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Published: Saturday, Aug. 10 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Everett, 00

A year later -- the Romney crowd STILL hasn't gotten over it.

Flip and Flop...

That's why Mitt lost,
the sooner you admit it, the sooner you can deal with it.

The Judge
Kaysville, UT

Laura Ann,

Very perceptive comment. Were Pres. Obama applying for a secret service job, his background would disqualify him from being hired. Yet 51% of the country voted for the guy.

Springville, UT

No message. Flip flopped. No backbone (couldn't stand up to the Tea Party). Out of touch with America. Secretive. Better opponent. These are some of the reasons. It's not that complicated.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

MT&P Layton UT -

That was real cute.

And what we got was Barack Hussein Obama who hates the U.S. Constitution - a one man wrecking machine doing all he can, and a very good job at that, to "fundamentally change" and destroy this country with his radical socialist agenda who wants control over every individual and control over society.

During the health-care debate, Obama claimed that "no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the the American people: if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what."

This was/is a total lie.

We now know from recent current polling and research that 30% of employers will most likely STOP offering health care in the years after 2014, once the "Affordable" Health Care Act is fully implemented.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

All of you experts and pundits want to criticize Romney's "campaign" and what he did "wrong".

The truth is - even the Republican establishment did not want him elected, because THEY all knew Romney would do everything in his power to clean house which would have included most of the good ol' boys in the Republican power structure. Therefore, they did not get behind what would have been the best President since Ronald Reagan.

Sorry times for America.

South Jordan, UT

If this is the best analysis that the republicans can do as far are understanding why they lost the election -- that it was about people wanting too much free stuff from the government then I think that the repubs may not win a presidential election for a long long long time! They lost due to the issues and where they stood on them. they lost because they pummeled each other in ridiculous primary debates--where it was a rush to the far right as fast and as hard as they could go! They lost because all we heard was a praising of the old tired Reagan mantra of "trickle down" and 'government is the enemy etc etc... Well things haven't trickled -- the corporations and special interests and investment bankers and everything set up to maximize their profits and minimize their outgo... . Hedge fund managers get to day trade with borrowed money and still claim the long term tax rate on their trades.. Why is that??? Its a rich man's game and you, average Joe, don't have a seat at the table, not at all - and especially if Romney would have won!


Yet another article about why Romney lost. The election is now 9 months in the past. Nothing is going to change the outcome. Why are we still talking about it?

Deseret News headline, August 10, 2101: "Last Living Voter From 2012 Explains What Went Wrong in Romney Campaign"

Eugene, OR

Another why-Romney-lost article and a brand new volley of whining, excuses, and name calling.

If Republicans want to go on losing presidential elections, this is certainly the way to do it.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

A billion dollars (minus 5% to Zwickau and other fundraisers) could not convince the electorate? I wanted Mitt to,win, but he lacked passion and a strong image, but then, his campaign advisors had neither. A very poor campaign indeed. Like the Republican establishment in Congress today, Mitt did not want to fight and take on the democrats.

South Jordan, UT

I, in no way meant to express that Social Security is a freebie! Those of us who have worked hard all our lives have earned the right to collect Social Security. Every penny of it, in fact!

I, however, personally do not think SS benefits should be paid to people who haven't earned them and simply walked across the border into our great country and expect us to take care of them. I think that the current "advertising" for people to sign up for food stamps is disgraceful. I am sick and tired of having people who could work, are living on the dole, and receiving free cell phones, etc. These qualify, in my estimation, as freebies. It is also the way to "buy" votes in coming elections.

I realize that there are many good people who cannot find jobs now. They should not give up looking, however. Collecting unemployment benefits should be a temporary fix.

Where is the America where I grew up that taught people to be self-reliant and hard working? Have we become so slothful that we look to government to take care of us? Where is our honor and dignity?

Lincoln City, OR

What was Jerusalem like when Lehi packed it up and left for the America's??? This country's state of affairs can't be a whole lot different than Lehi's old Jerusalem... So now what??? Where do we go next?


The "flip-flopper" label was and is just as inaccurate as many of the other labels and perceptions that were applied to Mitt Romney. What he apparently understood and practiced is that government must govern people as they are, not as one might wish they were. Here is where many of the right-wing groups get in trouble: they insist on using government as a weapon to force people to live according to conservative ideals. That's poor government, and Romney understood that. I just wish he had been able to articulate it. It doesn't mean he doesn't believe in conservative principles. It means he knows how to govern.

I think he lost because Democrats - and Republicans, to some extent - were successful at creating a false perception of who he is. There's no doubt he would have been a great president. I wish we could talk him into running again, but it's hard to ask people as decent as the Romneys to sacrifice so much and to subject himself to so much abuse.

