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Published: Friday, Aug. 9 2013 3:45 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

To Timothy Clemmer who was quoted in the article:

I suppose you were born an adult, right? Before you made your hateful comment about children, did you happen to think that anyone ever changed your diaper, wiped your nose or cleaned up the messes YOU made as a child?

What a selfish, ridiculous comment to make. Kids make messes, deal with it.

South Jordan, UT

Bottom line: If your kids are prone to be messy and throw food around, go to a kid-friendly restaurant like McDonalds or Wendys. I feel for the restaurant owner. She has a right to expect courteous customers even if the woman's husband was deployed. I appreciate his service. Please give the same appreciation to businesses who require good manners and civilly for each and every one of us.

American man

@ ImaUteFan: I take exception to your remark That "All kids make messes". My wife and I raiser three Happy kids and they didn't make messes. We taught them good manners and expected them to conform.

Salt Lake City, Utah

My child (and myself, on occasion) has made messes at restaurants and in other public places. It happens - especially when children are small.

My child would help clean up the table and floor before we left and I would always leave extra in the tip to make up for the extra work.

If you don't want people to make a mess in your place of business, don't own a restaurant.

@ American man: Really? Your children never, ever, ever made a mess? Not anywhere? Would your wife agree with that assessment?

American Fork, UT

Parents let kids get away with deplorable behaviour in public. I'd love to see more of 'em punted.


Teach your kids to behave in public and respect those around them. I don't think that is too much to ask. This lady has a difficult time as an essentially single mom but I have a widowed daughter with five children and I have never seen them behave this poorly in a public place.

I is also disrespectful of the other restaurant guests to have this kind of behavior from children. They are paying for a meal, good service, and an pleasant eating environment. Your children don't trump that fact.

Provo, UT

The fact that her husband is deployed has nothing to do with this... That is unless it has been shown that children with deployed fathers are poorly disciplined and out of control, which I doubt.

Some parents just get so used to the inappropriate behavior of their children (even in public) that they are surprised when they are actually called out on it.

Bottom line: Deployed husband has nothing to do with it, dine at wendy's.

West Jordan, UT

@AmericanMan - you misquoted me. I did not say "ALL kids make messes."

I agree with Melanna. At some point in their lives, one of your kids made a mess. To say otherwise is simply denial.

Salt Lake City, UT

1 and 3 year olds, I'm surprised that there are not more crumbs on the floor. I don't see that they made such a mess. The owner may have been particularly sensitive since she had recently paid to have the carpet cleaned. I suppose this is why most restaurants have linoleum or tile flooring, food gets spilled.

Centerville, UT

Wow, our society is now anti-children. We expect sterile, clean surfaces everywhere and if a "contaminated" child enters a restaurant where the "adult" people are eating, then we must now kick the kids out.

I can't believe this. We have some serious problems as a society and its not the kids.

How about this: if you are an adult that doesn't like kids being noisy or messy, stay home in your quiet, clean house!

If you are like this manager in the coffee shop, get a different job where you won't have to interact with children. Maybe a liquor store or something would be better suited for you.

American man

@ImaUteFan: I am sorry, but you did say "All kids make messes". Go back and read your first comment. Messes are done by throwing food on the floor. My kids never did that.


I listened to an interview with this lady on the Dori Monson show in Seattle and she seemed quite reasonable. These kids weren't just dropping crumbs on the floor and screaming, they were stomping around and squashing the crumbs into the floor. And she was in the middle of a business meeting in the back when it had all started so she had to cut her meeting short because of it. Plus, nobody would have even known who the customer was if she hadn't gone blabbing to the media. This is just another example of someone expecting to be able to do whatever she wants regardless of how it affects other people and then playing the victim card when they fight back. I feel no sympathy for her at all. I do, however, feel sympathy for her kids that they are quite likely going to grow up not learning the importance of personal accountability. Such a shame.

Bountiful, UT

Shame on you who suggested that parents should take kids to "Wendy's". Come on, people - we, parents, have the right to go anywhere we want. WE ARE PAYING! If you don't pay my bill, don't tell me where I should go with my kids. I believe it is true that there are more kids friendly environments - still I also believe I should spend my whole life just taking my family to certain fast-food places.

Indeed, the bottom line here that some parents do not teach their children to clean after themselves. I worked for many restaurants before, including at Temple Square Hospitality, and have noticed that many parents actually make more mess than their children.

That lady does have the right to refuse service to anyone she wants, but she was rude, especially because she probably didn't even clean it, someone who works for her did.

Beverly Hills, CA

If you can't take the heat, get out of the food business. It is a pic of some crumbs, suck it up restaurant owner.

Harrison Lapahie
Shiprock, NM

If you have a cafe or restaurant, expect spills, because it happens at every eating establishment! You paid $50 to get the spill cleaned on the carpet. Clean it yourself! Wipe it, or get a spot remover at Home Depot and clean it. It's not difficult!

Ogden, UT

I still don't understand why any restaurant has carpet on their floor. That's gross. Do you have carpet in your dining room at home?

You can't except a 1 year old to be neat and tidy when they eat. They don't have the coordination. A 3 year old might be a little messy, but not too bad. There was one time where we ate at a Chinese food restaurant that DID have carpeted floors (yuck btw) and I DID clean up the big mess on the floor that my 1 year old made. But if we were at Chilis where they have tile floors I would have just tipped well and let them sweep it up.

Part of the reason we go out to eat is that there are waiters and waitresses to wait on us, and people to bus the tables. I would include sweeping under the table as part of that. Our kids are used to it and are RARELY disruptive. When they are we leave.

Ogden, UT

^Are kids are used to eating out (not used to making messes lol). Worried about my wording. :)

orem, UT

Two points:
1. When we took our large group of little kids out to eat we made sure they understood our expectations of their behavior and we made sure to kept the baby entertained. We knew others were paying money to have a nice dinner and deserved to enjoy it. There were many times as we would walk in to a restaurant with our crew and received despairing looks from other childless patrons only to have them stop by our table and compliment our kids on their good manners. It is not polite to assume your children are more important than everyone else in a restaurant. A restaurant is not your home.
2. Our sons have been bus boys. Yes they are paid, but not much and they are often understaffed and very busy. A really messy table is inconsiderate and the tip money goes mostly to to waitress, not the poor kid that cleans up your child's mess.

Laie, HI

If you don't train your children at home, someone would do it outside. I hope that mom start the training now.

Moss, Norway

This looks like a case of lack of respect and insight on both parties' accounts. The shop owner could certainly have found a more sensitive way of informing her patrons of their misbehavior. At the same time, the mother, as all parents who decide to take their small children out to public places, has a responsibility to train her children to behave courteously so embarrassing incidents like this one can be avoided.

I have six kids, who I am extremely proud of. They have to become adults sooner or later. My wife and I work hard to make sure they know how they should behave in public. And for that reason I take serious issue with anyone who demands that my children be kept from the public eye simply because they are kids. Moreover I would encourage parents of small children everywhere to get out with the kids in public and have positive experiences outside the home. But for everyone's sake, train them!

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