Comments about ‘BYU football: Unique aspects of BYU helped sway 2 non-LDS commits, Cedric Dale and Nick Kurtz’

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Published: Sunday, Aug. 11 2013 3:30 p.m. MDT

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St George, Utah

Nick Kurtz is a HUGE get. And Dale looks like a versatile speedster that could help on either side of the ball...
There is a lot of reason to be excited about the direction the programm is headed.

Phoenix, AZ

Hmm, Chris B told me that BYU would never get good talent because of the restrictive religious pressures in Provo. This sounds like a mistake. Someone who is NOT Mormon chose to come to BYU BECAUSE of the morals, values, and to play some good football? Whooosh! (mind blown)

Murray, UT

Welcome Cedric and Nick! I look forward to watching both of you play at BYU.

Best of luck to both of you!

Lincoln City, OR

What a great couple of young men... Not only great Football Players, but Great Football Players with Substance and Smarts... They will be huge contributers to our Program and I can't wait to see them in Blue...

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

And how many athletes have not even looked at byu or been prevented from finishing their career due to byu's "unique" environment?


Bluffdale, UT


You can lol all you want but this flies in the face of everything you have touted about BYU recruiting. BYU doesn't have to get every non-Mormon recruit. What a ridiculous comment.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I was hoping to get on here before the snarky comments started... Oh well.

I think the beauty of this story is that BYU is beginning to see the benefits of doing that which it really doesn't have a choice in anyway.

There may be thousands of gifted athletes who will choose NOT to come to BYU because of the standards it upholds. They have hundreds of other schools to choose from.

But there are tens, and maybe hundreds, of gifted athletes who will CHOOSE an environment like BYU BECAUSE of those same standards. As awareness of BYU rises, and make no mistake, awareness of BYU IS rising, those coming in ones and twos will increase in number, athleticism, and commitment to higher values.

THAT is a positive thing. I hope it doesn't ruin anyone's day.

Cedar City, UT

Even Wes Welker couldn't convince him not to come to BYU. Sounds like a kid who knows what he wants. Glad to have both of them.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Chris B.............tell us about what is unique about your college choice? That's my point, there is nothing unique. Some will like the unique nature of BYU others will not. Some will look at their school of choice to how it will prepare them for the future as men. Some will not.

Remind me again what your point was? Because it made no sense.

San Diego, CA

Excited to see the contributions these two recruits will make with their rare combination of physical skills, good judgment, and high personal character.

St George, Utah

Hey Chris,

What happened? Nick Kurtz picked BYU over Oregon and Kansas state.
Perhaps BCS membership holds a little less weight than you have been touting? This is BYU's 3rd commitment this week. And all 3 are 3-star + recruits with multiple BCS school offers.

How do you explain this?

Eagle Mountain, UT

The athletes with multiple BCS offers are choosing BYU. The inferiority complex must be growing by leaps and bounds, eh chris.

BYU Fan in DC
Washington, DC

Nice pick ups. Can everyone from this point on ignore this Chris B fellow. He obviously just sits and refreshes this DesNews site all day hoping to throw in some snide comment. He seems to like that BYU fans (as well as a bunch of Utah fans) hate his comments. Lets just act like he is that annoying little brother who we dont want to play with until he runs to tell mom.


Iowa City, IA

BYU is incredibly attractive to athletes who believe a religious life is the preferred life. Welcome to BYU guys where you can play some nationally recognized and respected football AND not have to sacrifice your standards! Enjoy ESPN, enjoy playing big time games, enjoy playing across the nation, enjoy going to bowl games, enjoy seeing that NC trophy on campus. Go get another one!!!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Not everyone chooses to play against the best possible competition... USC and Oregon for example...

Some have other priorities... nothing wrong with that.

ed in atl
Duluth, GA

Hey guys don't forget that we have guys coming in to walk on that are not LDS, like the kid from Marietta, GA's Kell High School because he likes the program and what it stands for.
Go Cougars! Can't wait to go to Charlottesville!

West Point , UT

Nick Kurtz is a HUGE pickup for BYU. Great size, great hands, great speed. A solid 4 star receiver who just visited Oregon 2 days ago, and both Oregon & TT were coming hard for him, while Kentucky and Kansas St were coming fast and hard to...he visited K State a week ago. I guess he saw everything in BYU he was looking for, and spurned some of the bigger programs in the country for the Y. Congrats Mendenhall & BYU for one of the bigger commits this year. I look forward to seeing both of these guys in Cougar blue.

Lindon, UT

I don't know, Chris B. You must know, since you seem to know everything about BYU. Tell us, how many?

Vancouver, WA

“College is about becoming a better man, a better student and a better football player, and BYU is the school that will help me do that most.”

What else needs to be said, this kid summed it up pretty good. Who cares that other schools send more to the NFL. There are more important things in life than football and the NFL, BYU just provides the best balance.

If you prefer life in the PAC-10.2 or SEC go for it. Leave space on BYU's roster for those who want to develop as Nick and Cedric have chosen. Welcome to BYU boys!

Frisco, TX

I'm with you BYU Fan in DC. This is the last time I will type the name of Chris B. Hopefully others will join our ignore campaign. Utah will always be a rival, but most fans there are not hateful, snide or obsessed. It was probably a couple of these trolls who really got Max Hall all fired up a couple of years ago.

I really like the talent and potential of the recruits we are getting. Three great commitments this week. I thought Hoffman and Apo were tall WRs, but Mathews and Kurtz will tower over them.

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