Danbury, CT

At this point, who really cares except for a few people in Utah? Truth is I know the Romneys and they are great people but Mitt did NOT explain well enough to ME why he should be president. I heard more about how bad Obama is, but not a lot of specifics on how Mitt would govern. I think he could have done an awesome job scrutinizing and reforming the way our government works but this is all moot. Let it go, D-News...no more stories on Mitt, please.

And I'd love to hear why Zwick was qualified to be Romney's aide and join this wealth-creating private equity firm, besides being the son of a GA. Who is Zwick?

Sitka, AK

How many times are the same old excuses going to be rehashed? If republicans ever want to win another major election, they had better address the issues instead of just thinking they are right on everything and then being dumbfounded and surprised when they lose.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

I didn't vote for Mitt because of his policies. I didn't vote for him because of the callousness he showed toward the working poor. It's great to hear stories about how he was willing to help people in his ward or close to his inner circle. But the fact is that there are countless Americans who need the president to implement policies that will protect them because they don't hang in wealthy, privileged circles.
Romney losing was not some freak accident. It would not have been avoided with a better campaign, but with better POLICIES. And he waffled way too much.
I will say, though, that if Republicans continue to declare war against women, there will be more of this in the future. 2012 was a very embarrassing year for the Republican party in general. Trying to keep poor, disenfranchised, "urban" people from voting? DESPERATE! Maybe for the next four years, spend time trying to develop better policies instead of trying to figure out how to keep the Democrats from voting.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

So eastcoastcoug, since you know the Romneys and what great people they are, you wanted Mitt to tell you what exactly he would do and yet you knew what 0bama was doing to this country?
I guess I don't understand. As someone said he is/was a "boy scout!" He loves this country, he loves the constitution, he loves God & his family (& not necessarily in that order).
If you knew/know him, you know his history about saving companies/giving to the poor/helping people who needed his help (all without touting his own horn) For heaven's sakes, he turned around the Olympics and left it with a surplus!
And I'm happy to hear about him and his family any time the des news wants to write a story.
BTW, the home the 0bama's are staying in in Hawaii is owned by a millionaire who has a company like the one Romney had. Hear any nasty stories about him? No he's an 0 supporter!

Lincoln City, OR


I'm not a Utah guy... I live half the year in Oregon and half the year in Texas and I am still depressed because this Constituency of ours chosiing a guy who had proven he knew nothing about running a country with the World's largest Economy and he still proves it everyday... His stats are horrible and quite frankly that should have been enough for the ADULTS in the room to vote for Romney.

From your comments it's clear to me that you didn't know the Romneys and you especially didn't know MItt, and I'd wager a paycheck that he has never heard of you.

It also appears that you really didn't follow the campaign or the election very close because there is no one in the Primaries, and certainly not Obama that was as detailed as Romney in describing how he would Preside over this country... Alot of that Leadership dealt with dumping Obama programs that are going to financially bring this country to its knees.

I'd love to see an Article on Romney's 2012 run for the Whit House every week... Don't like them? Don't read them.

Eagle, ID

@Kaotic. Regardless of the wars and associated costs, this economy should be much further along in recovery by now. So many more things than 2 wars hit the economy and put us, and is keeping us, in this mess. And those things weren't primarily Bush caused; there's plenty at fault on both sides of the political aisle. Take the blinders off and stop attributing the current mess to Bush. By the way, Social Security wasn't meant to be an entitlement, but it is becoming such. If those who put into the SS system would have been able to invest those $s in low risk securities, they would have more than enough to retire upon. As it is, the system is broken and many will not receive anything near what they put into it.

Clearfield, UT

Obama buying votes by promising free stuff to everyone. Really. How many remember receiving a stimulus check in the mail. Which president was that? Sure wasn't Obama. As a Republican I am sick and tired of all the lame excuses for Romney loosing. And please stop insinuating that the poor all lazy and just want to sit on the couch and collect welfare. As far as free cell phones my understanding is that is mostly local governments doing that.

Lincoln City, OR

@Henry Drummond from SJ CALIFORNIA... Home of the most liberal politicians in America...

So Romney was a "Flip Flopper"?... A "Candidate with two faces"?...You never knew who he was?...

What a very old, trite, and tired line... Yet it is the first one thrown out by the folks from California who have proven that they don't know what "Fiscal Responsibility" means, or what "Good Family Values" mean... A state with world class capability that will probably soon go bankrupt under the Obama Entitlement Economy...

I'm curious as to what you thought that he was on both sides of the fence about???

Abortion? His position was pretty clear and consistent to me (Didn't support it except in cases of incest, rape, or Mother's Physical Health).

Obamacare vs Romneycare??? One is a State's right the other is not... One mandates capitalism the other one wants to take it away... One the Government runs, the other the Individual runs.

Guns... An individual's right unless we are talking about Bazookas and sub-machine guns.

What else you got??? You like folks in office with the values of Feinstein, Pelosi and Obama? That's what you got.

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