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Published: Saturday, Aug. 10 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Let's not forget the great help Obama got from "conservatives" like Chris Christie and Colin Powell. I think Romney hit the nail on the head when he said it's hard to compete with Santa Claus . . . and I think it may get harder and harder as more and more people gravitate to handouts and government goodies, and we continue to basically ignore little incidentals like the nearly $17,000,000,000,000 official immediate Federal deficit. The same thing basically happened to Rome . . . no border control, devalued currency, importing cheap labor, reliance on the government, trying to police the known world, a spectator society . . . we're just repeating the same process.

Eagle, ID

@My house was stolen: Economic failure doesn't happen in a vacuum. The Republicans weren't in power long enough to be the sole cause of the 2008 collapse. If you were at all objectively or intellectually honest in your assessment of what caused the collapse, you would know that those from both political camps share the blame. And, if we were all honest, the people as a whole would own up to their contribution. The current prosperity trend is on a negative slope no matter which way the data is sliced. We can keep going on this polarizing notion that any one party has all the answers, or we can come together to hammer out viable solutions. Note that any viable option will require sacrifice and pain from all levels of the socio-economic strata.

Freeland, WA

I am thrilled that Mitt Romney lost. He was so wrong for the country. He tried to buy the election and the right man won. Obama is the peoples' president. I love the fact that Obama is president.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

He had an uphill battle! He had the Dems against him as well as the media. See Candy Crowley as moderator. She starts to argue with Mitt. Turns out she and Obama were wrong, liar on Obama's part. And all the scandals. Thats what the country voted for now they have to deal with the mess.

Now the very constituency that elected Obama will have to pay for their decision. The young with higher insurance premiums. The blacks with their increasingly high unemployment rates....add to that the illegal immigration plan.....taking even more jobs from this ethnic group.

Eagle, ID

@Moniker: My point is that there is plenty of shame to go around. This juvenile back and forth blame game is a joke. The current system is failing because both sides of the 2 main political parties are only out to gain and maintain power, not for the people's sake, but to retain power, influence, and prosperity for themselves.

By the way, more on topic to this comment thread, I do believe that Mitt was/is out of touch with the average Joe's plight. However, I 100% believe he would have been a good President - better than the current. Interesting how Obama can take all these exotic family vacations and golf outings (costing millions) and no one questions whether he is or isn't out of touch with the working poor.

Cottonwood, CA

Mitt is a victim of his own shifting principles, his foot in mouth disease and his detachment from the average person. I am a conservative and he made me cringe regularly. Too much resemblance to thurston Howell 111

Cedar Hills, UT

@Buffalo Burt - apparently you know Mitt Romney far better than everyone who knows him personally. I would wager that he demonstrated far, far, more compassion for the less fortunate, as measured by total charitable contributions, percentage of income to charitable contributions, and amount of personal time serving others, than you, and it's a joke to make the same comparison to Obama, who's all talk. Obama's version of caring for the poor is to make sure everyone else does it through taxes. Your comments are a false portrayal of a very good man, and a bad example for Mormons.

Mcallen, TX

Most people voted on feeling rather than knowing the facts.

Not even Abraham Lincoln, or George Washington would have won.

Our people, are not very educated. The condition of our economy, and quality of our political leaders are proof.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Romney lost because he was too moderate/bland. For example: When Romney was confronted about Chick-fil-a he merely said it was not part of his campaign: alienating conservatives AND liberals who value free speech.

his base stayed home because Romney was too wimpy to fight a blatant bully.

Sugar City, ID

Romney was obviously the best candidate to thinking people. Romney's problem: He overestimated the intelligence of the average American.

Salt Lake, UT

Everyone votes for the candidate who they feel will best improve their situation. Those who own businesses are going to vote for the guy who will give them tax breaks. Those on welfare will vote for the guy who will continue the welfare. Those who pay taxes will vote for the guy who will lower the amount they pay. I find it odd when people judge others for voting for a candidate whose policies and platforms would directly benefit them when they do exactly the same thing. We truly have become a society of hypocrites.

