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Published: Sunday, Aug. 11 2013 3:30 p.m. MDT

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Surf is Up
Miami, FL

Howard S.
"Not everyone chooses to play against the best possible competition... USC and Oregon for example..."

Howard, thanks for at least having the common sense to not put Utah in that list of supposed "best
competiton". But it would have been great comic relif if you had.

We all know that there is not much parity between the top of the 12 PAC (pretty much USC and Oregon) and the middle (Stanford & UCLA) and the bottom (utah, Colorado, WSU).

Actually even the upper tier PAC teams can be beaten. The PAC aint what it used to be

I applaud the recruting staff and BYU as a university for attracting athletes like this. Its only going to get better.

It scares the trolls silly, and its fun to watch.

Jrod Gman
Clearfield, UT


Clarence Smith


Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Excuse me. WHO is "Chris B"?

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Great pickups on both accounts for the Cougars.

Clearfield, UT

Howard S - "Not everyone chooses to play against the best possible competition... USC and Oregon for example...

Some have other priorities... nothing wrong with that."

Yes some would rather just play against the cupcakes of the NCAA like Notre Dame, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Boise State, Nebraska, and USC(2019,2021). Pansies!!

Las Vegas, NV

These boards have become a lame predictable battle between BYU fans and Chris B. Unfortunate. (Now everyone can argue with Chris B. over that statement.)

P.S. I admit I hate it when BYU fans make negative comments on Utah stories.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

"Unique" is a term often used as a euphemism for weird or strange...

The "uniqueness" of BYU is occasionally very challenging for those who are fully immersed in the schools culture...

For those not immersed in the culture of the school it can be even more challenging...

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

The Cougar Nation appears fairly exercised by my comments about choosing not to play against some of the best schools in the west.

Let me say this... a few scattered two for one games and one and done games against the upper echelons of college football is not even close to the competitive equivalent of playing back to back conference games against some of best teams in the west... which also happen to among the best teams in the country...

But... I repeat... I've got absolutely problem with a young man who chooses to pursue other priorities.

Heber City, UT

Dear Chris B, there are far to many other tings that are far more important in life. We do not need those who feel drinking, drugs and sex are part of their right. They may be talented athletes, but their character is lacking, in my opinion, if that is what is important to them.

BYU is unique and it needs to stay that way. You are always looking through dark glasses with astigmatism. Take off those glasses and get a glimpse of what counts in life.

Highland, UT


Actually what those players "chose" was to not have to play with influences that they felt were detrimental to their personal advancement. My guess is it has very little, if anything, to do with who the schools are playing against. I'm sure it has much more to do with what they hope to accomplish and become and which place will best help them achieve those things. Many young men simply don't want to have to play or practice on Sunday. Many of them do not wish to be surrounded by other players, or "fans", like yourself whose personal standards are so much lower than their own.

Young men like these have chosen something better, something greater, something that will help them become great men, not just some guy that partied and played in a particular conference. These guys could go to any of 100 schools and get those things. No these guys want more.

You wouldn't understand though, you obviously didn't aspire to be great.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


For the record Mr. Duckhunter playing at the highest level of competition and living a life guided by tradition, spirit, and honor are not mutually exclusive.

And BYU is not the only place where a young man or woman can commit himself or herself to values such as THS.... plently of fine young people compete and live honorable and exemplary lives at schools all across the country.

Honor and values are not exclusive to BYU.

As for your judgement of my personal standards... May I just say that know nothing of my personal standards.

But... I wonder if part of the "uniqueness" of the of the fans and school that you choose to support is embodied in your apparent assumption that those who choose to attend or support a different school have personal values and standards that are inferior to yours.

Hampton, VA

Last week BYU fans were saying they didn't need 3 or 4 star recruits. Now all they'll talk about is how they just got one of each. I'm glad they've changed their minds though. Now they can except the fact that KVN was a 4 star recruit and is by far their best player.

McLean, VA

The World According To Howie (Yet Again!): "But... I repeat... I've got absolutely problem (sic) with a young man who chooses to pursue other priorities."

My Answer ( Yet Again!): "Good try, Howie. We're playin' USC. And Stanford. And not just them, but Notre Dame. And Texas. And Wisconsin, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Virginia, etc. Join the Y, play the college football world in four different time zones, on readily accessible national TV just about every week, not just on the West Coast on sideband satellite channel 2187b. Young Mr. Kurtz wishes to take part. His family wishes to see him every week! A wise young man and a happy family! Welcome aboard, Mr. Kurtz!"

Howie, other than that you were too rattled to quote yourself correctly, your comment said nothing more the second time than it did the first time. BTW, the 2014 recruiting composite (247 Sports, ESPN, Rivals, and Scout) now has us at 50 versus Utah at 62, and moving steadily away. Any other cute comments for us this evening, sport ????


Sandy, UT


What's with the Straw-man?
Who said BYU doesn't desire or need 3 and 4 star athletes?

As of now....
In 2013's class, BYU has 8 recruits at 3 stars or better, already committed.
In 2014, BYU has 6 3-star recruits, already committed and it's still very early.

In 2012, BYU recruited 12 with 3 stars or better, including some 4 stars as well.
In 2011, BYU recruited 10 with 3 stars of better.....Many of these players are just off missions.
In 2010 over 20 3 stars or better.

Weddle and Krueger...2 stars. (100 million in NFL contracts).
Kapernick and Flacco (two starting Super Bowl QB's)...3 stars.
Steve Young, Jerry Rice ...no stars.

Half the players in the last Super Bowl?....3 stars or less.

Again, fans of losing programs (U) argue irrelevant minutia.

Fans of winning programs (Y) argue Tradition, Rankings, Awards, Wins and Losses.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Wins and losses?

Irrelevant minutia?

Where does losing 8 of the last 11 fit?


Agua Dulce, TX

It's about the coaching and playing, not about the recruiting.

(But this is a Texss kid, I like the story.)

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Cute comments?

Only facts...

For example... reflective of the lack of regard in which the big boys hold BYU football, most of the games you cited are unbalanced schedules in favor of the big boy...

Let's consider...

USC - two for one beginning after current recruits are gone
Stanford - two for on beginning after current recruits are gone
ND - four for two with no future games scheduled
Mich - one and done on the road
Neb - one and done on the road

Oh... do my eyes my eyes deceive me... after months of the Cougar Nation claiming recruiting rankings don't count... now Mr. BYU78 thinks they do count?

And finally... a variation of an oldie but a goodie... consider that even in the unlikely event that BYU beats Utah this year they will still have a 67% losing record over the last 12 years.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


Despite all of your negative spin, these facts remain:

During the Independent/PAC era:

Top 25 Finishes
Utah 0

Bowl Wins
Utah 1

Average Sagarin Rating
BYU 30
Utah 50

Overall Record
BYU 18-8
Utah 13-12

Since Utah's high water mark in 2008, the Utes have been in steady decline.

After losing the rivalry this season, U won't even have the head-to-head to beat your gums about, and you've already proven that you don't have anything to beat you gums about in the PAC.

Highland, UT


"USC - two for one beginning after current recruits are gone
Stanford - two for on beginning after current recruits are gone
ND - four for two with no future games scheduled
Mich - one and done on the road
Neb - one and done on the road"

And in one ill thought out post you've now exposed your entire "point" to be the falsehood it is. It sounds to me that those games you listed above prove these players have chosen the harder path against the harder competition. They have to play the majority of them on the road, not one for ones.


Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Congratulations... BYU has chosen the path of harder competition... which makes sense given BYU's losing record in Broncos's tenure against the big boys of college football.

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