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Published: Wednesday, May 1 2013 5:50 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT


"During the BCS era:

36% of Utah’s bowl opponents were ranked in the AP top 25
55% in the AP top 30"

You're not even close; cite the teams and AP rankings of each Utah bowl opponent since 1998.

The average and individual Sagarin rankings prove that your AP percentages are way off:

Utah - 45 (54,37,51,55,41,65,74,6,46,6,56)

Murray, UT


You didn't offer any evidence. Please put your evidence on the table and confirm it with the admissions office of each school you cite. If BYU's admission requirements are so tough then student athletes should find no problem navigating the course work to a degree. I earned a BA at Utah and a Masters at BYU and I found no difference in the level of difficulty in my courses between Utah and BYU.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

"Our preseason hype last season was misguided, and the Utes' lack of depth was exposed. It takes time to build not only a starting lineup that can win in the Pac-12, but also the depth behind those starters. The facility upgrades are a good step in the right direction."

It's laughable the changes in narrative Utah fans have had since joining the PAC.

Five years ago, after beating Alabama, Utah fans were beating their chests and claiming that Utah could play with anybody.

Three years ago, Utah fans were claiming that Utah would be playing in the Rose Bowl soon than later.

Today, Utah fans have accepted reality that Utah simply isn't competitive, but claiming that new facilities are going to propel the Utes to the top of the conference in the very near future.

Total spin.

The truth is, the PAC 12 big boys are also improving their facilities and there is no incremental advantage for Utah. Utah will NEVER be able to out recruit USC, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, and Arizona State on a regular basis.

It's all talk; but no walk.


It's unbelievable how some BYU fans can come onto an article on Ute football and somehow try to raise an argument concerning the Utes' domination over BYU's program concerning sending players to the NFL. Utah has 31 players currently on NFL rosters as opposed to BYU's 13. Every other topic, such as Sagarin ratings, college admittance scores, etc. are totally irrelevant and has nothing to do with the topic.

Utah is sending more than twice the players to the NFL than BYU. Advantage Utah. Period.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lots of comments from a midmajor school. Jealous much?

East Salt Lake City, Utah


You're not even close; cite the teams and AP rankings of each Utah bowl opponent since 1998.


Here you go.

Top AP 35 Bowl Opponents in BCS era (pre and post bowl game AP rankings):

2003: Utah 17 Southern Miss 0 (AP #28 - final AP #42)
2004: Utah 35 Pitt 7 (#19 - #25)
2005: Utah 38 GTech 10 (#24 - unranked)
2008: Utah 31 Bama 17 (#4 - #6)
2010: Utah 3 Boise 26 (#10 - #9)
2011: Utah 30 GTech 27 (#30 - unranked)

1999: BYU 3 Marshall 21 (AP #11 - final AP #10)
2001: BYU 10 Louisville 28 (#23 - #17)
2005: BYU 28 Cal 35 (#31 - #25)
2009: BYU 44 OSU 20 (#16 - #27)
2011: BYU 24 Tulsa 21 (#34 - unranked)
2012: BYU 23 SDSU 3 (#30 - unranked)

Glad to help.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


Nice try, but FINAL rankings are the ONLY rankings that count.

BYU beat then #3-ranked Pittsburgh to open the 1984 season and beat then #3-ranked Oklahoma to open the 2009 season, yet nobody considers either of those opponents a ranked opponent.

It doesn't matter when you drop out of the rankings; you're either ranked in the final rankings or you're not.

It's laughable that Utah fans compare SOS for the entire season, yet try to pull a fast one when comparing bowl opponents.

Salt Lake City, UT

There are lies, darned lies, and statistics.
Mark Twain

The thing none of these statistics does is show what school/coaching staff does the best job of INCREASING a prospects chances of being drafted, or of winning, for that matter.

In the Lavell Edwards era, San Diego regularly put more players into the NFL, and rarely beat BYU. USC puts more players into the NFL. How do their NFL placements compare to their recruiting (according to the beloved ranking systems) and their W/L record? What school does the best/worst job at winning given the talent they have? (I'm going to guess Boise State ranks highly there.)

Dig a little deeper, Rock.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


From what I can find on academics...

