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Published: Saturday, Aug. 10 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

It's clear that the Romney supporters are still wailing and gnashing their teeth.

Romney lied over and over, and when called on it, he just repeated the lies again.

I would never trust Romney to be in such a position of power. Ever.

Everett, 00

I LIKE all the Mitt Romney stories the Deseret News runs.

It's like listening to Southern rednecks whine about the Civil War 150 years later.

"The South will rise again!"

Riverdale, UT

@moniker lewinsky

'Trying to keep poor, disenfranchised, "urban" people from voting? DESPERATE! Maybe for the next four years, spend time trying to develop better policies instead of trying to figure out how to keep the Democrats from voting.'

Where in the world did you come up with THAT one! Perhaps it was because conservatives tried to do something about the voter fraud the democrats conducted? Such as, many districts where MORE THAN 100% of the registered democrats voted! How can there be more votes than people if there wasn't fraud?

'I will say, though, that if Republicans continue to declare war against women, there will be more of this in the future.'

I seriously doubt there was any war except in the minds of his opponents. It is more that he believes in a tradtional family with men and women having traditional roles. This is not a war against women; it is only something different from your beliefs, so in what has become typical liberal dialog, you exaggarate the concepts and facts.

I am not a Republican, so I can agree that they better make some big changes. I hope another conservative party emerges before it is too late.

Sandy, UT

Republicans have to stop saying that people who voted for Obama wanted freebies or something stupid like that. It will never get the republican party anywhere.

We are in a recession and in times like these government programs get used more but I have never met one person who was living the high life while receiving food stamps, unemployment, etc. They all would of preferred going to work and earning a good living but sometimes bad things happen to good hard working people.

There isn't really a reason to bring them down more than they are.

Riverdale, UT

I have a question for the people here:

It seems to me that for the most part, the things which liberals/progressives bring up against Romney with such vigor and conviction are precisely the things Obama chose to emphasize when he would give his many hate speeches during the campaign. I believe he did that to keep people from examining his record and especially, from examining the events in Libya which were obviously something very important which has been covered up and will probably stay buried.

The various complaints against Romney had some merit, but generally, people mostly seem to merely be recounting things that Obama told them to think when he spoke to them. He didn't seem to feel he should provide evidence to support his claims; he merely made broad, very distorted and often completely false statements to make Romney look like a man Hitler would fear. I believe most of what is being tossed about here was fabricated by Obama's campaign and put on the teleprompter for Obama to read - with style, of course. Am I alone in this belief, or did anyone here notice that?

New Canaan, CT

You keep running inside stories on why Romney lost. It is time to leave it alone. He lost and revisiting the whys won't change it.

St.George, Utah

It appears that many DN followers continue to forget that Mr. Romney did not want to run for the office of President of the United States.
HIS FAMILY had to talk him into it.
History, psychology, common sense have shown each and every one of us what will happen when someone is talked into something they really do NOT want to do.
Not to mention when that something is very, very difficult......the most difficult job on the planet.

My house was stolen
Roy , UT

Under the republican watch our economy failed and many lost everything. Jobs and homes were lost in the great recession. The problem here for many who had lost their homes and jobs as they fought to keep some assemblance of self respect, Romney comes along spouting more foreclosures and telling the country 47% are getting a free ride. About one third of this state has not been affected by this economy. Romney is certainly in that percentage. Romney spouted with his running mate you will get free stuff if you vote for Obama. Hey Mr.47%; where is my "free stuff"?

usa, MA

While he was governor here in Massachusetts, too many, including me, thought that what he did as Governor was from total self-interest not what was good for the state. He gave us health care, not for the good of the people but to enhance his presidential platform. When a better job opportunity came along and he ditched the state and went for it. He left the state in the hands of his Lt. Governor who was far from an asset. Romney saw himself as President, and so everything, and everyone else was thrown to the side of the road.
He worked so hard to bring healthcare to Massachusetts, saying how good it would be for the state. He now says the same thing would be very bad for the country. There is no way to reconcile this about face. His healthcare plan is working so very well in Massachusetts. Now, how can I trust his words or judgment after that. It was much more than his party of choice, or mistakes in his campaign, that lost him the last presidential vote in Massachusetts. We knew him too well.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...Deseret News headline, August 10, 2101: "Last Living Voter From 2012 Explains What Went Wrong in Romney Campaign"...".

At the time of this comment 11:30 AM, I have read every comment (71 comments).

My absolute favorite comment is the one above.


Which Romney?

Confused in AZ
Chandler, AZ

Personally, and as a member of the LDS Church, too- I think Romney lost because of a certain sense of entitlement that he seemed to exude. Voters thought they would be looked over and left out with him as President. It seems to be the wealthy, greed factor that lost it for him when he was video'd making such negative remarks at a meeting. That sunk his boat. If his staff thought he would have won had voters known him better- why did they not work harder at enhancing his positives? No excuses. Bitter grapes taste especially bad. Be graceful losers- it has been nearly a year, for heaven sake!

Mcallen, TX

It's not what Romney did wrong. It's a gullible public.

