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Published: Monday, Aug. 12 2013 9:40 p.m. MDT

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Hailstorm is a coming
Riverdale, UT

I sure hope Anderson doesn't drop as many balls as last year or tries at least tries harder to catch the ones in his area. Films of David Reed might help as Reed caught what ever was in his area and didn't take for granted that he will catch it. Dres doesn't hear footsteps, real or imaginary, but his concentration and effort seem to be --- well -- LAZY.


There's no reason why Anderson and Scott can't become big-time receivers for the Utes. Scott had some pretty impressive receptions last year, and Anderson definitely has the pedigree (son of former L. A. Ram wide receiver "Flipper" Anderson). Hopefully with OC Dennis Erickson's new schemes both men will thrive.

Go Utes!

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck this year gentlemen. Excited to see you play!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I think the receivers will have great seasons.

They have good speed and a knack for finding space.

8-4 season, mark it down

U 90
Corona, CA

Our leading receiver in 2012 was Anderson with 365 yards. In one game Marquis Lee had 340. This is a good indication of how far we still have to go at this position.

I agree with Hailstorm, it all begins with not dropping passes.

Hyrum, UT

Chris B:

Obviously, you were miquoted and probably meant 4-8 this season. You've gotta have more common sense than what was attributed to you on your post. Was probably just a typo.

Well now... Come on, Chris. Utah will get more than just 4 wins this year! Show some confidence. I think that with a bit of luck they'll actually be able to match last year's total of 5 wins. But what I'm actually hoping for is an improvement up to possibly even 6 wins (unfortunately, the Y game won't be one of them... Mark It Down) and maybe... just maybe even play in a bowl game this season. That would be an awesome experience.
Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Scott has always been a beast physically but Dres looks like he is now stacked. He is still one of the fastest players on the team. I hope this transformation leads to more production, durability and playmaking ability after the catch.

Las Vegas, NV

Come on Dres. This is your year to shine! No under-performing bigger names in front of you this year.

I am excited to see these two play! Back to LES this year where Dres got his 59 yard TD reception and had the biggest day of his career (so far) as a Freshman.

Go Utes!!

Wally West

7-5 is realistic. 8 is possible; The U could be a trap game for The Ducks.

Also, it will be interesting to see the Utes fare against USC w/ an inexperienced QB and possibly no Marqise Lee.

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