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Published: Saturday, Aug. 10 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Harvest, AL

I would like to see voters in Mia Love's district vote her into to office and send Mr. Matheson packing...

Nanook of the North
Phoenix, AZ

@pbennetp: Google the Daily Kos article "YES!! Once Again--All of Romney's lies in one place: Updated!" Read it and weep. Don't forget the scare ad they ran saying that Jeep was going to move jobs from Ohio to China when they were actually EXPANDING their Ohio plant.

As for the 47% who pay no federal income tax, many paid Social Security and other payroll taxes. They're mostly the working poor (people who HAVE a job and ARE taking personal responsibility), seniors (who've already paid their fair share of taxes), and other low-income families ("A family of four claiming only the standard deduction and personal exemptions pays no federal income tax on its first $27,000 of income"). Google the USA Today article "Who are the 47% in Romney's remarks?"

As for Romney now, when Washington Post reporter Dan Balz asked "When you said there are 47% who won't take personal responsibility -" but Romney interrupted Balz before he could finish. "Actually, I didn't say that." He did say that. Google the NY Daily News article "Mitt Romney denies 47% remark to Washington Post reporter". Read the transcript. Stop believing lies. Email robert at robertslaven dot ca for links.

Pittsburgh, PA

@pbennettp Romney was disrespectful as well. It went both ways. Romney had a penchant for overreaching and that was evident in the debates.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Nanook - that's your best about Romney's alleged lies? The "lies" you reference about Romney are not only matters of slanted opinion, but so utterly insignificant compared to Obama's incessant whoppers. As many have pointed out, the media then harped endlessly on Romney's so-called inaccuracies, and helped Obama cover his whoppers. The entire Benghazi fiasco is such a disgusting web of lies, incompetence, and political cynicism that it would have singularly been Obama's downfall had the press done their job instead of running cover for him. Not to mention Fast and Furious, lies about Obamacare (this won't add a dime to the deficit, no one will lose their preferred health carrier, health care premiums will decrease, etc.), and silly deceptive slogans for the highly gullible (war on women, the poor, Hispanics, gays, etc.).

The simple fact is Democrats and the media have an entrenched philosophy of giving handouts instead of hand-ups, so any Republican with a hand-up philosophy is endlessly demonized by the media.

Give me a huge break about the dishonesty. That so many people are so gullible will be the downfall of our once-proud nation.

Cedar Hills, UT

Mitt didn't have a chance really in the election - he couldn't even motivate the GOP electorate to come out and vote. More than 2 million registered GOP voters stayed home. That alone would have won the election for the GOP. To win an election it really doesn't matter if you win the debates or if you have the experience or if you would make the best president. What really matters is the perception people have of you...true or false ...and how successful yout campaign managers are in painting that perception. The majority of people who vote now days are lazy low information people who are drawn more to the superficial stuff and that is what team Obama focused on.Team Obama based their entire campaign on lies and misinformation knowing full well most voters wouldn't take the time to fact check ...and it worked. So if you are to learn anything from the 2012 election it is to dumb down your campaign - taylor it to the low information crowd - create a narrative of your candidate and paint him/her as the champion of the people. I don't think the GOP can ever win a national election.

Truth Whisperer
Chandler, TX

@Oh Nanny,

It's important for everyone to embrace the truth... The Truth is that Jeep will be built in China... The Head of operations for Jeep said so... Here's a quote for you from the October 12, 2012 issue of the South China Morning Post (Business Section)...

"Fiat, majority owner of the Chrysler Group, plans to start making Jeeps in China again and might eventually make all of its models in the country, according to the head of both carmakers' operations in the region"... Nuff Said.

As for the 47%... Why don't you deal with the actual quote which was delivered in a small meeting with Republican Donors in FL and Recorded by a typical no ethics Democrat?? It's in the very first comment on this article from "Most Truthful and Patriotic"... It's pretty clear what he said and it's the truth...

Now let's talk about Benghazi? Or how about Fast and Furious and Executive Priviledge? Or how about "No new Taxes"??? or "a Transparent Administration"? What is your explanation for those lies?

You, yourself, would benefit from listening to the Truth instead of old and trite Leftest Lies.

Murray, UT

"Mitt was the one that was offering hope for the future, in my opinion. Obama was offering programs. And programs won.” - Spencer Zwick

That was a major issue with the Romney campaign. They promised hope or change from current policies but were scant on providing tangible solutions. Also, lets not forgot Mr. Romney's 47 percent statement, that was the beginning of the demise of his presidential campaign.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

It was all the "liberal media's" fault.

Mcallen, TX

This country must/will suffer much pain, before it once again place honest leaders into office.

Amazing how people can find fault with Romney for not winning, and not Obama.

Cedar City, Utah

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax.
My job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

There is ZERO error in this quote. Too many people got pi$$ed at being called out, that's all.

Tracy, CA

When the IRS Scrutinizing the Republican party fundraising, story broke, the intelligent ppl realized what a mistake they made, voting for Obama, who also won, because the 59th precent of Pennsylvania, had 100% Obama votes. That's voter fraud. It's better to have an honest president, & if the democrats are not sorry yet, they will be when they have to depend on Obama Care, when Congress didn't think it was good enough for themselves. And large corperations, choose to pay the penalty, instead of medical.

