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Published: Thursday, Aug. 8 2013 11:20 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

It's really easy to say that you've had a change of heart and don't support the movie that you've starred in as it is ready to be released. Does this mean he is going to return payment he has received for his work on the film and reject all future payments? Not likely. Sounds to me like he is trying to save face after being called out on his involvement in the movie after holding such a strong stance for gun control.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

I am sure he will feel ok with cashing the checks and getting royalties for the movie!

What a hypocrite!

He was fine with the violence before Sandy Hook, but after he is not?

I am sure he keeps his family safe with armed bodyguards... but he is an anti gun advocate... just like Obama.

I use to be a fan but not anymore!


Return the money Jim and then we will see how much of a "change of heart" you really have had. At this point you are a thief. You have not been funny for many years and the old "pet detective" act stopped being funny years ago. Please just go away.

Chandler, AZ

To all those criticizing Carrey's change of heart, try applying your comments to the recent story about the porn actress who also had a change of heart. If she doesn't give back the money she made, she's a fraud? What about Romney's change of heart on abortion? Were you as critical of him?

Whether I agree with someone or not, I'm all for allowing someone an honest change of heart. If none of us ever changes, if tomorrow we're the same person we are today, what's the point of it all?

Murray, Utah

re: JP

I believe it's Mr. Carrey's "honest" change of heart that people are questioning. And if by participating in something that he now believes is harmful to others, then some kind of recompense is in order. There is a difference between changing your opinion of something that you haven't acted on that has caused pain or suffering to someone else and distancing yourself from actions that you've engaged in that you believe cause pain and suffering. Mr. Carrey seems to be admitting the latter. Using that criteria, and without knowing many other details, yes, I would expect the porn actress to be seeking a way to recompense for the harm that she now believes she caused by her actions, same as Mr. Carrey. I don't know if Mr. Romney feels like his actions related to abortion prior to changing his mind caused harm and suffering, but if he does, then yes, he should also find a way to recompense.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

I agree with JP, and I admire Carrey for speaking out. His paycheck is no doubt tied to royalties from the film's box office take. If he was as hypocritical as others are asserting, he would not have spoken out until after the film had run its course.

Shame on religious folks who refuse a person their right to have a change of heart. I thought that is what religion is all about (besides money)!

And what kind of daft comments from co-stars and others? Sandy Hook had not happened 18 months ago!

Beaverton, OR

Hollywood needs to step up and be accountable for the lack of "insight" and the way that they are actually leading - or misleading - the country and the entertainment factors. They do realize they have the pull to sway people any way that they want to. Until it burns down, or until conservative actors start saying more than they are, we'll never see a change of a better direction.

Clearfield, UT


The actress left the industry and her source of income. She is actively working to help others in the situation that she found herself in. Jim did neither of these and just wants to save face. Lets see him act on his so called change of heart. Words are great but action is required. What about Obama's change of heart on marriage? Were you critical of him?

Cedar City, UT

Jim Carrey's "can't support" stance has brought this movie more free publicity than any support he could possibly lend on purpose. I have to think he knew that would happen when he pulled his public support as well. He'll be laughing at the lemmings in the media all the way to the bank.

American Fork, UT

As consumers of movie violence we need somebody to blame for our habit, so we're not going to let carrey off the hook just because he says he developed a conscience. We want hollywood to be there so we can blame it for our violent society, and it had better not abandon that role.


Well, I think the movie will now do even better than the first because of all the people that will attend to see what Jim Carey is talking about. And yes, I think he will keep every dime of royalties in his pocket.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I've never quite bought the notion that violence in fiction leads to violence in real-life any more than Harry Potter casting a spell creates more Boy Wizards in real-life," Millar wrote.

Yeah, because boys can really become Wizards in real life. Good grief.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

who goes to see his films anyway.......maybe 20 years ago

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

I applaud the strong convictions of this proud American.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT


It's also easy to criticize another man for not using his wages the way you'd like him to. He doesn't have to return all the money to show his true support. Further more, he makes millions, he has millions, he may very well also OWE millions. You nor I are qualified to comment on his financial ability to return the money. Nor can we adequately judge him. No one but God can.

I enjoy shooting tin cans with guns. It's a hoot. But I can still respect his change of heart, his choice, and his right to stand up for someone without the arbitrary criticism being thrown at him.

We need more people thinking about morality, consequence, and working together for the benefit of humanity, not less. If he wants to say that this is him refocusing, I'm fine with it. I welcome it.

He's not perfect. You're not. I'm not. Better we work together than sit at a computer and do nothing but accuse each other of not being true to our convictions. The first choice is productive, the second isn't.

Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

Time to move on and make Dumb and Dumber II - yeah!

Bakersfield, CA

Bleeding heart libs. Still making disgusting products in the name of creativity.

And people are starving all over this world, while the few Anjolina Jolie's manage to put their time and money where it truly counts.

Canada, 00

If we really had faith in humanity made in the very image of God, we would have much more understanding and respect.
How many times are we taught and told? Have we forgotten the obvious that JC aka Jesus Christ taught us. Less we never forget, it is written to be remembered for all time..the account of Mary Magdelina, who was criticized by JC's very own Disciples for purchasing very expensive oils and applied it to JC's feet with her hair? How did he respond? Its none of your business! Services rendered due, after... she had a "change of heart". Then she served the Lord! Its never too late. Let ye not judge others less you be judged.

Chandler, AZ

@JG "What about Obama's change of heart on marriage? Were you critical of him?"

I've been critical of most of what Obama has done, or rather everything he is failing to do. I'm neither a democrat nor a liberal. I just think we ought to give people a chance to change. If Carrey makes another ultra-violent movie after this, THEN pile on the criticism.

Saint George, UT

There is nothing more nauseating than an actor, musician or socialite that makes their political views known to the public. We don't care what your opinion is! Go play your music, make a movie or flash a smile to the paparazzi! That's all that we require from you. Just because you've made some money or have notoriety doesn't mean that your opinion has any validity. Ok, there I've said it, and I feel better now.

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