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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 13 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV


But byU gave up how much at home against Utah in 2011? And you ignore the Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico State, Hawaii, etc games!

The arcane argument of "colored" lenses goes both ways.

Go Utes!!

U 90
Corona, CA

Sports Fan,

Do you think defensive stats have anything to do with SOS, quality of opponent, PAC 12 vs. independent scheduling?

Highland, UT

@u 90

I think the stats speak for themselves. BYU is inarguably on an upward trend with its defense while utah is inarguably on a downward trend. YOu can make whatever excuses or reason you want to make for those FACTS but they are FACTS never the less.

BYU's defense outplayed utah's last year in their head to head matchup (less rushing yards, less passing yards, less total yards, and less points given up) while also outperforming them for the season overall.

And no I don't think the pac 12 scheduling of the last 2 years had much to do with it. utah didn't even play the best 2 teams in the pac12 either year and still got lit up by some pretty mediocre pac 12 teams. In fact utah's first year in the pac 12 the conference was pretty bad. Last year the pac 12 was improved and utah was even worse.

But whiney utah "fan" excuses always humor me so please keep making them.


Korea, AE

I had the great fortune to spend some close up and personal time this last week with a Utah fan. A real one, not the trolls on the boards. It reminded me why I used to like the U.

He said something interesting that is important to share. He said that when he travels, he constantly has to apologize for some u fans. He stated that many times that u fans don't have much respect for tradition, legacy, and the great college programs because they were left looking in in both 2004 and 2008. He knows that most of the PAC 12 can't stand Utah and it is mostly because the fans feel entitled without earning anything. He hopes that either Utah starts winning, or the fans learn that they are not the shining program they think they are and temper their comments and actions.

He also hates chris b. We had a good laugh because we had something in common. He said chris epitomizes everything that is wrong with Utah fans.

lol that one all day long.

I'll mark it down.

Holladay, UT

Here's the honest analysis:

Urban took over in 2003 and 2004,

There was an upward trend as his recruits matured in the program they topped in 2008 when the last urban recruits were seniors,

since 2008 with wittingham recruits there has been a steady trend downward.

FOR BYU since Bronco taking over there has been steady upward trend.


There will be an Increase of BYU defensive players making the NFL,

and a decrease of Utah defensive players making the NFL.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Vegas Ute

How quickly things are forgotten. BYU played five top 25 teams last year when they ranked third in the nation for defense. Is this really a drop in competition from pre-Independence? The only year that BYU played a tougher schedule was 2004 where they played Utah, Boise and USC, the three teams that went undefeated. BYU steadily improved on defense, Utah has done the reverse.

Football success does not revolve around the rivalry game for the Cougars. It never has. BYU's success is measured by looking at a season as a whole, whether the team finished ranked and won its bowl game. BYU had a crappy year last year. Utah had a stellar year in the eyes of its fans. They beat BYU. That victory saw Ute fans storm the field more than once. That end of game shows what is most important to the fans. It isn't about winning championships. It is about one thing--beat BYU.

West Jordan, UT

You're right, Washington, USC, Arizona, UCLA, and Arizona State are nowhere near as good as the mightly Vandals of Idaho, and those mighty New Mexico teams who had to recruit cheerleaders just to field a team.

Gilbert, AZ


The 2011 BYU-Utah game was a complete anomaly, caused mainly by a rash of 7 turnovers, the first two of which gave Utah the ball in BYU's end zone and the second at BYU's 3 yard line. Then late in the game, Utah capitalized on a tired, disheartened BYU defense to break a several big scoring plays up the middle.

The only other team to even score 30 points against BYU in 2011, was 14th-ranked TCU on the road.

In 2012, BYU's defense only gave up FIVE rushing TD's the entire season, while playing FIVE Top 25 teams, as well as Georgia Tech, the 2nd best rushing team in the country.

Utah vs BYU 2012
Rushing 49
Passing 196
Total 245

Utah vs BYU 2010
Rushing 89
Passing 207
Total 296

In two of the last three games versus Utah, BYU has held the Utes under 100 yards rushing and under 300 years total offense.

As was said previously, take off your crimson-colored goggles once in awhile an examine BYU's complete record against good and bad teams, not just your cherry-picked stats.

