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Published: Monday, Aug. 12 2013 2:45 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

I just love stories like this.

Burley, ID

In Salt Lake a few years ago, I was standing in line at Wendy's when a man in a suit walked in and asked to speak to the manager.

A few minutes later, the manager was standing at the counter and I overheard the man explaining to him that the company he had worked for had gone out-of-business while he was still out on the road making sales calls. He went on to explain that while he did have some money, he needed all the funds he had left in order to pay for gas and make it back home to Nebraska. He said that he was very hungry, but simply couldn't afford to buy a meal and asked if the manager would consider giving him a small burger and some fries.

Eying the man closely, the manager came to the same conclusion I had that the man was telling the truth. The manager turn to the cashier and told her to give the man anything he wanted off the menu (for free) and then turned back to the man and handed him a twenty dollar bill. (continued on next post)

Burley, ID

(continued from previous post)

With tears welling up in his eyes, the salesman thanked the the manager and went and sat down. I turned to the manager and asked if I could pay for the man's meal. He said, "No, this ones on me." I commended him for his kindness and said I would come back as often as I could.

15 years have passed since that day, but whenever I'm in Salt Lake I make it a point to stop in at the Wendy's and buy a hamburger, fries and a Coke. The manager is long gone, but I have never forgotten the generosity he showed that day.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oddly, one of my fondest childhood memories was when our rundown old jalopy of a car was unable to make it up Logan canyon for our long hoped-for trip to Bear Lake. So, bitterly disappointed, we turned around for home. We'd gone about 20 miles when the engine completely stopped. We were accustomed to breakdowns but this time it was obvious that the problem was more serious than simple overheating.

I'll never forget the worry we felt when after several hours our normally resourceful father was at a loss to fix the problem. Finally, late on that dark, moonless night, a rancher, returning home to one of the distant specks of light, stopped on that very lonely road and asked if he could help. Long before cell phones, we were greatly relieved that someone had even stopped. Fortunately, he was able to both diagnose the problem of a cracked distributor cap and provide a replacement by cannibalizing an old junker he had on his ranch. Finally, he refused the payment (though meager, it was all we had) my Dad offered.

Ever since, I've tried to be helpful to others, partly in memory of that experience.


This is the best kind of news.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

I have several handicapped children. I make a good living but with as many kids as we have (many adopted) we are frugal none the less. When ever we get to SLC I have to go get a Big H and a rootbeer at Hires on 7th E and 4th S. My wife was not with us and I only had 7 of the kids, 1 in a wheel chair and 4 others with some handicaps. Again not severe compared to some but many from Asia so obvious not biological. We ordered our Big H, Fries and rootbeers and I am sure it was a $50 Bill. When I went to pay the manager stated it was taken care of. I asked who and all he said was a man saw my family and wanted to pay my bill. I was so touched. He just paid it left and did not want to be recognized. This happened to us at Leatherby’s once too. There are good people out there. If we all did things like this person at the airport our world would be a better place. Thanks for the nice story.

Park City, UT

A few years ago when the economy tanked out, we, like so many others, were having a very hard time just to make ends meet. Anyway, we had a very large power bill and I came home to see the pink notice on the door that meant shut off. It was humiliating, especially since I knew the kids had seen it when getting home from school. I went into the power office the next day to discuss what could be done and was told by the receptionist that I didn't have a balance! I knew she was wrong, so I looked at the screen and sure enough, zero balance. It was a very large bill (too embarrassed to admit how much) but I begged them to tell me who paid it. They said there was a note that said, "Mr.____ was always nice to me when others weren't. Tell him thank you" I couldn't believe it. I honestly don't even know who it was. That brought me out of the dark times we were going through and renewed my hope in people. Thank you! I hope you know who you are.

Chubbuck, ID

We found out my husband was being separated from the Navy just after Thanksgiving 2011. We had been struggling to pay down our debt and now he was losing his job and we didn't know what we would be doing. We received two anonymous gifts, one in the mail and one on our doorstep. Included in them were Christmas gifts for our children and "A little something for mom and dad, too." We still don't know who sent them but I have the cards pinned to my bulletin board to remind me of their kindness and generosity. I am grateful for the anonymous gifts and have tried to pay it forward to others when I can.

Lehi, UT

Loved the article but ESPECIALLY the comments as they tugged at my heart rather than leaving a knot in my stomach!