Kearns, UT

Another reason Romney lost.... Paul Ryan. the Romney/Ryan plan would have gutted Social Security and Medicare. Every thinking person could see that. Romney/Ryan & Co. promised to repeal the Patients' Protection and Affordable Care Act; and didn't offer any viable solution to replace it. Wealthy Republican Conservatives still don't understand that it costs too much for working-class middle-income Americans to see a doctor. If Contemporary American Conservatives would understand that and come up with a way to reverse the increase in the cost to see a doctor they would have a larger majority of the vote. About entitlements: they are called entitlements because they've been paid for. When you pay for something you gain title to it and become "entitled" to it. Working-class middle-income Americans pay for entitlement programs through payroll deductions and quarterly remittances. There is no such thing as a "government give-away"! It's our money, and the government is merely a vehicle through which we allow our representatives to administer the programs we as a nation have decided we want.

Eden, UT

He lost because Obama received more votes. Why make it complicated, He didn't win because he didn't have enough votes.

Durham, NC

Worf.... keep telling yourself that....

"Obama chose to emphasize when he would give his many hate speeches during the campaign."

@kosimov.... Can you please give an example of said "hate" speech? I don't recall any more hate speech coming from one camp or another. Disagreeing.... does not make it hate speech.

"...made broad, very distorted and often completely false statements to make Romney look like a man Hitler would fear"

It just isn't too hard to come up with quotes where Romney supporters came right now and claimed Obama and Hitler were one in the same... Is saying Romney's business practices put people out of work... well that is an established fact, just like Romney's claims that he also created jobs. It is quite fair for both men to make these comments... because they are both true.

This seems to be one of those cases where the fans hate their guys opponents much more than the actual opponents hated each other... if at all. It was radio and TV host in their analysis that flamed the rhetoric, for ratings. Shame on the public for buying into this ratings game baiting that was going on.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

Does anybody know how many documented cases there have been of voter fraud in the past years? Not many. If the law in a particular state is that ID is not required, ID IS NOT REQUIRED. Go ahead and lobby to change the law if you would like. But misrepresenting the law (as was done in many states) is not right. This is especially so in cases where it was already adjudicated that ID was NOT required.
Furthermore, the efforts to keep "urban" people from voting went far beyond asking for ID. In many states where the polls were already packed, early voting days were eliminated. Steep fines and very strict regulations were implemented that made voter registration drives too risky for people to conduct. If you think this was about trying to crack down on voter fraud, you are really kidding yourself. Do some research because it went WAY beyond that. It wasn't even subtle. It was SHAMELESS.

Buffalo Burt
Ephraim, UT

"Zwick's father, Elder W. Craig Zwick, is a member of the LDS Church's First Quorum of the Seventy." Romney is a "devoted family man, friend and church member" and "(the church) shaped how he raises his kids and his moral values" - if not intentional, leave the impression that Zwick and Romney are saintly and righteous merely because of proximity to the church and that they almost represent the church on the national stage as crusaders for Mormon standards. Rather Romney represented disdain for the poor and an inability to empathize with how underprivileged American's live and what they expect from government. Examples: Romney says go ask your parents for a college loan - most parents are struggling to just support themselves. There is also of course the 47% comment, and defending Limbaugh’s and Trump’s comments. Romney campaign was hypocritical. Zwick says the problem is voters were more interested in what government could do for them. Romney’s tax plan would have cut his own taxes. He pays at most 15% in taxes. Selfishness is not a virtue. He projects his own “sins” on to the poor. He’s a bad example for Mormons.

Gregory Hill
Richboro, PA

Mitt, and even moreso Jon Huntsman, should not have pursued this campaign. The Republican Party is not a hospitable place for sensible moderates these days, and Mitt came across as inauthentic because he abandoned the moderate to liberal principles he, his father and his mother had embodied for so many years in quite a large body of political campaigns. I hear from a Romney insider that Mitt is more of a pragmatist than an ideologue, but that explanation eventually does not satisfy. The changes were too stark, to jarring, and covered too many important issues.

sandy, UT

“I think if people could have seen and understood Mitt Romney the man, he would be the commander in chief today. There’s no doubt in my mind." Mr Zwick.

"I think if Mitt Romney could have seen and understood Mitt Romney the man, he would be the commander in chief today"! Kolob 1

When is Zwick going to admit that he used donor's money to raise money for their new investment scheme (Solamere) starring him and Tagg Romney?

Mr. Bean
Pheonix, AZ

"Instead, we reelected Santa."

You gotta promise free stuff to the voter if you wanna get elected in this country. And not just for a few voters. You gotta do it for the masses. Democrats learned that lesson long ago. The Republicans have never learned it. Instead they think Americans should not be looking for handouts but should be out their working for a living. That will never work with a nation full of essentially lazy folk.

And now, for the next person to win the White House they must kowtow to the Hispanic vote. Immigration (illegal and otherwise) over the past decades has resulted in Hispanics becoming an ethnic group with clout. Disconcerting too. It means they can start calling the shots as we have seen in the last presidential election. The countries to our south are Hispanic. Once they detect amnesty is available for free those countries will empty out and we will have hundreds of millions on our doorstep with their collective hands out.

It's not too late to learn Spanish. It'll be needed a few short years.

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