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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 13 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

I will admit, though, BYU had some impressive defensive games such as Notre Dame, G-Tech, and Boise State.

Baltimore, MD


"But don't deny that your schedule has been filled the last 2 years with the bottom feeders of the WAC such Idaho State, Idaho, and New Mexico State."

No more than Utah's schedule has been filled the last 2 years with No. Colorado(5-6), Colorado(1-11), California(3-9) and Washington State(3-9). Don't deny it, you've also filled your schedule with some pretty weak patsies.

And let's not forget, the top of BYU's 2012 schedule included FIVE Top 25 teams; Utah only played TWO.

Sagarin ranked Utah's 2012 SOS at #41; BYU's at #63,
MUCH closer than
Sagarin's final team rankings, BYU #26, Utah #61.

CO Ute

@stufoo -

Frankly I don't believe your comments regarding the insights of the Ute fan you reference are close to an accurate representation, except possibly for the reference to Chris B. I travel all over the country and interact with a number of PAC 12 fans. None of them, repeat none of them 'can't stand' Utah. I never have had to apologize for U fans and have had numerous season ticket holders from PAC 12 schools tell that the U fans traveling to away games are great.

I would disagree that the comments are 'important to share' for any reason other than to take another in your continued jabs at Utah.

CO Ute

Ignoring the obviously biased comments from a few posters on both sides, there are some clear concepts that can be taken from this chart. For the entire period, Utah has had the best defense. In the past 4 years, BYU has improved, USU has improved, and Utah has regressed.

From a fans perspective, this is pretty impressive for Utah with the majority of seasons resulting in consistent performance (between 20 and 40) while the other two schools have some pretty big swings.

BYU has clearly had the best defense over the past two year but part of this is due to a schedule that includes a lot of cupcakes. Of course part of it is Bronco and a big part of it is Van Noy ...


A few obvious facts to be taken from the graphic: Utah has been the most consistent over the past 10+ years; both BYU and Utah State have improved. One thing that is obviously misleading is the fact that during the last two years Utah has played a much more difficult schedule than either BYU or Utah State, resulting in the comparative drop on the graph. The other two teams have played a much easier schedule, especially BYU. The Cougars (or the "cougars" as duckhunter would say) have benefitted by playing 4 to 5 games each year against the lower half of the pathetic WAC conference.

So the last two years are like comparing apples to oranges. Either way, it really doesn't matter. Utah fans are happy to be in the PAC 12, USU fans are happy to be entering the MWC, and hopefully BYU fans (I mean byu "fans") are enjoying their quest for relevance, I mean independence.

Highland, UT


Actually you are wrong. The offensive rankings of the teams BYU and utah have played the last two years have been pretty close on average.

If you take the total offense averages of all the opponents both teams played the last two years the averages of the teams utah played is higher, but not by very much, and the total offensive averages of the teams both played are middle to lower end in the NCAA. 2 years ago utah's opponents averaged in high 40's total offense and last year they averaged in the 60's

BYU's opponents two years ago averaged in the 50's and last year they averaged in the high 60's.

utah did not play either oregon or stanford the last 2 years, oregon has been ranked in the top 10 for total offense both of those years and stanford was in the top 10 last year. BYU's opponent's offensive averages both years has been greatly dragged down by playing utah who both years has been ranked below 100 in total offense. BYU's offense on the otherhand has been ranked very close to the average, although slightly above, of the teams utah has played.

Sandy, UT


I'm not denying anything about Utah's schedule, they have only beat bad Pac 12 teams so far and need to step it up. They will certainly have the opportunity to do so this year with the possibility that 5 of the first 6 teams we play could be ranked. It will also be nice to see BYU finally play a legit schedule.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"It will also be nice to see BYU finally play a legit schedule."

You don't think playing FIVE Top 25 teams, including one of the two teams that played in the NC game, playing a "legit" schedule?

at #4/#3 Notre Dame(12-1)
#16/#17 Utah State(11-2)
at #18/#14 Boise St(11-2)
#20/#19 Oregon St(9-4)
#21/#21 San Jose St(11-2)

When have the Utes EVER played FIVE Top 25 teams in the same season?