Truth Whisperer
Chandler, TX

@Pac_man... Baloney... If anything Romney was "OVER Respectful" of the President... He was never condescending and always referred to him as "Mr. President" (something that Clinton refused to do when he was debating with Bush Senior)... Obama was derogatory and demeaning... In addition he had the Moderator jump on his side while discussing an issue... Seems like Democrats can't help themselves, they have to have an unlevel playing field before they declare something fair...

Does this one sound familiar to you??? "We have a Navy now that has Boats that go under water"...?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

He did not break from the radical right and pandered to the Hannity extremists.

oakley, idaho

Romney lost because people could not trust him and he could not relate to the average person. As an LDS person I could not vote for him because he did not appear to hold up basic standards of the church such as honesty. To me it was an embarrassment to have him representing us to the world in such a way. None of us are perfect, me least of all, but I did not want him being held up as what a faithful member of the church is like.
You may not feel like you can trust Obama but he does not stand as a representative member of the church either.
Romney is making moves that seem to indicate he is planning on running again for 2016. I am not happy to see that but it is one reason that he is keeping his name in the news. He cant afford to be forgotten as much as some of us would like that to occur. Not looking forward to another three years of explaining to all my nonLDS friends that no not all LDS people are like Romney. :(

Cedar Hills, UT

@crunchem - I'm a Romney fan, convinced he would've been a terrific president, uniquely qualified to handle specific challenges our nation currently faces. I think those who voted against him for being out of touch, elitist, greedy, uncaring, and deceptive are either those with a vested interest in his defeat, or extremely gullible to media influences, because Obama is all of those things on steroids, except he probably does care. He just thinks establishing a nanny state is the way to help.

But, that quote from Romney was a devastating self-inflicted blow, and quite inaccurate. I chalk it up to political pandering, and I think it's inconsistent with his life. It's probably accurate for about 25% of the electorate, just like there's probably 25% who would never vote for a Democrat. Many people accept welfare to use it appropriately as a temporary measure through a tough time. Romney could have won many of those people. The growing number of those willing to accept welfare as a lifestyle choice is certainly a future problem for the GOP, but that type of comment only confirms to many the stereotype that Democrats and media relentlessly push about Republicans.

Beverly Allen
Los Angeles, CA

Jesus did say, "How long will ye supposed that the Lord will suffer you to be led by foolish & blind guides? How long will ye choose darkness rather than light? Behold the anger of the Lord is already kindled against you; behold he hath cursed the land because of your iniquity." Helaman 13:29,30

Freeland, WA

I have seen so many comments saying what a great president Mitt Romney would have made and what a horrible job Obama is doing as president. I'm wondering if any of these opinions have to do with his race.

Arizona Border Dude

One major mistake made by the Republicans in all 2012 races was their early messages were to Republicans only. The biggest flux on the political scene is the rise of the independent registered voters, those who are not allied with any party.

The Republicans missed a grand opportunity by trying to get independents to become Republicans rather than sell their message and get the vote. In Arizona the independent voters are the 2nd largest voting bloc statewide. A couple of states they are the largest.

The Obama machine saw Mitt as the probable candidate and attacked him early. At that point the GOP should have seen the light and began to swing that way as well. The infighting by the Republicans did a lot to damage the win.

I made several comments online to the Romney camp about a greater independent focus as they are close to the middle majority, but to no avail. I guess I wasn't a strong enough political guru to have any weight for my words.

I just hope this message will have some value in the next efforts by as good a candidate as Mitt was.

Lake Oswego, OR

There is absolutely no question in my mind that Mitt Romney would have made a much better president that President Obama has been and is proving to be. Romney would have found ways to responsibly adjust health care plans in a way that would reduce costs, he would have established a much more level-headed and bi-partisan atmosphere in Washington, he would have quickly established a smart policy in the middle east which would have led the army and secularists in Egypt to embrace the US instead of joining the Muslim Brotherhood in hating us. He would have done all this simply because his fundamental approach to problem solving is to address the basics head-on and leave out useless slandering against the opposition. Someday the history books will acknowledge that he is one of the most responsible "Also-rans" to lose in American presidential elections.

Grants Pass, OR

I am LDS not by birth but by an adult choice. I know what this church teaches. Mitt Romney is a good example of a man striving to become like Christ. I realize that is not the whole criteria for becoming President of the United States but it certainly is important to have a President who has integrity and the best interest of our country at heart. Good LDS people have integrity. Those who bash the LDS Church simply do not know what it takes to be a devoted follower. That said, Mitt Romney has other qualifications unmatched by our present leader. I have followed his career in politics as well as his accomplishment with the Olympics. He is successful at what he does and has all the experience we needed in a leader. What we have in office today is a man of no qualified experience who is taking us down a path of destruction. And this is not because of his color. There are many people of his color more qualified to run our nation than he is. Too bad we let the good man get away.

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