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Published: Sunday, Aug. 11 2013 3:30 p.m. MDT

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"Howard S.

Taylorsville, UT


It's amusing that BYU has to rely on other teams to do what it can't do for itself...

Beat Utah..."

Actually, what's amusing is the fact that every other comment on an article about BYU is authored by Howard or Chris.

McLean, VA

The World According To Howie, Version 4: "Setting the schedule is the easy part... perhaps you should wait to see how your Cougs perform against a schedule that is a step above 2nd/3rd tier..."

Howie, dear man, another swing and another whiff! One last try at furthering your education in 200 words or less! Your Utes have had a couple large successes in '04 and '08 in BCS games, against a weak Pitt and an unmotivated Alabama, but overall, and especially against PAC-12 teams, the Cougars you malign have had more success against the big boys. Please remember the following:

2012: BYU 30 Washington State 6 (WSU not terribly good, but included given Utah's struggles with Colorado)
2012: BYU 41 Georgia Tech 17 (Georgia Tech good enough to stuff USC in the Sun Bowl)
2012: BYU 6 Utah State 3 (Utah State > Utah)
2011: BYU 38 Oregon State 28
2010: BYU 23 Washington 17
2009: BYU 14 Oklahoma 13
2009: BYU 44 Oregon State 20 (bowl)
2008: BYU 28 Washington 27
2008: BYU 59 UCLA 0 (Normie's revenge game -- remember?)
2007: BYU 20 Arizona 7
2007: BYU 17 UCLA 16 (bowl)
2006: BYU 38 Oregon 8 (bowl)

This, of course, is just a partial sample, but you get the point, Howie! Maybe we gotta start playing your league schedule for you, my boy, so we can turn your record around. Let us know ...



From a Utah fan,
First off, congratulations to these two athletes to making it into a d1 football program, as well as a quality university. Recent events should have taught us all what is more important than our differences, and that is the kids.

BYU's biggest recruiting advantage, the built in recruiting pool, is a double edged sword as it is also its biggest disadvantage. So when BYU is able to make its "weaknesses become strengths" that is a good thing for them. With the current CFB landscape, while Utah will have better recruiting classes OVERALL, the Y will get some very good players along the way who may or may not be better than their Ute counterparts.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Spin it all you want and use all your allotted 200 words...

But... the hard truth is that against teams from power conferences BYU has a losing record...

You know this to be true... and no amount of spinning can change that fact.

As for Utah's schedule... I know you'd like to play it... But the PAC12 past you over.

Here's an idea... maybe you should beat Utah before you start offering to play their schedule... does 3 - 8 sound familiar?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


A 21% winning record against ranked teams isn't a very good showing for a program that claims a national legacy.

But it does prove my point that BYU is nothing more than a 2nd tier power against 2nd and 3rd tier competition...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Howard S.

"A 21% winning record against ranked teams isn't a very good showing for a program that claims a national legacy."

It's certainly MUCH BETTER than a 16% winning record against ranked teams for a team that claims to be one of the "big boys".

A for playing against a PAC 12 schedule, the Utes haven't won a road game against a PAC team with a winning record since 1997.

It's hysterical how much chest beating we see from a team that is WINLESS against winning PAC teams since joining the conference. Not only can't U beat the teams in the upper half of the conference, you can't even beat the teams at the bottom of the conference - lost to 10-loss Colorado, barely beat 11-loss Colorado by 7.

What makes U think you can compete in the PAC, when you weren't even competitive in the WAC. A couple of flash-in-the-pan seasons haven't changed anything. Denied a bowl berth because you couldn't beat the only WAC team on your schedule.

Riverdale, UT

I recall that Coach Edwards was once asked how he was able to get such high levels of performance and achievement from what all agreed was not the most stellar group of athletes. While that question was not answered definitively, it did make me think, and wonder what LaVelle would have said if he had answered formally.

I cam up with a theoretical answer: the BYU athletes always put out 100%, whenever they play. On the other hand, other teams can have athletes who become arrogant due to their talent level, which is usually a "gift", and not something they should claim credit for, who "coast" most of the time unless the game is big enough to get them to try harder.

During regular season games, BYU is going 100% while others, less than 100%. The Bowl games, though, bring out 100% in every team, so BYU may not have as much success there.

What do you guys have to say about this subject, about my theory, and whatever you may think is a different reason why BYU can do so well without bunches of "gifted", "superior" athletes every year? I am sincerely interested...

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