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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 13 2013 3:10 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

First of all - Ute Nation apologizes for Chris B. He does NOT represent the Utah fan.

Second of all - let's hope that Dallin's tweet is correct and that he will be fine to play.

Nobody should delight at the pain and suffering of these kids. That kind of delight is hollow. Ute fans appreciated the support and well wishes from BYU fans at the tragedy that struck Utah a couple of weeks ago. True Ute fans wish for the speedy and complete recovery of BYU's players. True fans of the Holy War want hard fought wins and losses against teams that are at full strength, not depleted teams that can be run over.

Go Utes! Long live the Holy War!!

Logan, UT


U-State passes quite well, actually. That Chuckie guy...oughta check him out. I am not relishing in anyone's misfortune, by any means, but one has to think that BYU is in some serious trouble if things don't turn around in a hurry for the secondary. Not just meaning against U-State, but any team who has a decent passing game at all is going to be putting some serious pressure on BYU's corners this year. That said, I'm hoping for an entertaining and hard-fought game with an Aggie victory on Oct. 4. U-State vs. BYU is evolving into quite a good game every year.

Provo, UT

wow... Coming from a Huge Utah fan this just sucks. I hope he is ok!
BYU has had serious injury problems to injury groups for at least the last 2 seasons. Last year it was the offensive line, this year the secondary. Call me crazy, but it seems like byu has a conditioning issue.

I think there needs to be a coaching change for byu... not bronco, but for whoever is responsible for conditioning.

West Point , UT

According to a buddy of mine on staff at the Y, Leavitt will be ok. Probably keep him out of contact drills the rest of the week and re-evaluate. Toni is a huge loss, and according to him coaches are more upset about that because he was promising at NT. Stay healthy Cougs, and thanks for all the classy utes. Good to know that this is a heated rivalry but at the end of the day we're all good people with similar values. Cheers.

Salt Lake City, UT

In the past couple of weeks I have seen a lot of regular commentors on these pages turn down the retoric and express compassion, concern and sportsmanship for players either injured, killed or involved in tragic events. None of the teams has been immune from these problems and most commentors have expressed classy concern for their foes trials and tribulations.

There are still a very few who still can't see the humanity, the reality of what's important in life and why sports are for watching the development and growth of all involved and not a basis for ranting about the value of a color or a logo or even the merits of an educational institution or religion. To them I pose a simple request.

Ask if you would want to be on the other end of your comment before posting.

If you can't be anything else...be kind.

gilbert, AZ

The front 7 are going to have to come up big.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Who's left on the roster that's not injured. Shoot, just play whoever is the least hurt at this point, seriously.

West Point , UT

Ok, now I'm worried. My freind at BYU said they still haven't heard anything, and he said most of them assumed he was ok, because he was stretching and walking after the "injury". Now he isn't so sure. He's a grad assistant there, so I'm not sure how much info he has, but he was positive that Leavitt's ok...I hope he's right. What's with his tweet being deleted? None of this sounds good for cougar fans. Losing 2 players in as many days from an already depleted position would be brutal.

South Jordan, UT

Lead story? This is sad.

Lincoln City, OR

What is going on in these practices for crying outloud... one injury to a corner is a tough break, a second injury to a corner is maybe a coincidence, but a third injury to the same position??? Maybe the coaches need to take a look at what they are doing and how they are doing it... This crazy.

South Jordan, UT

Do these guys really get the training they need to play at this level???

Idaho Falls, ID

Lack of conditioning can lead to increased chance of injury. Pushing the players too hard can also lead to injury. I've heard enough from the veterans about how hard they are being worked, that I am thinking the latter. At any rate this has to be more than just coincidence. There is something wrong going on here.

Lindon, UT

Look at the positive side. Other guys will have a chance to develop and play. At least some of them may turn out to be great players. Every player, at least most of them, had to wait in the wings. So they have to develop a little faster. So what. Let's not lose hope - let's wait and see what develops. Knowing Bronco, and how much of a fighter he is, I think we will be fine. If necessary, he might have to borrow guys from the offense - maybe a running back or two. Good luck coaches and team. Go Cougars!

Lindon, UT

Additional comments. Look, guys, the team has almost 100 players. They might have to pull a guy or two from red shirting and play him this year. Also, maybe there will be a walk on or two. I know it is rather late, but a walk on could be a backup. Bronco and the rest of the coaches will figure it out.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

That photo prooves he's has great cover skills.

Malad City, ID

BYU is loaded at receiver... how about recruiting some of those speedy young guns to CB, who otherwise won't see much of the field this year because of the wealth at WR. BYU has a wealth of athletes at RB too... surely one or two can run at CB for this year... Bronco, you have time to convert them... the many who also played corner in HS. Get 'er doe!

Murray, UT

These kids work so hard to play this sport. The time and effort expended to learn and play football is beyond comprehension. I feel for any player that gets injured. I hope that he is back on the field soon. Best wishes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Very classy comments from the majority of Ute fans!

All of my friends up home that are big time Utah fans are the same way - including my brother.

I hope you have a great 11-1 season.

Down under
Eugene, OR

Come on, let's show some class her. When it was announced that there were some season ending injuries on the Ute roster the Coug fans were respectful and not mean spirited like you.
Does everything have to be filled with such hatred?


"Call me crazy, but it seems like byu has a conditioning issue."

Reasonable, you're not crazy. There is clearly something that needs to be managed differently.

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