Utah 2011 - Academic Rankings:

Rank Category -Ranking Institution

8 Nursing (Midwifery) -U.S. News & World Report (USNWR)
5 Family Medicine -USNWR
9 Physical Therapy -USNWR
16 Pharmacy -USNWR
21 City & Metropolitan Planning - Academic Analytics
22 Biomedical/Bioengineering -USNWR
22 Accounting - Public Accounting Report (PAR)
26 Medical School for Primary Care -USNWR
30 Science -USNWR
30 Mathematics -USNWR
36 Nursing -USNWR
36 Chemistry -USNWR
36 Audiology -USNWR
39 Computer Sciences -USNWR
42 Law -USNWR
44 David Eccles School of Business -USNWR
45 Earth Sciences -USNWR
53 Chemical Engineering -USNWR
53 Electrical/Electronic/Communications Engineering -USNWR
53 College of Social Work -USNWR
54 Medical School for Research -USNWR
56 Biology -USNWR
57 Clinical Psychology -USNWR
60 College of Engineering -USNWR
63 Physics -USNWR


I can go on but I think you get the point.

All I could find from BYU's own website was:

#3 Accounting -Wall Street Journal
#4 Entrepreneurship -Entrepreneur
#5 Public Relations Program -PR Week Magazine
#11/#34 Undergraduate business programs -Bloomberg/USNWR
#16/#33 MBA -Forbes/USNWR
#42 Law School -USNWR
#59 Mechanical engineering specialty -USNWR

Salt Lake City, UT


What I got out of that was that BYU outranks Utah by 33 places in business schools, 19 places in accounting schools, is even in law schools. What I learned elsewhere is BYU is #10 in sending students to medical school, and I'm confident that many of Utah's medical school rankings are very much elevated by BYU grads. :-)

Salt Lake City, UT


So when BYU has a better record than Utah against a weaker SOS, it's not because BYU was better, it's because BYU played a weaker schedule.

But, when Utah has a better bowl record than BYU against weaker opponents, it's not because Utah played weaker opponents, it's because Utah was better.

Gotta laugh at the inconsistent spin from the hill.

What your analysis fails completely to answer is how BYU can LOSE a bowl game, but still be ranked, while Utah can WIN a bowl game, but still be unranked.

AP Top 25 Finishes during the BCS era

Utah 4

Bronco has had as many AP Top 25 finishes in the last 7 years (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), as Utah has had during the entire BCS era.

Obviously, the rest of the country isn't nearly as impressed with Utah's "amazing" bowl record as the kids on the hill.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Oh, the jealousy from BYU fans is so thick on this board you can cut it with a knife.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Mormon Ute

What jealousy?

That having a bunch of NFL players still hasn't helped U finish in the Top 25, beat a single PAC team with a winning record, or even beat the only WAC team on your schedule to qualify for a bowl?

Is that what we're supposed to be jealous of?

West Jordan, UT

Too bad that much of those NFL spots from Utah came as a result of Urban Meyer's coaching or recruiting. That season has passed, my friends. It is no different than BYU bragging about Steve Young's career in the NFL. If you want to brag about people you put in the NFL, show your efforts, not the success of your predecessor.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


And from this article you learned that BYU is equivalent to Washington State in sending players to the NFL.


The argument wasn't about final rankings. A known Ute hater continues to argue from one article to another that Utah has played "mediocre bowl teams". Which is wrong. His own team has played a weaker opponents and has gone 6-5 compared to Utah at 10-1.

Apparently you haven't been paying attention:

* CBS Sports was impressed last decade: Utah #10 (BYU #27)
* Tennessee, Miami, and ASU were impressed: Kyle Whittingham was a candidate for the open coaching positions

In the BCS era, BYU has then no undefeated seasons, no BCS bowl games and most importantly "no BCS Bowl game wins", less NFL talent, and tanking class rankings.

Thankfully, you still turn out memorable slogans: "Quest for Perfection", "Band of Brothers", "Tradition, Sprit, Honor".

@ExecutorIoh: "Too bad that much of those NFL spots from Utah came as a result of Urban Meyer's coaching or recruiting."

What a lazy comment, not even worth debating. Take your time to research and then try again.

Iowa City, IA

Congrats to Utah. I hope they are thanking Urban Myer. The pro period is cooling off for them. Last year only two players were drafted, BYU 1 and that's because Van Noy decided to stay.

No doubt Utah has had a decade of success but it is fading. Especially if they have another losing season.

Bountiful, UT

CougFaninTX - Is the goal of a college education to get a job upon graduation or to get good grades while you are in school? Just curious.

Salt Lake City, UT

LonestarRunner: "Obviously, the rest of the country isn't nearly as impressed with Utah's "amazing" bowl record as the kids on the hill."

The PAC12 presidents and Larry Scott disagree. It's gonna be hysterical when the D4 is formed and BYU is left out in the cold forever.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Has the banter seriously turned to who has more players in the NFL? At the end of the day, the U has beaten the Y 3 years in a row and 7 out of 10. Nuff said. As a BYU fan, that's the only thing that matters year over year. BYU has to win this year or it will be a decade of futility against our rival.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah


in the past 3-4 years USU has equaled or beat every other school in the state for Players DRAFTED!

Go Aggies.

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