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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 13 2013 12:20 p.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Hurray! Another rich person to tell us what we should be doing. Never hurts to have "daddy warbucks" in the back pocket. Claim to be a "Republican" and then offer opposing views of the party. I suppose I can claim to be a "Democrat" and then turn around and demand an end to abortions. After all people, murdering children is soo in the past. Get with the future.

Cedar Hills, UT

hey Abby - how does it feel to be used as a propaganda toy for the most radical, left wing, station in America? MSNBC - the station that is caught editing news to fit their looney left agenda. MSNBC - the home of Chris Mathews... enough said.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

This is a relatively new approach by the left.
Megan McCain, Ana Navarro and Abby Huntsman are pitched as Republican spokeswomen, which they are not. They represent the left-leaning element of the party, affectionately known as RINOs.
But MSNBC puts a mic on them and asks them about same-gender marriage or abortion or amnesty or gun control or Obamacare or....
Whatever their answer happens to be is the one that they claim should be the official GOP position. Anyone to the right of their answer is a Tea Partier, too extreme to be taken seriously.
In other words, the left-leaning media is attempting to marginalize the GOP mainstream using these RINOs as pawns.


I suppose it was either work for them or the "enquirer". Both have about the same amount of credibility.

Have any of them (besides Jon Sr.)EVER held a real job?

Salt Lake City, Ut

Congratulations Abby! Great to have a graduate of East High School co-host a national political talk show at such a young age. Very impressed with your ability to articulate issues and relate them to public policy.

Orem, Utah

The summary for this article states that she is the new conservative voice on MSNBC's show "The Cycle". There is where the fallacy starts. I am an LDS conservative who is a strong supporter of traditional marriage and I am not pro-choice. Considering she came from the Huffington Post which was started by Ariana Huffington who went from being conservative to liberal, I'm sure Abby Huntsman is not a conservative. MSNBC continues to trail Fox News and they figure that if they get some RINOS to come on board, it will improve their ratings. I would much rather listen to true conservatives on Fox News than RINOs who pretend to be Republicans but they really aren't.

St.George, Utah

Right! And the women of Faux news are sooo very different!
Congrats Abby! You have been around for several years, working hard to reach your goals.
Lots of famous people have children trying to make something of themselves. Everyone has to work hard to get there. Some make it and some don't.

Salt Lake City, Ut

BO, Patriot, and Liberal - who are the voices of the Republican Party today? Rush Limbaugh? Hannity? Coulter? Cruz? Bachman? Romney? Palin? The GOP has never elected a President, nor had a respectable national leader that spews the nonsense from today's voices in the party. Since the 1988 election (when Rush was nationally syndicated), the GOP has only won the popular vote once and becoming increasingly difficult based on unfavorable future demographics.

clearfield, UT

If the Republican Party that these ostensible Republicans don't like is the T-Party, then where do they think the Republicans would be today in Congress without the T-Party? Maybe these Republicans are just the new version of the old doormat Republicans of the pre-Reagan past who liked being in the continual minority and accepting scraps thrown them by the Democrats leading Congress. It wasn't until Newt Gingrich and the contract with America in the early 90's that got the Republicans the House for the first time in about 40 years. Many didn't seem to know what to do with a majority leadership. That by the way is when I think the media decided to begin their partisan advocacy of Democrats as part of their regular news coverage. Anyway, it seems to me that to be a boring moderate Republican is to be a loser when it comes to the Presidency.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

@ Fishback
As a fellow East High alum from the days of Martha Raddatz and Roseann Barr I was schooled in critical thinking. The voice of the GOP can be found in the platform. It speaks in favor of traditional marriage and smaller government. It opposes abortion and amnesty.
To that end your list is pretty good. You forgot Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz. Does the GOP position bother you? Or are you just trying to make the Republicans more palatable by turning them into Democrats-Lite?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

When moderate Republicans arouse such antipathy for fearlessly expressing their views, it just goes to show how determined the extreme right is to keep the party on the extreme right. That's good news for Democrats.