Cedar City, UT

@Counter Intelligence

It is sad that we have to reduce the process of electing a president down to whether or not he supports a boycott of a fast food restaurant.

But you are not the only one, and it is a problem not only confined to one party. The problem with the political system is not the politicians but "the people" who put them there based on trivial, irrelevant, and nonsensical reasoning.

Unless the voting bloc of this country increases with a number of independent, fair-minded, reasonable individuals not easily swayed by the ideological extremes, then heaven help us all.

Neotsu, OR

So tired of the mindset demonstrated on here from the far left segment of SLC and from the Entitlement Crowd in the nearly bankrupt state of California...

There's even a few from places like AZ that sound ridiculous... "Romney wasn't qualified"?... "Be gracious in defeat and don't blame the loss on the Freebee Club"?... "Obama will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in America"?... Are you kidding?

I believe that all of this could be solved if this Country was ran a little more like a Business... and less like a Donation Distribution Depot...

In Business you have to be a Share Holder to Vote (meaning you have to buy or own stock to have a voice)... In America, one should be a Paying Taxpayer to vote (if you don't pay taxes or at least file returns, you shouldn't be able to decide America's future, plain and simple)... That would keep the freeloaders from making decisions that Taxpayers have to live with... And it would also keep Government focused on making it easier for Businesses to be successful and creating a friendly environment for REAL JOB GROWTH.

Elaine Douglass
Grand, UT

I have to wonder why people like Spencer Zwick make so much money when they know SO little. R lost, according to this character, because "people didn't know the stories about R being a devoted family man, friend, and church member," AND because "voters are more interested in what govt can do for them."

What baloney! Romney lost because everybody could see exactly who he represents: Big money, pure and simple, nothing more.

It's so simple and easy to understand, but people like Zwick will never, apparently, get it.

We live in a country where wealthy people, big business and the military have captured the organs of govt and bent them to their interests. Romney would have made that problem worse. So simple and easy to understand. . .

Jemez Springs, NM

Our problem is our Constitution. No matter who gets elected, we pay.

New to Utah

As a poster who has actually participated in state level elections and understand tactics. The 2012 election takes the cake for the most calculated and dishonest in my lifetime. This applies mostly to Democrats,the Obama campaign and the mainstream newsmedia.Honestly I do not know if Obama was elected in any degree of fairness. This election has to be scrutinized. If the presidents chief counsel was using the IRS and liberal partisan democrats to target and prevent conservatives from participating then we have a serious constitutional crisis and many people should be fired.If in fact the FEC was running interference to prevent the vote that happened in 2010 and the news media was participating we have to get to the bottom of it. There are very serious allegations of collusion and massive intimidation of Tea Party and conservative groups this is not phony as Obama and the mainstream media wants us to believe. It is literally not abiding by the constitutional principles that our coutry was founded on.

Idaho Falls, ID

With guys like Zwick running Republican campaigns, the Democrats will always win. Until the Republicons learn to connect with real people instead of legal entities (corporations), the Democrats will keep creaming the 'cons.

Silver Spring, MD

"I believe that all of this could be solved if this Country was ran a little more like a Business"

With respect, I believe that's exactly what we don't want or need.

The government is not a business. It is not motivated by profit.

One of the primary roles of government is to fulfill functions that are not profitable-- but are necessary. Government takes on the functions that need to be done-- but which business isn't about to tackle since they are not profitable.

A President who doesn't get that is going to exacerbate the problems we already have.

Idaho Falls, ID

Mitt Romney is a money changer. They are as unpopular today as they were in Biblical times.

Everett, 00

Just finished re-read all 101 comments thus far --

Gotta love it!

The best comments [that made me LOL] are those Republicans who insist that Romney lost because he wasn't Conservative enough, too moderate, and was too much like Pres. Obama.

We can thank the Archie Bunkers on the radio --
Rush, Sean, and Glenn for destroying whatever was left of the once great GOP.

BTW - Hillary is a shoe-in already.

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