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Published: Friday, Aug. 9 2013 1:50 p.m. MDT

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Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Priceless! A politician labeling someone else a "hypocrite." Matt Damon may be a hypocrite, but so are politicians--and on a much bigger scale on a host of issues.

Houston, TX

Damon is one of our celebrity aristocrat champions of the common man, like Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B., of Gilbert and Sullivan fame. "The British sailor is the equal of any man -- excepting me."

Rural Hall, USA, NC

I think that's fine, that's the great thing about wealth in America. You really CAN have YOUR cake and EAT it too!

Salt Lake City, UT

SurfIsUp: "...although you gave some stirling examples of other hypocrites who are SUPPOSEDLY conservatives..." [emphasis added]

The examples I gave are people with impeccable conservative credentials. Can you get more conservative than the Utah legislature? If you choose to dismiss them as RINOs or CINOs and thus not worthy of being called conservatives, please look up the "No True Scotsman" logical fallacy.

SurfIsUp: "...in them you seem to have insinuated that I'm tolerant of those hypocrites as well...To the contrary I condemn them also."

Good for you. But you seem to be the minority. They keep getting re-elected or their careers keep getting rehabilitated. Liberals are not the only ones who "get a pass" from their constituents or the media (as suggested by some commenters above). Conservatives seem plenty willing to overlook double standards when it suits them. Given that conservatives like to claim the "unwavering adherence to unbending moral principles" high ground while dismissing liberals as squishy moral relativists and situational ethicists, such tolerance double standards is itself a bit hypocritical.

Charlotte, NC

The elite always exempt themselves from whatever they want to impose on the masses. No surprise here.


I don't see the hypocrisy. I feel the same way as Matt Damon. I received a first-class public eduction that I think was second to none. I think that the US can, and should, offer the kind of education I received to every child.
The problem is that I don't live where such an public education is offered. It is not even close. Therefore, to my chagrin, we've opted to home-school (with high school diplomas via correspondence schools). We can't afford private schools. If there was any hope of even moving the local public school needle a little bit, I would be lobbying for that. We've tried each of our children in at least one year of public school. One of them tried a second year, latter on, in a Charter-school Middle School. Public Education in the US needs to be resuscitate because it is pretty well flat-lined in many places.
I think everyone should be calling him a realist instead of a hypocrite.

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