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Published: Saturday, Aug. 10 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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New to Utah

It is time to get real. Washington DC and its bloated bureaucracy where lifetime government employees are perhaps 80-90% Democrat voters. They are never going to fix the problem because doing so would impact their lives. They want and need big government and a Democrat President. Visit places like Germantown,Md or Alexandria,Va or Silver Springs,Md talk to these people the majority will be party line Democrats. Yes they may be honest but they are motivated by big government.Northern Virginia has high real estate prices because pork,greed, excess is available to the lobbyist, the influence peddler. Northern Virginia suburbs have changed a red state to a swing state.The source of the problem is DC. It desperstely needs to go on a diet.We need accountability from our public servants, all of them.


Perhaps Mitt failed because his campaign did not actually reflect his Moromon religion.

Those who “do not pay income tax” (Mitt’s apparent problem with the despised “47%”) included a great many Social Security recipients who funded, actually over funded, that program. Was Mitt’s a just or saintly evaluation of retirees?

The income tax that apparently Mitt thought we should all pay is a predatory tax once rejected by conservatives. It is reminiscent of King Noah’s depredations.

All the Mormon prophets have excoriated war and called it murder. Joseph Fielding Smith prayed that America would be kept out of WW1 and Heber J Grant had the same opinion regarding WW2. Yet Mitt wanted to increase military personnel by a fifth and wage relentless war in the Middle East, unconstitutional, undeclared wars.

Mormons are supposed to uphold the Constitution;yet Mitt never mentioned it. Then there was the inconvenient Mr Paul whose love and support of the Constitution I would have loved to have seen in Mitt but looked in vain, whose hatred of war and bloodshed put Mitt's jingoism into deserved shadow, and brought him a shameful, and ill-expressed opposition within the official Republican party.

South Jordan, UT

Romney lost because President Obama is a better candidate.

Medical Lake, Washington

I don't think Romney was a deer in the headlights when facing Obama, I think that debates were stacked against him. When he tried to make the point regarding the President's initial public statement that it was a video inspired riot and Obama insisted that he used the word Terrorist, the lady in charge of the debate kept defending the president with statements that were not factual, but being in control of the debate could close Romney down.

The media was in Obama's pocket as well. Perhaps Romney made mistakes with his campaign, but each mistake was endlessly magnified by a one sided media campaign and the power of an incumbent president with the ability to make up new rules.

Neotsu, OR

Obama is the worst President this country has ever had or ever will have... Bar none...

His re-election was not only worst single occurance in mine and my wife's 61 years of life, Historians will show it to be the worst day in our children's and their children's lives as well, for they will be the ones left holding the tab for the irresponsible Spending and irresponsible Fiscal Policies that this Administration has put on their generations...

If it were only possible to make his blind followers experience the pain that he is putting on the backs of future Generations Romney would not have only won, he would have won in a landslide...

Stand-up Responsibility and Fiscal Maturity are not the long-suits of the Generation calling the shots today... Our Parents and our Grand Parents were members of the "Greatest Generation"... Our Generation will go down as possibly "Weakest" or "Worst Generation"... It kind of makes all you Liberals all warm inside, doesn't it?

Buffalo Burt
Ephraim, UT

@DSB "I would wager he demonstrated far far more compassion..."

A $10,000 wager, maybe? That's another Romney mistake.

You must know Obama pretty well then too to come to the conclusion that "it's a joke to make the same comparison to Obama."

If I understand your criticism it's that only people who know Mitt personally can judge whether he's a good man. Even though I agree that actions speak louder than words, I'm not arguing whether he's a good man, I'm saying I think people who hold LDS values should expect more than they are getting from their politicians who claim to hold the same values; and not just exclusively on Gay issues. Orrin Hatch made the same 47% comment on the Senate floor on July 6, 2011.

Do you really think Jesus is coming back to stick it to the poor and the powerless? I think he's more likely to come down on those in power who obstruct relief etc. Too often the right wing pushes policies that favor those who least need any more favors.

