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Published: Wednesday, May 1 2013 5:50 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

That Utah has that many players in the NFL, mostly from their time in the MWC is a testament to smart recruiting, coaching and player development. That's a big part of how Utah got to the PAC to begin with.

The first couple of years in the new conference have been a wakeup call, but there has been a bump in recruiting from being in the PAC, and the biggest difference now is greater depth.

The Utes should be able to get back to a bowl game this year and do a little better in the PAC, but I don't think anyone's under the delusion that we're going to run the table anytime soon. Almost nobody does that in the PAC, it's a brutally competitive league.

The team's very young, the schedule got tougher this year, but the team should rebound a bit from last year's struggles.

West of I15, UT

@atrix...."How does BYU find success without all the NFL talent? It must come down to the coaching and teamwork aspect of football."

You can't be serious or are you serious? If so thanks for giving me a good laugh. How does BYU find success......LOL it's been 3 decades since they have had any success. They can never do any better than the vegas bowl or the kraft fight hunger nobody cares bowl. Then they lose about half of those....Let us know Atrix when the Y actually does have some succes. If Bronco wants he could probaly make the short drive up to have Kyle mentor him on how to take a team to a BCS bowl, win it, go undefeated and send several players to the next level.

Salt Lake City, UT

Get over yourselves.....utah has had a run, but nothing like BYU in the 70-80's.........and the big names speak for themselves!

Ute fans are worried going forward and for good reason.......sub 500 for the next 3 years will make the Utes reminiscent of the 70's and empty the stands. USU is better than UTES this year.

Murray, UT

"Perhaps BYU and USU players with equal talent have priorities other than pro football upon graduation?"


Highland, UT


"Over the last 10 years, 90% have been winning seasons and bowl wins."

Nope. Redo your math.

West Point , UT

Are you trying to say that going 7-11 with as much or more NFL talent than other PAC12 schools isn't frustrating for you? You're a better man than me. It would be frustrating to me. Do not mistake me for a ute hater, I'm not. Utah's lack of production isn't something I sneer about or want to happen. It something I find puzzling. And it isn't just 1 yr...7-11, predictions at another sub .500 season this yr in the PAC12. This is Utah's 4th recruiting class after announcing the jump to the PAC12 and 3rd yr on the field against the PAC12. At what point do Utah fans say, ok adjustment period over, we want to see wins, especially against teams with winning records?

Frisco, TX

I'm confused, is the goal of college football to get players in the NFL, or is it to win games?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching BYU players like Collie and Pitta and even Utah's Weddle play on Sunday, because I know them from their college days. But ultimately I'd rather see BYU with 10+ wins (against a decent schedule like they have they next few years) and no drafted players, than I would to see them go 5 - 7, sitting home in December, with several players drafted.

Frankly, I'm pleased that both BYU and Utah have graduated from the MWC. But neither team will get respect as a top tier program until they start winning 10+ games consistently and knocking off some powerhouse programs. Utah's last big win was against Alabama, and BYU's last big win was against Oklahoma.

I believe if you survey football fans in general, outside of Utah and Idaho, and asked if BYU, Boise St or Utah has the best football program, Boise State would win by a landslide.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Steven S Jarvis ...

re: "Utah puts way more heart and passion into that game than BYU"

This doesn't jive with everything we've been hearing from BYU players in the past year. Van Noy has led people to believe that getting a chance to finally beat Utah is the main reason he came back ... same for Hoffman. Not to mention the recent interviews where players were asked what the biggest game on their schedule was ... Van Noy's answer? "You know which game it is." To which the reporter said, "Utah?" and Van Noy replied, "Absolutely!"

So enough with the excuse that BYU just doesn't try as hard. You've got to admit, that's the weakest excuse for a loss in the entire book of excuses. Pretty sad if your team doesn't give it's all no matter who the opponent is.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Duckhunter is correct, the number is no 90%.

Utah has won a bowl game 8 of the past 10 seasons. Utah played in 9 bowls having missed only one (last year) and having lost only one (to a very good Boise St team while Utah played without their starting quarterback).

Obviously winning a bowl game 80% of the time over the past 10 years has got to be among the best in the country ... especially when you figure in that 2 of those were BCS bowls.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

This is a nice accomplishment for Utah and certainly has some bragging rights associated with it. It is not really an apples to apples comparison because there are far different standards at BYU. The focus at BYU for admission and graduation is far different in Provo. I think the better story is how Utah compares so well with Michigan and other state schools. It seems like they are doing very well. So if academics are not your thing and you want a 4 year career in the NFL Utah might be a very good choice. It is certainly a point to make when recruiting players that have goals that fit best with a state school.