Cedar Hills, UT


Who is the voice of the GOP? I have no idea and I could care less. Here is a better question - who is the voice of conservative America today? You are trying ever so hard to tie conservative Americans to the GOP and perhaps that was the case during the Reagan years but it certainly isn't today. Today conservatives look to Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul,Paul Ryan and in some cases Marco Rubio. I would say Rush Limbaugh is the most articulate voice on radio for conservative values. Obviously progressive socialist's like yourself HATE conservatives and feel much more comfortable with your own kind (Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Watters, and of course all your Marxist friends on MSNBC). You suggest that the GOP needs to lower itself to the level of over 50% of the low information clueles Americans so they can win elections. Well u are probably correct - many in the GOP want to do just that but DO NOT include conservative Americans in that crowd. President Gordon B Hinckley wrote a book entitled "Stand for Something". There comes a time when you must stand for something rather than falling for anything...

Henderson, NV

I wonder if Abby were asked, “Are you a Republican?”, if she would answer the same way her father Jon did when asked “Are you a Mormon?” by saying, “Well…that’s tough to define.”

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@patriot – “how does it feel to be used as a propaganda toy for the most radical, left wing, station in America? MSNBC - the station that is caught editing news to fit their looney left agenda.”

If she’s not sure she could call Megan Kelly.

And since MSNBC no doubt went to school on Fox, all this sounds less like a rant and more like a backhanded compliment.

So are we better off now that we have whole stations devoted to partisan spin, or would we be better off getting back to neutral (as possible) journalism with knowledgeable show host who possess the ability to call out lies and spin?

Washington, UT

It's disappointing. MSNBC is the laughing stock of the news world today. Their extreme left wing bias is so obvious it makes their "news" all come into question. Enjoy your stint Ms Huntsman, MSNBC will not last long, nobody with any brains even watches this lowest rated news network. But then, I suppose if Jon Huntsman has influenced his daughter, she's lost anyway, as in Jon who will likely change parties and become a born again lefty-Democrat.

let's roll

I suggest the best course is to not label or characterize this young woman and to evaluate her statements and opinions based on their merit.

That said, to those who are quick to narrow the scope being a Republican or Conservative, I'd ask what is your plan to ever have any political power. If you are content with pushing away anyone who disagrees with you on any point, you'll likely have to be content with forever being the minority voice in a representative government, without the opportunity to effect much, if any, change.

St. George, UT

Is this the same DimWit who said that she hopes the LDS church relaxes their standards and allows ever T,D,and H into the temple? She's not only an embarrassment to real conservatives, but a huge embarrassment to the LDS faith.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Everyone has a right to their opinion, even "radical left and radical right". Abby Huntsman has shown strength to take the pot shots thrown out by many. She is aware that people as some kind of traitor.
Can anyone recall Mr. Hinckley advising only Republican Mormons to stand for issues they felt strongly about?
Progressives and Democrats are standing strong for what they feel is right, as well.
Frequently, Republicans chose to bring religion to the forefront of their discussions. Could they express their views by simply saying "this it the right thing to do. History has shown us the correct pathway'.
Early Patriots left their prior homelands. The risked all to come to America to be able to think on their own without religion and one sided views constantly dictating and frightening them, their families and neighbors. These are MAJOR reasons they left!
We are fortunate here in America to have two distinct political parties. Thankfully, well educated individuals, such as Abby Huntsman, are providing the public with numerous viewpoints of important issues.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Abby Huntsman already earning praise

Now that is news. I didn't know that anyone on the official looney left propaganda artery earned anything.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Tyler D

Megan Kelly is a lawyer and also clerked for the US Supreme Court. Name someone on MSNBC that comes close to that. I know Chris Mathews graduated in Cheerleading from liberal tech but that is about the extent of the credentials for your beloved Marxist propaganda media outlet. MSNBC is on the bottom of the barrel ratings wise and FOX is at the top. What does that tell you? Anything??? Probably not.

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