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Published: Monday, Aug. 12 2013 10:10 a.m. MDT

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Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

A Scientist,

Agreed. We are supposed to learn correct principles and then govern ourselves.

D&C 58: “For the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves. And inasmuch as men do good they shall in nowise lose their reward. But he that doeth not anything until he is commanded, and receiveth a commandment with doubtful heart, and keepeth it with slothfulness, the same is damned.”

As an adult here on earth, I became self-sufficient but never was I without my parents. Nor would I have wanted to be.

You assume that we can be adults here and now. Not within the LDS doctrinal sphere (in which I framed my answer and within which we are talking).

And BTW, I agree that there is a randomness in Nature. I do not believe it is an argument against God. I believe that is part of the Telestial world in which we live.

Though I believe that God is behind the nature we see, from our limited viewpoint, the most difference is likely the influence and teaching of the Holy Ghost.

layton, UT

In(Luke13:1–5)Some people asked Jesus a question about an atrocity that had occurred at the hands of Pontius Pilate, It seems that some people who were in the midst of worship were massacred by Pilate’s soldiers.
The people who came to Jesus and asked Him how God could have allowed it to happen to His chosen people. Those who were killed by the Romans and those who died when the tower fell may have been upstanding citizens.

RE: A Scientist show the difference,

But in the vertical dimension, in their relationship to God, none of them was innocent, and the same is true for us. Jesus was saying, “Instead of asking Me why a good God allowed this catastrophe, you should be asking why your own blood wasn’t spilled.”
Jesus was reminding His hearers that there is ultimately no such thing as an innocent person (except Him).
“We should not be amazed by “the Justice of God but by the Grace of God”. We should be asking why towers do not fall on us each and every day.

Amazing Grace God saved a wretch like me.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@Twin Lights – “We need to learn to be adults in order to enter a celestial world where jealousies and ill temper cannot be tolerated.”

That view makes some sense to me if it was combined with an eastern view of transmigration of souls (i.e., reincarnation)? Given the simple and even myopic lives many lead – where it is arguable that even small lessons are learned so deeply that the soul is permanently altered – this view makes little sense if we’re only talking one blink-of-an-eye lifetime.

By the way, reincarnation also seems intriguing in that it solves nicely the ubiquitous problem of empathy. If there’s a chance that in your next life you could be born anywhere on the planet, seems we would have a much higher incentive to treat everyone, everywhere with kindness, fairness and justice.

As far as rebelling against God, does non-belief count? Agnosticism due to lack of evidence hardly strikes me as rebellion. Now if I were convinced, but then said “to heck with you big guy” then OK…

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Tyler D,

You are right. Our lives can lack vision and understanding. In the LDS view, transmigration of souls is unnecessary. The learning curve is extended via the Spirit World where we work, learn, and progress in anticipation of the end of the mortal world and the beginning of the celestial.

I have no argument that we need far more empathy in this world. As we understand the reach and power of Christ's Atonement we search inward and see in starker relief our own flaws and the need for a forgiving attitude toward others. I see much of the final judgment as being internal - as we look at our lives in contrast with what we could have done/been. I do not think that will be a kind revelation to many (I am not sure I expect it to be so for myself).

As far as rebelling against God. I suppose that all lack of obedience could be seen as rebellion. But in the context of a son of perdition, no, non-belief does not count. To be such we rebel against knowledge. A rather high bar (thankfully).

sandy, ut

Joe Moe -

I see what you are saying, I just disagree. Maybe in some small instances I could maybe see god changing his mind based on the faith of people. I cannot, under any circumstance see god altering a life or death situation based on faith. Have faith and you live, don't have faith and you will die. I especially can't see him changing the outcome based on the faith of a third party, in this case a priest. I don't think prayer will hurt anything, but I don't think it changes anything either.

Example: My sister had a horse accident and got hit in the eye. She recieved a priesthood blessing that she wouldn't lose her vision in that eye. The whole family also prayed individually that she wouldn't lose her vision. Her eyeball was shattered - she could not see out of that eye. The prayers and blessings did nothing to help her to have her vision. The eye did not magically reconstruct. She is left with this all due to bad luck. I don't see where god stepped in, despite all the prayers and faith that she would still see.

Lehi, UT

This is really a great story, I hope the girl will recover quickly. FYI the priest has been identified as Rev. Patrick Dowling but still a very cool story.

G L W8

Another DesNews article published "Mystery angel priest revealed" 8/13 states the priest has now revealed himself. The oil used is apparently part of the Catholic rite involved in anointing the critical ill or dying.
This puts to rest all speculation. My speculative point on an early post was mainly that God, being all wise, provides us with opportunities we will understand that strengthen our faith.
That has to be taken into context with Twin Lights' comments on this story. We all know how we led our own children into adulthood. If we expected them to become adults too quickly, or if we kept them children past the time they were ready for adulthood, we most likely had problems. And we definitely had to allow them space to learn on their own.

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