pay it and the fans are willing to pay for it.

Go Paul. Go Utes!!

West Point , UT

Aww ekute, I'm not hating just trying to roust y'all...season starts in 2 weeks!! Good luck to all the Utah schools...now lets try and stay healthy for 2 weeks! Lol

Layton, UT


You know me...just havin' fun.

Utah by 3!

byu 4 and 8.

Utah 7 and 5

Go Utes!

let's roll

@ Lindon Man

So NFL rookies are paid for past performance, i.e., their performance in college. I'm afraid that would be an NCAA violation (TIC). NFL players should get paid for the work that they do during the term of the contract they're paid under, not for performance in past years.

Anyone paid on commission understand this principle. You get paid for what you produce this year, not what you sold last year.

If an NFL team signs someone to a 5 year contract, it should be based on their reasonable assessment of what the player will do over that 5 year period. What the did over the previous 5 years is one factor to consider, but considering the short shelf-life of NFL players, it's clearly not the only metric you'd want to look at.

Idaho Falls, ID

An over-hyped Kruger is overpaid and this is shocking - how?

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

good for him!

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

Ironically, Forbes is nothing more than a shill for the pro free market crowd.

I wonder, in the name of balance and equity, when we'll see a list of overpaid CEO's??

Salt Lake, UT

@Mister J, Forbes actually has a list of "highest paid CEO's. They take into acct salary, stock options and retirement benefits. It's pretty transparent to see who is over paid and who isn't. As far as Kruger goes, if he performs like he did last year he won't be on this list next year.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Now you know why the Browns are the Browns.

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