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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 13 2013 3:10 p.m. MDT

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The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

I must be missing something... This was the first thread I read where I thought Chris B's comments were genuine and respectful. What am I missing?

He is right in that we are in trouble against the pass this season. That is not a show stopper. We have excellent LBs that can force the pass rush and wreak havoc on passing plays. However, I expect to see some big plays given up by opponents exploiting our weakness in the secondary.

I hate injuries, especially preseason ones. It seems every year we lose some of our best talent at key positions. Remember the year we kept getting LisFranc injuries due to the new shoes they were wearing. I hope they can figure something out, but aside from the position being the same, each cornerback injury has been different. Not sure what you can conclude from that, other than, "what the?"

Orem, UT

Breaking News: Dallin Leavitt suffered a hip flexor; maximum recovery time - 7 days

Eric Thornton is moving from WR to field cornerback. Thornton was doing well as JD Falslev's backup.

Robertson Daniel will move over to field corner. Mike Hague will continue to recover from injury to play boundary corner.

While still challenging, Bronco is making adjustments and BYU's corner situation is not nearly as dire as some have characterized it.

West Point , UT

Thanks BlueCoug, I was just coming on to say the same thing lol. Also, Sam Lee is expected to be ready for the Virginia game and will be competing for the boundary corner spot as well. It's good news...according to Leavitt (my buddy said) he is not in a lot of pain, and just feels some tightness. He could go full as early as Monday or Tues.

All that said, we still will be without our most talented corners at both field and boundary this yr. Get well Jordon & Trent, we look forward to watching u both next year.

Boise, ID

I was wondering if a WR or RB would make a switch. Seems like TCU at one point used former running backs to man several defensive positions. The DB's looked to be some of the best ever at BYU, hopefully the new guys can develop fast.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Bronco is known for testing the physical limits of his players. It seems as though every year there are injuries from this mindset before adjustments are made. The upside, of course, is that he does get absolutely everything possible out of the players who do not get injured. Does this make up for the losses due to injury? I don't happen to think so; I'd rather have a full team of guys at 95% rather than the majority at 100%+ (meaning they are beyond what might conceivably be considered possible at most programs given their natural abilities) but certain positions effectively at 0% because they cannot play.

Sandy, UT

Tough news about your corners, my condolences to BYU. I was hoping to follow Sam Lee this year because he served in my mission. Let's just hope both our teams' players recover from their injuries, if they can, and are healthy for the rivalry game as well as the rest of the season.

Sandy, UT


The jury is out on whether Utah's passing game will be any good this year but I can definitely tell you we have some serious speed amongst our receivers, as well as two seasoned Juniors who are expected to have breakout years. In addition, Jake Murphy has NFL potential at the TE position and is a very good pass catcher. If our offensive line can pass protect this year then Travis could pick your secondary apart.

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