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Published: Thursday, Aug. 8 2013 11:30 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Listen to this quote from yahoo sports article I easily found by googling his name:

"Cook also a teammate and friend who are also being recruited by BYU. Teammate Randy Beggs is a db who really performed well at the Rivals Camp Series in CA, and friend Damien Mama who is building a large list of offers. "We talk about BYU all the time; we talk about what we could do at BYU and how we can win a National Championship if we all went there," said Cook."


Remember the last high profile kids who publicly talked about going to BYU to win a national championship?

Jake Heaps - gone
Zac Stout - kicked out off team.

Nothing says "fits in at byu" like talking about a national championship!

Park City, UT

Welcome to BYU Nation Tyler; looking forward to you adding your name to the long list of outstanding BYU linebackers.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

In another article on Cook:

"We talk about BYU all the time; we talk about what we could do at BYU and how we can win a National Championship if we all went there,"


What is it with these sunday school boys who truly think they can help BYU win a national championship!

No other program in the country has a coach with a .200 record against top 25 teams and has kids and coaches that talk so much about their upcoming national championship!

About ready to print those "quest for perfection" t shirts with this kid?

It worked so well last time - for US!


Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

Bring home another NC Tyler!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

In addressing purely his commitment, this is a big get for byu.

I'll point out that the average stars of the NFL first rounders for 2013 was 3.53.

So even if one in a million stories like Ziggy, the AVERAGE was a 3.53

What does this show?

Even though SIGNIFICANTLY more kids are give 2 and 3 stars, there were enough 4 and 5 stars to bring the average up.

I guess 2 star sunday school boys stay 2 star sunday school boys!

Park City, UT


Remind us how many Top 25 teams Utah has beaten since their high water mark in 2008.

The truth is, Utah has been in steady decline since their flash-in-the-pan Sugar Bowl season and the Ute faithful are beginning to panic.

BYU and USU finishing in the Top 25 and going to bowls while the Utes are home watching bowl week from the comfort of their couch has left the Utes with no option but to try to tear down the accomplishments and goals of other programs, since the Utes don't have anything going for themselves except a box full of PAC 12 stickers that they continue plastering over everything that will hold still long enough.


Oh Chris, how I enjoy reading your critiques of BYU. If only every school in the country could be so blessed!

Heber City, UT

Dear Chris B. You never hear that talk from Utah, because they know it simply is never going to happen at Utah, no matter what. BYU has a shot, but many things must fall into place. Utah never, ever.


Great to have Tyler Cook and would love to have his friends, I know BYU has offered Damien Mama (along with about 30 other schools) and Randy Beggs sounds great.

Logan, UT

I have the impression that someone who comments so much about a rival school has some issues with insecurity. Counseling may help. Good luck as I hope that you can work through it.

River Falls, WI

Nice to have you aboard Tyler. Here's some of the info the article leaves out...

Scout rates 3-star, #77 in position, and notes a 4.51 forty time.
Rivals also rates 3-star, #49 in state of California
ESPN rates 3-star, grade of 74, #91 positional, #136 regional, and #88 in state

Held offers from AZ, Boise State, CU, CSU, Duke, Fresno St, Hawaii, Kansas St, Miami (FL), Nevada, SJSU, USU, Vandy, Washington St, and Yale.

Good get? You betcha!

Highland, UT

christina if BYU signs a linebacker you can be assured he is good. If utah signs a linebacker there is about a 1 in 30 chance he is any good. I know very little about this kid, or any recruits for that matter, but when it comes to linebackers I'm going to go ahead and give Bronco the benefit of knwoing what he is doing, the results speak for themselves.

Oh by the way, utah would dearly love to have this kid, they just weren't a consideration for him.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"BYU has a shot, but many things must fall into place"


If you took EVERY "quality win" bronco has in his entire 8 years at BYU and combined them all, it wouldt be good enough to merit a national title game invitation.

And you think he can do better than that, in ONE year?


P.S. Utah in 2008 ended #2 in the country.

And how close has byu come lately?


Ernest T. Zass
Salt Lake City, UT

In other news, Chris B has been given a 2-star rating by SLC's coed softball leagues. Chris B plans to appeal the rating as he feels his three-game hitting streak last summer is proof that he is at least a 4-star prospect.

Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome aboard Tyler; you're going to fit right in with a program that's not afraid to set their sights on the highest achievements possible.

While other programs fret about not even being able to beat a conference foe with a winning record, elite, legacy programs are not afraid to dream of achieving the same high achievements of their predecessors.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

The kid plays very large, moves standing up with terrific quickness, and his grades are in line with what BYU expects. Maybe the best part for BYU coaches is that Tyler is insurance Fred Warner is also heading for Cougarville his committment secure. Reports are that USC has gone heavy in trying to pry Fred out of BYU's hands. It's hard not to see how Kyle Van Noy has benefited from the system making him the most talked about defensive player in the west, If you are a 3.2 plus student a highly regarded LB'er, who doesn't want to be the next KVN? A very good pickup.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Chris, kids don't get together and talk about their shared dreams while attending Utah. In fact, outside of Utah, I'm not sure many kids dream about playing for Utah. Or know about Utah. Or have heard about Utah.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


Nice deflection tactics dude. How's your mighty ute football and round ball teams shaping up for the upcoming campaign???

Can you say bottom dwellers??

I love my bcs membership, man!!! (quote from chrissy).

springville, UT

Maybe this young man just wants to play in bowl games, crissy?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

The top prospect in the nation could commit to BYU and Chris B will find something negative to say about him. Even if football scouts were to say one of BYU's commits was better than anyone in the NFL in his position, in Chris B's eyes he will always be a 2-star choir boy.

That being said, I'm sure Tyler Cook will be a great addition to BYU football. Go Cougars!

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