If my comments were a false portrayal of a good man, please let me know specifically what was false.

Cedar City, UT

@ulvegaard I agree that the moderator overstepped her responsibility to try and fact check the rhetoric. That was up to Obama and Romney to figure out. Debates are not about facts (sadly) but instead about the ability to convince and persuade.

However, if you think that the media stacked the debates against Romney that might be true but there were plenty of instances during the debates when Romney put his foot in his mouth.

Nanook of the North
Phoenix, AZ

There were two big problems with the Romney campaign. First, it was painfully obvious that Romney had no idea how to connect with voters who weren't rich or at least upper-class, and had no idea of the realities of their lives (as demonstrated by his "47%" comment; so many of those 47% are seniors, veterans, and college students, who aren't in it for a handout, but who legitimately don't make enough income to pay income tax). Second, the Romney/Ryan campaign was filled with lies. Yes, every campaign is going to stretch truth in many ways. But the Romney/Ryan campaign was full of more outright lies, falsehoods, and half-truths than any other campaign I've seen in 40 years. I was appalled; I had hoped for so much better from the first serious LDS contender for the presidency. Instead, the campaign made Obama look like a paragon of credibility, over and over again. If the GOP wants to get back into the White House, they need to embrace reality about science, climate change, and the fact that "trickle-down economics" is a disaster for the American worker.


Romney should have gone on the attack a lot more than he did. Romney had a lot of campaign material given to him on a silver platter by Obama which he did not use.

A good quote to use from Obama would have been "under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket". Everyone has to pay for electricity, so this would have angered even people on welfare.

South Jordan, UT

To pbennettp of Neotsu, OR

I invite you to do some research. When it comes to expensive fiscal policies that are ruining our country it is BUSH/CHENEY that is FAR MORE responsible for massive UNDFUNDED expenses than Obama is!! Shall I list a few? Unfunded Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Unfunded war in Afghanistan, Unfunded war in Iraq, Unfunded Bush tax cut for the wealthy.

Look up this article from Bruce Bartlett who served in the Reagan and GHW Bush administrations about what exactly Bush/Cheney did. Search for New York Times and the article titled "The Fiscal Legacy of George W. Bush" If you don't like Obama, that is one thing, you may have various reasons. BUT the issue of fiscal recklessness rests primarily on the Bush administration and the policies that passed in that timeframe. Obama has NOT grown government at all relative to what Bush did. Bush is one of the worst presidents ever and the history books will show it. Try looking up the rankings of presidents in Wikipedia

Marlborough, MA

That so many commenters here feel that Mr. Romney would have been a better president than Mr. Obama and that so many commenters here feel that Mr. Obama's administration is destroying America validates to me that the right man was chosen for POTUS in the last election.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

You can argue this back and forth but it is obvious that the better man was not elected. Has nothing to do with Religion. Our country would have been better off with Romney. Perfect no but better yes. Maybe some of the free loaders might have been asked to actually work for some of the things they get. I do not believe Obama is a bad man but I do not think he is the best man. There is something about him that is not good.


Do you really think Jesus is coming back to stick it to the poor and the powerless?

I liked this question of "Buffalo Burt". Malachi answered it in this way:

I will be a swift witness against:

sorcerers, adulterers, false swearers,

those that oppress the hireling in his wages,
the widow, and the fatherless,

and that turn aside the stranger from his right,
and fear not me.

(Malachi 3: 5-6)

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

If I remember write the election was last November, Romney lost, get over it!

Pittsburgh, PA

Obama was not re-elected because Romney did not hit back hard enough or the press was gunning for Romney.

If the GOP wants encourage an extreme right wing platform in the GOP primary up until the presidential primary they will keep losing.

Neotsu, OR

So many comments needing a response and so few words available to make them...

@buffburt...You want to talk about LDS style beliefs and what matches and what doesn't? Try these on partial birth Abortion? Gay marriage? King Noah Type Taxation? No Prayers in the classroom? Etc., Etc. Where is your man Obama on those things?

