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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 13 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

Utah has been much more steady over this time period. BYU jumping up and down. I do love the trend in recent years for BYU's defense - glad Mendenhall took back the D reins. The problem the last few years has been the offense which is probably a mirror image of the defensive stats. Hopefuly Anae can reverse that trend and the defense can keep it together.

River Falls, WI

Wow, cool graphic. It's cool to see that BYU has seen some pretty steady improvement in recent years, and that Utah has consistently ranked pretty high. Most encouraging though is to see the progress that USU made in the last two seasons, they're really turning things around up there in Logan.
Here's hoping for another top 5 season for the defense. Go Cougs!

Salt Lake City, UT

"Take note! Because these are rankings, being high on the chart is not a good thing."
Couldn't you have flipped the chart around? If you have to explain the infographic, its not a very good infographic.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if playing a WAC schedule vs. a Pac 12 schedule impacts the results any?


I'll take playing with the big boys over beating up on nobodies(including your former rival) anyday!

Salt Lake City, UT

@SoonerUte - good call. The system I used to produce this was sort of tricky. But I was able to flip it upside down. Just had to think outside the box a little. I'm glad y'all like it so far.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Since 2008 Utah has been on the decline defensively while USU and BYU have gone up. Hopefully Utah can get back in defensive shape that they used to be.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Interesting. Over the next week I would also like to see infographics showing offensive ranking, strength of schedule and year end ranking.

Orem, UT

Chris B

On closer inspection you'll notice that Utah has been in steady decline since 2008, while BYU and USU have been steadily improving.

Both BYU and USU now have better defenses than Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

The 2004 and 2008 Utah defenses were ridiculous. Between the two defenses there was a total of 12 players between the teams that went on to play in the NFL and several are still on active rosters. 7 alone from 2008: Paul Kruger, Koa Misi, Derrick Shelby, Sean Smith, Brice McCain, Robert Johnson, and RJ Stanford.

Orem, UT


You misunderstood the explanation. While #1 is technically LOWER than #2, it's still better to be #1 than #2.

The chart correctly represents the relative strength of each defense:

In 2012 - BYU > USU > Utah

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"I wonder if playing a WAC schedule vs. a Pac 12 schedule impacts the results any?"

It's laughable that a team that couldn't even beat the only WAC team on their schedule last season, to qualify for a bowl, should be demeaning playing a WAC schedule.

U can't even beat the little boys - see 10-loss UNLV and 10-loss Colorado - let alone the big boys.

How many PAC teams with winning records have you beaten since joining the PAC?

* crickets *

Salt Lake City, Utah

Upside-down graph???


In their desperate attempt at spin, our friends on the hill have once again misread the results.

Closer to the top of the graph = better defense.

BYU and Utah State have both surpassed the Utes who are once again forced to go into their whiny SOS excuse making mode.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You mean that byu defesne had better stats against a half WAC schedule than Utah had against a Pac 12 schedule right?

All I know is our offense and our defense is better than you offense and your defense.

3 years in a row.


Salt Lake City, UT

While the defenses for BYU and Utah continue to improve, don't be surprised to see Utah's defense drop even further this year.

chrispy has her numbers right, just in the wrong order

Utah 4-8, no bowl

Mark it down!

White Salmon, WA

In the Mendenhall/Whittingham eras, BYU has had a higher ranked defense in 5 of the 8 years.

Gilbert, AZ

It's sad that any fan has to be so giddy with joy every time a player from an opposing team is seriously injured.

Las Vegas, NV

I had such hopes for this article. Very interesting graph, which is a living and evolving graph, which could read very differently after this year for all teams.

The postings started out very well, with objective posts from all sides of the rivalries. But it quickly deteriorated into the usual battle between Chris B and the trollers.

The things that I take most from the graph are Utah's consistency and USU's climb out of nowhere. Utah's average rank, 29 - byU's 41. MWC years - Utah 28, byU 46. Whitt's average higher than Bronco's, even including PAC-12/Independence years.

The year before Utah joined the PAC 12, Utah and byU were basically the same. byU climbed during their two years of independence, which should be expected with their drop in competition. Utah dropped with the increase in difficulty, but to still respectable level. The telling year will be 20013 where byU's schedule strength is higher, where USU also jumps in schedule strength, and where Utah's schedule gets even tougher and they continue to adjust to PAC-12 speed. If byU and USU stay at these ranking levels, they will accomplish something noteworthy and important.

Go Utes!!

Las Vegas, NV

"In the Mendenhall/Whittingham eras, BYU has had a higher ranked defense in 5 of the 8 years."

Nice spin - but the results head-to-head are opposite. And two of those years are in the "Independence" scheduling, where Utah was 2-0 heas to head. Just think of where byU could have ranked in 2011 without 54-10!

"It's sad that any fan has to be so giddy with joy every time a player from an opposing team is seriously injured."

I couldn't agree with you more. Nobody should take delight in the injuries of these kids. Injuries ALWAYS come on to bite every team. Gloating over injuries will come back to bite you.

Chris B promised that if byU beats Utah this year, he will go away. If byU does beat Utah, let's hope he stays true to his word.

Go Utes!!

Highland, UT


It is sad and it is only one "fan"base that has those "fans". Granted they only amount to a few but they only exist on one side of this thing. Absolutely classless.

Orem, UT


Your opinion that BYU's defense was only good against some supposedly "weak offenses", completely ignores the fact that BYU's defense also shut down the offenses of some very good, Top 25 teams, as well as the rushing offense of Georgia Tech, one of the best rushing teams in the country.

Take off your crimson-colored goggles once in awhile.

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