West Point , UT

I agree with motorbike, any fan of the red or blue is lying to themselves and everyone else if they say they don't care about the holy war. I think plenty has been said, and mostly correct, that neither teams needs the other to have a successful season/future, but to try and minimize and say we don't care, all the while posting time and again about each other is just silly and disingenuous. This is a big game for both Utah and BYU players especially those that played HS in the state.

Anaheim, CA

All that NFL talent and the Utes still aren't good enough to beat the only WAC team on their schedule to qualify for a bowl or beat a single team in the PAC with a winning record.


As far as bowls go, a mediocre Utah team beating an even more mediocre opponent in a bowl doesn't prove anything, which is why most of Utah's bowl winning teams have been UNRANKED.

Win or lose, BYU finishes in the rankings far more often than the Utes simply because BYU was better going into the bowl and played better bowl competition.

Average Sagarin ranking of BCS era bowl opponents:

BYU - 36 (19,13,27,29,24,33,24,34,121,35,66)
Utah - 45 (54,37,51,55,41,65,74,6,46,6,56)

Even with UTEP scewing BYU's average, BYU's average is significantly better than Utah's average bowl opponent. Nine of BYU's eleven bowl opponents were ranked at least 10 places higher than Utah's average. Only two of Utah's eleven bowl opponent were ranked higher than BYU's average, and U only beat one of them.

Murray, UT

Wayne Rout,

........So if academics are not your thing and you want a 4 year career in the NFL Utah might be a very good choice........

You are joking about the academic thing, right? Utah's recently released APR was one of the highest in the PAC 12 and significantly higher than BYU. Seems as though Utah is not only putting guys in the NFL but graduating them too from a recognized world class university.

West of I15, UT

@cougiefaninTX..."Utah's last big win was against Alabama, and BYU's last big win was against Oklahoma."

Big difference that was a mediocre Oklahoma team can the Albama team was top 5 and went on to 3 nat titles following that loss.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Tyler McArthur
South Jordan, UT

Using number of NFL players as a yardstick for talent is problematic. It assumes that all players are actively trying to play professional football after college.

Perhaps BYU and USU players with equal talent have priorities other than pro football upon graduation?


If they had equal talent they would at least get drafted. For example, BYU's Eli Herring who was drafted in the 1995 6th round but never played due to religious reasons. Since I can't find any other player that was considered a NFL prospect but never played I can safely assume your assumption wrong.

Another variable to judge talent is class rankings. You'll find that BYU's class rankings as compared to the PAC-12 are at rock bottom. BYU's NFL talent is also rock bottom as compared to the PAC-12.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


As far as bowls go, a mediocre Utah team beating an even more mediocre opponent in a bowl doesn't prove anything, which is why most of Utah's bowl winning teams have been UNRANKED.


Nope. As stated over, and over again...

During the BCS era:

36% of Utah’s bowl opponents were ranked in the AP top 25
55% in the AP top 30

27% of BYU’s bowl opponents were ranked in the AP top 25
36% in the AP top 30 (55% in top 35)

The difference, Utah went 10-1 (91%) and BYU 6-5 (55%)


Please do the math to verify, I might be slightly off.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Thank goodness they do. Fact: Utah has (now) 30 players in the NFL. Fact: Utah is 7-11 in the PAC12 against many pac12 teams that have less NFL players (and no, I'm not adopting ASU or Washington, just stating FACTS). The 64,000 dollar question is...where is the logic in that?


If you want logic then here's what ESPN says:

"Our preseason hype last season was misguided, and the Utes' lack of depth was exposed. It takes time to build not only a starting lineup that can win in the Pac-12, but also the depth behind those starters. The facility upgrades are a good step in the right direction."

Early indications show that Utah has improved depth at OL, QB, RB, TE, and WR. Lets see in two years where we are when this mostly freshman and sophomores have PAC-12 game experience.

Highland, UT


"Utah's recently released APR was one of the highest in the PAC 12 and significantly higher than BYU."

Let's examine that shall we?

As utah "fans" like yourself like to tell us BYU's superior win totals in football the last several years are simply a product of their inferior schedule in relation to utah's superior schedules. Ok if that is your take then the same is true in relation here. utah's football players superior APR is a direct result of their schools INFERIOR academic requirements to most of the PAC12 and to BYU. That isn't arguable by the way, utah's requirements are inferior to most of the pac12 and to BYU. All of those schools are recognized as tougher and more rigorous academically than utah with far tougher classes and far tougher entrance requirements.

Since I know you don't want to be recognized as a hypocrite and you want things to be presented as they truly are then you will of course acknowledge this, since it IS the truth, and we can all put this issue to rest.

Highland, UT


I already did the math and pointed it out to you. Motorbike then confirmed it. And in matters of math there is no such thing as "slightly off". You are either right or wrong, math is a precise science. Long story short, you're wrong.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

No way this is accurate. We have way more talent and NFL playres.

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