South Jordan, UT

This article was outstanding. The comments that followed were the type of comments I wish were posted more by this paper. They show the goodness in people. In today's world we sometimes forget that there really are good people out there. This inspired me to want to be more like this in my life. I think we get too self absorbed and self centered. Thank you so much for a great story, and thanks to all of you who commented with rich experiences as well. Let's Pay it Forward!


This story and the comments are very inspiring to me. They also support the personal experience I have had with receiving help from many generous people. I will probably never be able to return the favors to them, but I still pray for whatever they may need and I intend to pay it forward when I am able. Here is a summary of my experience. When I was being abused by my then-husband of 9 years, only one person offered to help me out of a situation which seemed impossible. She helped my family to know how to help me escape with my children away from him. After my children and I got away, my parents gave up most of their retirement, their quiet home, and all of their future plans to spend over $50,000 for the next 9 years in successful efforts to protect my 5 children. They continue to do all they can to help us fight the never-ending legal battles that my former husband starts. In addition to my parents, there have been many people who have given my children Christmas presents, food, holiday gifts, and who have let my make ... continued next...


... continued from previous ... make tiny payments to them for their professional services. These people have been neighbors, a therapist, a dentist, church charities, food banks, a teacher, strangers, and three shelters for battered women and children. Along with food stamps, free lunch programs, medicaid for my children, and work programs via DWS, these good people are the reasons why my children got any physically existing presents at holidays. These people helped me find homes and my first job after being a displaced homemaker. These people helped get us to appointments, get us back from appointments, and were there to not turn a deaf ear. Our dentist repeatedly rescues me from my infected teeth (I had no dental insurance for cavity care), even though he knows it will take me a year to pay him all the way back. I am slowly approaching the day when I won't need medicaid, food stamps or help from my parents. Soon I will pay all my debts and be there for when my parents age and need me. I will thank all these people by paying it forward and by raising my children to be generous and compassionate adults. Deo Gracias!

Auckland NZ, 00

This isn't news. Deeds like this are common. They happen every day in every country of the world. Why make them seem rare and unusual? I suspect that many, many readers have done the same when able. They aren't saints (of the general sort), they are normal, kind, thoughtful people who see an opportunity to help. That is the way most humans in all societies behave. The myth is that they don't.

Trenton, UT

This has happened to us while living in Smithfield also. We had moved there and it was our first experience with a very old home, the pipes froze underneath the house, and we were struggling. A dear friend came over with a heater, got the pipes thawed and told us how to fix the problem. That Christmas, we were at such a low point making two mortgage payments and trying to find a way to make Christmas for our kids, the doorbell rang, and I saw a van move away. On the porch were boxes and boxes of things for our kids and family. To include food, gift cards, etc. There are still good people in this world and to this day about 15 years later, we still try to pay it forward. My hubby says that his luck here on Earth has not been so good so that he hopes anything he does will be counted in the next life...

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

Hope that good deed spreads like a virus. God Bless all who give random acts of kindness to strangers who cannot return the favor, because those who give for everyone to see, have already received their reward.

Christmas Carole

@ TimBehrend
My heart has been GREATLY "swollen within my bosom" this day!! These types of situations are WONDERFUL to read and enjoy as they tend to point us all,as children of God,to realize once again that everyone in the world was given a great gift of the "light of Christ" at birth. It reminds each of us that if we only act upon that,and even greater light if we are so blessed,that others around us will be reminded that that is why we are all here upon this earth. TO LEARN TO SERVE AND GIVE AS THE SAVIOR DID AND FOLLOW HIS EXAMPLE TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY!

Christmas Carole

P.S.Thank you all!so very, very much for your beautifully shared stories. My day for one, will be much happier and brighter as I have been so gratefully reminded of the beauty in this world we all have access to...


Thank you to all who have read and posted. this will indeed help my day.

Durham, NC

I wish we had a lot more of this.... and a lot less of the other....

Paul Wally
Richmond, TX

Thank you for your kind message as well as those who have left their comments for all to read here. We all need all the love we can receive by sharing. For me it is the fuel that keeps me going each day. With all the hate being posted on the media I know I need to reminded that there are wonderful caring people out there that would help if they only knew. I cannot even began to tell about the blessings I have received over the years. I know that I will never be able to pay back all those blessings but it will always be food for my soul when I do get to enjoy each blessing by helping others. Each time it brings us closer to our fellowman as well as to God. I ma not much but each time it helps me become a better and nicer person. Love is a life time of learning and sharing and we will never in this life time get to the place that we do not need to learn more. For this I am very grateful for I will always be able to enjoy one more blessing from God.

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