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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 7 2013 12:40 p.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

The temperature on a Field Turf football field on a hot day can be twenty to thirty degrees hotter than the surrounding air. The smart schools installed sprinklers and water the field before practice and games to cool them off. The big problem is the black pellets. They absorb heat (besides the annoyance of getting in your shoes). The white pellets are prohibitively expensive, which is sad. Those white pellets would cool fields down considerably. The fields are great to play on, quite durable (except Cottonwood's first one), pretty, and comfortable on a moderate day. Best time to play on them is cold weather. No mud, slush, and your feet don't get that wet.

Clearfield, UT

The military takes heat injuries seriously and curtails training, even during basic. The same should apply to sports. Heat stroke can be deadly. The closest I have come to witnessing a death is when a soldier went down due to heat exhaustion. happened twice.

Proud Skyline Alum

Poor Nutrition? My guess is that if you asked all the high school football players in the valley who were up and at football practice by 6 or 7:00 this morning if they had eaten anything for breakfast before they headed to football the vast majority will tell you no.
I have 2 boys who are still playing football and neither one will eat anything before practice no matter what it is. They as well as myself are very aware of the need for good nutrition, they eat like famished dogs when they get home but never before.
They do however pre-hydrate during the rest of the day and during the evenings before practice and games. Having been involved with football for 12 years pre-hydration is the most important thing for these players to do.

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