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Published: Wednesday, May 1 2013 5:50 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds like a no brainer for me. PAC12, great new facilities, tight family team bond, best chance to make the pros compared to the the other state schools. No brainer. Its a great time to be a UTE!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

An article based on research rather than opinion. Refreshing!

"Whether this [NFL talent] will translate into wins is debatable." -- Rock

True but NFL talent under a great coach equals wins. For example, look at Notre Dame's talent under Charlie Weis and Florida before Urban. Those two teams have a top 20 recruiting class each year. Coaching has been the difference.

Utah's biggest problem besides PAC-12 depth has been the lack of an offensive coordinator. I'm hoping Erickson sticks around for at least 2-3 years thus allowing BJ to gain experience as an OC.


Vancouver, WA

It's a shame that with such talented players Utah can't find success on the field. How does BYU find success without all the NFL talent? It must come down to the coaching and teamwork aspect of football. That is how Boise St does it every year with weak recruiting classes.

Salt Lake City, UT


Utah BCS games won:2
Boise St:2

Feel free to ACTUALLY follow the collegiate game...

Layton, UT


Utah would of been in a BCS bowl the last 2 years if they would of played byu and BS's schedule.

Vancouver, WA

2004 and 2008 were great years for Utah, they had awesome teams then. But what is all the talent doing now? When Utah has another winning season you can talk about how great they are. For now they are carp food sitting on the bottom of Lake Pac-10.2.



Your argument makes no sense. Many of those NFL players from the U played on those 2004 and 2008 teams. And even in the past 2 years of transitioning into the difficult PAC 12 schedule, the Utes have still managed to send more players to the NFL than either BYU or Boise.

West Point , UT

I think Morgan Scally said it best: "is this a program they feel is heading in the right direction? So we’ve got to win. Winning is the biggest thing here.”

Utah's pro talent is certainly impressive, but I guarantee a lot of 18 yr olds want to win and contend for championships. Is Utah their best choice in those terms? Surely they ask the same question BYU fans ask...if U have so much talent, how do U go 5-7 and bowless? This has to be the most frustrating issue for ute fans. It's a question I would be asking if BYU had 31 players in the NFL and went 5-7. Great, U send more players to the NFL than ASU or Washington, yet U cant come within 3 TDs of beating them. Recruiting is great, SOS is great, being in the PAC12 is great. Theses are all things I would be proud of as a ute fan/player/coach. But when does it translate to competing in conference...in the words of Jerry McGuire "show me the money".


Going to the NFL is a great goal, but I hope players from every team understand the average NFL player lasts three years. That means the average NFL player does NOT make enough money to retire on. Hopefully all coaches are emphasizing a backup plan to the NFL.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

After all those stories about the 10 greatest moustaches in BYU history; who was the greatest wide receiver ever at BYU, etc. Now a story about Utah and all the writer could think of was how many Utes are currently in the Pros. Well, you have to write about the programs what you can, I guess.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Re" Atrix "It's a shame that with such talented players Utah can't find success on the field" Huh?I guess you are right if you consider beating BYU for the last 3 years as not counting towards success. Real success will come from beating real teams in the PAC-12.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think its funny how so many BYU fans have also adopted a PAC12 team besides Utah. They cant beat Utah on the field so lets get a plan B. hahaha.

West Jordan, Utah

All this talk about Utah being 5-7 is old. No doubt for Ute fans, our team was a letdown last year. But if schedules were reversed relative to the red and blue, then we are increasing wins for the red and likely decreasing wins for the blue.

It's not that BYU is incapable of competing with Utah's schedule necessarily, but they have had a few too many built in wins on their schedule to brag about finishing ahead of Utah record wise the last two years. Don't forget head to head Cougars. Plus from 2005-2010, Kyle was one game up overall on Bronco. Since the independence thing and PAC 12 shift, Bronco has surged ahead. Isn't that a significant barometer for comparing records.

In 2011 BYU finished 10-3 and Utah 8-5. I argue Utah was better, but BYU fans pump up the 10 win season. Utah beat BYU 54-10 in Provo that year. And of BYU's ten wins, seven of those came against UCF, San Jose State, Idaho State, Idaho, New Mexico State, Hawaii, and Tulsa. That schedule makes the MWC one look difficult. 10 wins is a given for Utah with that schedule.

Salt Lake City, UT


EXACTLY! BYU fans are just sour over the fact that Utah has had the upper hand in the rivalry for awhile. Bronco's only legitimate win vs a top 25 team was Oklahoma. And that was after Bradford went down and OU turned out to be pretty mediocre. BYU flails in the big games historically. Fact and logic always prevail.

Vancouver, WA

@ GoRed

Do you know anything about your own team? Since 2011 the U has had 5 players to Boise States 10 drafted in the NFL.
Utah since 2011: Boise St since 2011:
Round(1)= 1 Player Round (1): 4 Players
Round(3)= 1 Player Round (2-3): 4 Players
Rounds(5-7)= 3 Players Other Rounds: 2 Players

Sure looks to me like a little MWC school from Idaho puts more in the NFL as of late than Utes do. want facts? There are your facts. BSU loads up on 2-3 star recruits every year. Nobody goes to BYU for the NFL, they go for more important reasons. And if a player really wanted a shot at the NFL...well I would easily look at BSU over the Bottom of the PAC.

West Point , UT

"Fact and logic always prevail".

Thank goodness they do. Fact: Utah has (now) 30 players in the NFL. Fact: Utah is 7-11 in the PAC12 against many pac12 teams that have less NFL players (and no, I'm not adopting ASU or Washington, just stating FACTS). The 64,000 dollar question is...where is the logic in that? More talent should equate to more wins, unless there's a difficiancy in coaching, which no ute fan seems willing to admit (I wouldn't either because I like Whitt too). Why ute fans?...why do u have a losing record with NO wins against winning PAC12 teams and yet have more than the avg PAC12 teams' NFL talent? Like I said, frustrating if I'm a ute fan.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


I tend to think the fact that BYU took Bradford out for several games had something to do with Oklahoma's fall. Its one of those things about playing tough games. Players that teams need get hurt and then their teams don't do so well. This is the number one reason I hate the rivalry game in September. Utah puts way more heart and passion into that game than BYU has and after they beat the Y, fade away due to injuries or whatever. It is also why Utah hasn't been good overall since joining the PAC. Utah has to establish more depth than they had in the MWC to stay competitive.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah's pro talent is certainly impressive, but I guarantee a lot of 18 yr olds want to win and contend for championships. Is Utah their best choice in those terms? Surely they ask the same question BYU fans ask...if U have so much talent, how do U go 5-7 and bowless? This has to be the most frustrating issue for ute fans.


Which fans?

The die-hard Ute fans? They understand it will take time to compete in the PAC-12.

The bandwagon fans? They probably jumped off last year.

The Ute haters? They can't seem to get passed the ONE bowl-less season out of the last 10. Over the last 10 years, 90% have been winning seasons and bowl wins.

Tyler McArthur
South Jordan, UT

Using number of NFL players as a yardstick for talent is problematic. It assumes that all players are actively trying to play professional football after college.

Perhaps BYU and USU players with equal talent have priorities other than pro football upon graduation?

I don't see this variable controlled for, so it can't be ruled out.

salt lake city, UT

don't matter to me if they become superstars in the league, only person out of the state of Utah that actually made an impact recently was either Pita, Kruger or even Nagota from highland high.

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