Salt Lake City, UT

SportsFan suggests "You misunderstood the explanation. In 2012 - BYU > USU > Utah"

Oh I totally get the chart. It shows that BYU does not maintain a steady ranking. After peaking in 2003 and 2007, things headed south. They peaked last year, which means the defense will drop off this year.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


BYU's defense outplayed utah's last year in their head to head matchup (less rushing yards, less passing yards, less total yards, and less points given up)


Utah defense has won the last three games:

24-21 ... Game winning fumble, 6

54-10 ... Utah Defense 14 BYU 10

17-16 ... Game winning blocked FG

Gilbert, AZ


As usual, our little friends on the hill are so obsessed with BYU, that it's impossible for them to see the big picture.

One game does not a season make, which is how BYU finished in the Top 25 in 2011, and Utah didn't receive a single vote in either poll, and how BYU went bowling last season, while the sorry Utes spent the holidays watching bowl week from the comfort of their couch.

Layton, UT

I see the Ute's red line consistently near the top.

I see byu's line peaking every 4 or 5 years then immediately taking a nose dive.
byu peaked last year...

Beck to Harline
Provo, UT

The format of the graph makes perfect sense. The better the defense, the higher the point on the graph.

Also- isn't calling BYU "byU" kind of ignorant to the fact that "byU" and the UoU were both founded by "by?" Seems kind of disrespectful to the founder of the three biggest universities in Utah, the University of Utah included. Just food for thought.

Also, national defensive rankings have not been padded by WAC teams for BYU. BYU's best defensive games since independence have come against the best teams they've played (sans OSU in the last 9 minutes this past year of course). Yes, Utah has beaten BYU both years of BYU's independence (last years trifecta only counts as 1 win, surprisingly enough ;) ), but on a *yearly* basis---that is, an entire 12 game season, 13 if you make a bowl---BYU's defense has been the best in the state for the past three years, as is shown in the graph.

Go Cougs!
Go Utes!
And thanks to Brigham Young for both of them!

Beck to Harline
Provo, UT

@ekute @SoonerUte

Your points are extremely obvious and self explanatory. When a team's defense finishes 3rd in the entire nation, and loses a keystone DE as the #5th pick in the NFL draft, as well as its leading tackler, they couldn't possibly be expected to repeat the same level of dominance.

Similar analogy---BYU fans saying that Utah peaked in 2008, and it just all goes down hill (that's a quality pun) from there...you can't do any better than undefeated...I predict they will do worse in 2009..LOL no duh.

Also- @talkinsports

LOL "cherry-picked stats" criticism immediately preceded by 2010 and 2012 stats..clearly leaving out the 2011 debacle...hypocrisy at its finest. This is the type of fan nobody wants to see on the comment boards...Ute fans will gladly smack that comment out of the park that you just teed up for them so nicely.

Go Cougs!
Go Utes!

Omaha, NE

Cool stats. You know Utah is in REALLY bad shape when USU had a better defense than Utah. However, USU played one of the top 10 easiest schedules so it's a bit deceiving. Utah just lost most of its best players from its defense, which was a lot. I don't know how they'll recover this year. 4 wins seems likely for them seeing their schedule and will be the worst defense again this year, playing the likes of Stanford, Oregon, a revamped BYU offense usually in the top 25 with Anae, and re-energized Washington State and their potential prolific offense. Don't forget other teams that can score like USC, UCLA, and ASU.

west jordan, ut

Blah blah blah....too many speculations. Though I don't like to hear Chris B and his demeanor, he is right. We can talk all about how good our defense has been but, until we get the proverbial "U" monkey off our back, the bragging rights belong to him and he will use it over and over. Beat Utah and have a great season. It won't make him go away but it will give us the bragging rights until we meet again.

Layton, UT


I like your comment. Cheers.

Salt Lake City, UT

These boards are always good for a laugh. thanks guys. :-)


More than a few of you don't think that strength of schedule matters in how a team's defense ranks at the end of the season.

That explains a lot....

Sandy, UT

Snack PAC:

Considering that Utah State was 7 points away from being undefeated last year, not to mention we all know they should have beat Wisconsin, I'm not going to take your comment as an insult to Utah. But don't deny that your schedule has been filled the last 2 years with the bottom feeders of the WAC such Idaho State, Idaho, and New Mexico State. Even Hawaii was a bottom feeder last year.

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