The Utes only played TWO Top 25 teams last season:

#16/#17 Utah State(11-2)
#20/#19 Oregon St(9-4)

Yes, the bottom half BYU's schedule wasn't much, but the top half blew away Utah's 2012 schedule. In addition to the ranked teams that BYU played, BYU also played at ACC division winner Ga Tech(7-7), which easily handled USC in the Sun Bowl, and BYU played MWC tri-champion SDSU(9-4).

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"One thing that is obviously misleading is the fact that during the last two years Utah has played a much more difficult schedule than either BYU or Utah State, resulting in the comparative drop on the graph."

Unfortunately, your whiny "tougher" schedule excuse doesn't hold any water. Utah's defense also struggled against the weaklings on their schedule.

Versus 1-11 Colorado last year, the Utes gave up 316 passing, 112 rushing, 418 total, and 35 points, against one of the worst teams in the country.

Against 3-9 California, the Utes gave up 288 passing, 153 rushing, 441 total, and 27 points.

Lowly Colorado and California scored 15 points more against the Utes (62 points), than four of BYU's five Top 25 opponents - Notre Dame(17), Boise State(7) Utah State(3), and San Jose State(20) - COMBINED (47 points).

Regardless of how you slice it, BYU's defense was simply MUCH better than Utah's defense.

Logan, UT


Incidentally, you only beat one out of those 5 teams in a squeaker at home.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"you only beat one out of those 5 teams in a squeaker at home."

You've obviously forgotten which of BYU's Top 25 opponents BYU beat, and the fact that this article is all about DEFENSE, and that BYU's defense completely shut down Chuckie Keeton, allowing the Aggies only 41 passing, 202 rushing, 243 total, and a miniscule THREE points.

Three of BYU's four losses to Top 25 opponents were by a total of TEN points.

BYU's defense did its job; if BYU's offensive had been meerly average, BYU could have easily had an 11- or 12-win, Top 25 season.

Highland, UT

@Marked it Down

Excellent points and they just gave more credibility to the points I made. The average total offense rnaking of the teams utah played was middle tier to lower and the same for BYU. Playing similar "SOS" offenses and BYU had VASTLY superior results against similar offenses.

This assertion that a teams offense is just automatically better, and conversely a "tougher" matchup, just because the team is in the pac12 is hilariously false. I'll guaranty you half the pac12 would have swapped their offense for SJSU's, Noter Dame's, or Georgia Tech's, last season because those were all better offenses than they were putting on the field.

The pac12 is funny like that, they have a few teams with really good offenses but the rest of the teams have bad, and by that I mean very bad, offenses. wsu and wash were both ranked in the 90's in offense last year and utah and colorado were both below 100. Now BYU played 5 teams with offenses ranked in the 90's or 100's as well so that is basically a wash. The point is BYU was better defensively and it is inarguable.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Sandy, UT

"But don't deny that your schedule has been filled the last 2 years with the bottom feeders of the WAC such Idaho State, Idaho, and New Mexico State. Even Hawaii was a bottom feeder last year."

"Filled" is the operative term. Notre Dame was not a bottom feeder. Nor Boise. Utah? U tell me - they were on the schedule. Are they bottom feeders or not, I'd love to hear. Oregon State?

Wait a minute. Oregon State is that same "PAC 12 schedule" that U are claiming.

So here's my interpretation of the facts. Utah has not yet played a "PAC 12 schedule." This year, U do. BYU's schedule has admittedly not been as tough as Utah's, but it has been better than it was before. And before, it was an MWC schedule, not a WAC schedule.

Bottom line? Ute fans have said they would rather lose to a tough schedule. Good thing. That's what the future looks like.

BYU fans are looking forward to playing on national TV at least five of the best teams in the nation. Can we win? We'll see.

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