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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 7 2013 9:45 p.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Lock them up and let them taste sweet sweet justice.

Sainte Genevieve, MO

In Missouri the 17-year-olds would have had their faces and names on the front page of the local newspaper. Unless it is this publication's policy not to publish such photos, even when released by the authorities, I would have to assume that Utah law is different. That gives the older youths a rather undeserved second chance to put their lives in order. I hope they do so.

Saint Louis, MO

I agree with the commenter from Sainte Genevieve. Seventeen seems to be a reasonable age of consent. Missouri changed from 16 to 17 about 10 years ago. Utah law is a bit too protective. The one who assaulted the soccer referee was 17 and received 3 years in a juvenile facility.

Sandy, UT

Uh, from where I sit, 4 of them have every right to play football and the judge cannot legally ban them...you see, it's that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing. So far, 4 of them have done NOTHING wrong.

Sugar City, ID

Another example of many examples of how participation in high school athletics helps to build character. Wouldn't the money spent on athletics be better spent on reducing classroom size in the elementary schools? Or some other legitimate educational expense instead of using the money to inflate already over inflated egos to say nothing of involvement in criminal activities?

Holladay, UT

Don, so in Missouri there is no presumption of innocence? Or do you mean that they would have their face put in the paper after convicted? If they are guilty, I agree that they should be punished, but I see nothing wrong with not releasing this info on high school kids until their guilt or innocence has been determined.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

Does anyone else think it's ironic that 2 different stories about 9 different Granger football players came out at the same time? That's kind of strange...

Salt Lake City, UT

My guess is some are victims of peer pressure and did not have the courage to say, "What we are doing is wrong" or to walk away. In some circles there is a culture where athletes are revered. As these kids are now learning, being a football player does not put you above the law. The two attending school on permits were probably given permits just so that they could play football for the high school. Even at the high school level schools are trying to build winning teams. Why not just play with the kids that lives in the school district? These kids are learning a valuable lesson, Football is just a game and being a player does not make you any more special than anyone else. This sounds like an initiation stunt that could have been done in the 50's, but today it is more violent and instead of getting a few dollars they're getting expensive tech gadgets. I hope all the victims are okay and that these young men learn from this and make some life course corrections.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Shame on them - all of them. I hope they all receive the toughest punishment..that is the only way they will learn.

St Louis, MO

JSB, I'm guessing you weren't an athlete in HS. Your comment springs from a glaring logical fallacy . . "these players were football players, therefore particiapation in high school athletics inspires or encourages criminal activity." Yes, without their association with the football team, these nine guys would've no doubt been volunteering at the local homeless shelter or studying for their ACT at the library.

The assumption that cutting the athletic department budget would automatically translate into smaller elementary school class sizes is cute. A tad simple and hopelessly optimistic, but cute.

Holladay, UT

There must be something wrong with the football program at Granger High School for this to happen. Also no one probably remembers that this is NOT the first time for football players at Granger High--it was within the last 25 years that the same thing happened. Football encourages agressiveness and for some teenagers they cannot cope with it. Perhaps they need to start teaching anger management as well. I am also of the opinion that inter-high school athletics have no place in our compulsory public education system. Athletics in high school should be limited to only inschool activities and not travel around. and yes, I did not play any sports in high school.

Holladay, UT

Agreed with SlopJ30. Football and basketball bring in more revenue to most schools than the budgets allocated to all sports combined. A lot of schools would actually lose money by eliminating athletics. Plus, athletes learn so many great things. Given similar intellectual ability, I would rather have an athlete working for me over one who did not participate in athletics, because they understand what it takes to succeed and overcome trials, adversity, etc. It is a mindset that is difficult to learn in a classroom alone. Please stop generalizing athletes by the behavior of some. Other students do this kind of stuff too, but it does not get in the paper because we tend to sensationalize the behavior of athletes.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

Now we know why they were 'exhausted' at practice... they were up all night commiting crimes.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

My son's coach in high school told us at a meeting with athletes and parents that he would not tolerate any athlete being involved in alcohol, drugs or crime.
He wasn't going to wait for the trial. He didn't care if he was a star player or a minority.
He told us, "I may not be able to drop you from the team, but I will leave you on the bench if I can't."
A few students each year were foolish enough to test his threat. Every one of them lost.
The coach also required each athlete to dress in a button-down shirt and trousers with creases.
Now THAT'S teaching kids something.

Herriman, UT

Having played football and basketball in high school and having played football in college...I disagree with the belief that high school athletics is a waste. High school football allowed me to earn a $100,000 education from Northwestern University.

High school athletics is sometimes the only avenue for some to gain higher education. I don't agree that high school or football had anything to do with these incidents. The fact that all 9 individuals were from Granger and on the football team is merely a coincidence and actually should be expected because most friends usually attend the same high school and participate in common activities.

It comes down parents teaching their children correct principles. Let the law run its course and whatever the consequences are...we all have to respect that. I will say...if any of the individuals are playing football on a permit...I believe the permits will be forfeited on the basis of citizenship.

High school athletics is good for high school and good for student-athletes. I hope these young men can learn from this and move forward with their lives. I hope that no one makes excuses for the boys.

Allen, TX

Principal Jerry Haslam's failure to weigh in on this outrage is cowardly. He should be incensed like the rest of the community.

I hope these kids do jail time. And if they're LDS, they should experience disfellowship while they investigate the atonement.

Cedar Hills, UT

Granger is part of West Valley City ...the crime capital of Utah. Enough said.

St Louis, MO

It's poor leadership from the coaches and administration that allows a particular program to develop a culture that lets kids get away with deliquent behavior, drug and/or alcohol use, and antipathy towards academics. I played HS hoops for Ogden, and luckily our coach was not a pushover or a "win at all costs" type, though he did win. The best player, by far, in my class refused to put forth any effort to keep his grades up. So, after our soph year, he was gone. No coddling, no twisting teachers' arms to keep him around. I hated it, but it was handled the right way. We still did pretty well (lost in the state final to Bradley's Emery team), but I've always wondered if that guy would've made the difference.

To luckyguy -- Eliminate inter-school athletics? Yeah . . sorry, not going to happen. Even without debating the issue of revenue generation vs costs or pointing out that, overall, athletes get BETTER GRADES than non-athletes, too many people like sports. You'd get loud objections from even a lot of the non-athletes.

Allen, TX

Reminds me of Junior year, when the B-ball coach cut all 3 of us Mormons and kept all the punk sons of guys HE had gone to HS with in the same town 30 years before.

When 4 of the 5 starters were busted for grand theft and drugs, and were kicked off the team near the beginning of the regular season, he actually had the cajones to come ask us to suit up. By then we were in the middle of the Church league season, having a blast. We told him to shine it on, and they lost every remaining game on the schedule.

He didn't coach much longer.....

Kearns, UT

What is disturbing here is that the Administrators and Coach are dodging the question of whether these violent individuals are in school or practicing for the coming season.
Not the kind of example we need in our schools. I know the white house is exhibiting the same practices but we all know that Obama is a fraud and is hiding many issues , but a local school principal and coach.
Sounds like the coach and principal are hiding something

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