@Mattrick78... Never, in any debate in my lifetime was a President so badly beaten than when Romney mopped the floor with Obama in Debate #1... Never was a President more disrespectful of a candidate than Obama was of Romney in debate #3.

@nannyofthenorth... First of all 47% of citizens receiving some form of benefit from Taxpayers and hopelessly tied to Santa Obama is accurate... Learn to deal with the truth...secondly, your comment on Romney/Ryan lies is laughable... Maybe you can tell us what those were, cuz I think that they were pretty accurate...Obama was and is the King of Lies (i.e. Benghazi, Transparent Administration, Fast and Furious, Closing Guantanamo, No new taxes, should I stop cuz there are more?

To be continued...

Central Texan
Buda, TX

I contend Romney lost for a lost of little reasons, many of which are mentioned by Zwick and the commenters here.

Also, don't forget the importance of BAD POLLING. Remember how commentators like Dick Morris kept padding the poll numbers in Romney's favor? Many pundits were doing this by telling us and themselves that the TURNOUT MODELS were wrong and that no way were people going to turn out like the split was in 2008. Thy used this rhetoric so often that most Romney supporters, including ROMNEY HIMSELF, believed up until the last votes were counted that he would win Florida and some other close states.

Thinking you actually had a lead would affect your strategy. I think it was what led to Romney not really going on the offensive during the last debate on foreign policy. Had Romney known he was slightly trailing or that it was much closer in Florida and a few other states, he would have been more aggressive.

Central Texan
Buda, TX

One other reason -- the damaging effects of some of the talk show gurus such as Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin.

Limbaugh in particular trashed Romney during the Primaries -- even though he kept claiming he was not being partisan to one candidate or the other. Limbaugh continually portrayed Romney as the "establishment candidate" and as a "dry-ball moderate". He falsely claimed that "Romney aides" had been dispatched to help with the hated ObamaCare, using this to bash Romney with an issue that was mis-characterized by Limbaugh, Ingraham, et al. from the start. Limbaugh wanted a far Right flamethrower to stick it in the eye of Democrats -- but portrayed Romney as a sort of Obama Lite middle-of-the-roader.

NOW, Limbaugh is quick to blame the Republican candidate for not winning over the BASE Republican voters. As if he had nothing to do with it.

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

So this is a little off topic, but did anyone else laugh at the fact that the photos accompanying the article are just various "glam" shot poses of this Spencer Zwick dude? He and/or the Des News must think he is a pretty handsome guy.

More on topic, I voted for Romney and was disappointed, but not surprised, to see him lose. I think that he surrounded himself with inept advisors. He was running his own machine and not taking advantage of any national talent that could have helped. His internal polling was greatly mistaken. I remember on election night the commentators were in awe that he had spent extra time campaigning in states where he lost by a lot and relatively ignored some states where he barely lost. Had he had better internal help, he could have identified better places to put his resources. Also, and I think the article points this out, he let others define him. Most people's vision of Mitt was that fed to them by Obama or GOP opponents. Oh well. Live and learn.

Neotsu, OR


@Milt... I have done plenty of research on the debt issue... Bottom Line is Bush, less than $5T with 2 wars in 8 years... Obama nearly $8T in 5 years with one war wound down and the other winding down. Bush accomplishments... Recovery from a bad Recession that he inherited, better values, rebuilt a decemated Military and kept us safe, and gave us great conservative Justices on the Supreme Court. Bush was 5X the President compared to Obama.

@Iman... How a divided country validates to you that Obama is better defies reasoning.

@Gildas... Do you really think that Christ through Malachi was telling us that we should support a Government that arbitrarily takes money from us for the Entitlement Programs they choose???
(i.e. Planned Parenthood? funded abortions? "Green Projects"? Environmental Prohibitions? mandated rights for people who have chosen a gay lifestyle?) That is the most liberal interpretaion of Malachi that I have ever heard of and certainly not one I suscribe to...

@milner and others like milner... The Election was in fact last November but for many of us, it was the worst decision ever made by an Electorate with far reaching impact into our future.

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