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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 6 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

@spokane ute

So your idea of a "civil, factual and interesting debate" is to attempt to malign BYU's greatest accomplishment, the Nation Football Championship, amid other attempts to diminish and marginalize their program?

Only a utah "fan" would try to claim that is "civil, factual and interesting". But hey, you're a utah "fan" so no surprise there.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

River Cougar

BYU won the NC in 1984. Is it their fault the system was what it was? Of course not. Is the NC given to the best team in the country? That's higly debatable. In my opinion the BCS system does a better of job of determining this, since they match up the two highest rated teams. However a 8 - 16 team playoff would be more effective. No other champion, in any other sport is determined by popular vote. Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but has and other team won the NC without beating a top 20 team; or beating a team with 5 loses in a bowl game? NO, and that's a fact!

FYI, born and raised in Riverton; Bingham HS, class of '82

Baltimore, MD

Spokane Ute

"In 1984, Michigan lost it's second game of the season, at home, to Washington 20-11."

BYU beat Michigan by a nearly identical score of 24-17, yet some jealous fans claim that Washington was sooooo much better than BYU.

Washington and a Nebraska were both invited to play #1-ranked BYU for a shot at the national championship, and both turned down their invitations to try to back-door their way into a national championship by playing a lower-ranked team.

By contract, BYU had no choice but to play whoever the Holiday Bowl lined up to play BYU.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Spokane Ute

How many major college football national champions can say that they were deemed more worthy of being national champions than any other team in the country by ALL of these major national organizations?

- Associated Press (AP)
- United Press International (Coaches)
- Sports Illustrated
- CNN-USA Today
- Football Writers Association of America (FWAA)
- National Football Foundation (NFF)

Not even 2003 BCS champion LSU can make that claim, because USC, which wasn't even invited to the 2003 BCS championship game, won the AP National Championship.

Except for USC, BYU has won more Consensus National Championships (AP and Coaches) than the rest of the PAC 12 combined.

As far as BCS championships go, BYU has won as many BCS National Championships as the entire PAC 12 combined.

Palo Alto, CA


"As far as BCS championships go, BYU has won as many BCS National Championships as the entire PAC 12 combined."

Since USC's 2004 BCS national championship was stripped from them and the Trojans were required to return their Crystal Football National Championship trophy, this, unfortunately for the PAC 12, is true.

Unless the PAC 12 wins the BCS national championship this year, the conference won't ever have a BCS national champion. Don't forget, the BCS era ends this year. The playoffs start in 2014.

Sandy, UT


When you refer to, two star BYU, are you referencing their Two Star former Quarterbacks, McMahon and Young, who have actually played in and won Super Bowls?

Something no Utah QB has ever accomplished.

Living rent free in AZUTE, Naval Vet, Howard and Spokane Ute's, heads, RENT FREE, 24-7.


Sandy, UT

Seriously Ute fans, still having a tizzy over BYU's "Unanimous" National Championship?
After nearly 30 years?
It's in the books.
Wrap it!

U fans really do need to move on.

BYU has received every Major Award, which College Football has to offer.
Utah, on the other hand, has absolutely none of these things.

That's why BYU is a recognizable National Brand and Legacy school, while Utah is just another Conference Bottom-feeder.

This story is about BYU's logo being among the best and Utah's nowhere to be seen.
Because the Washington Redskins beat you to it.

End of story.

Sandy, UT

Spokane Ute

How many national champions can match this record building to a national championship?

1979 #13/#12 11-1
1980 #12/#12 12-1
1981 #13/#11 11-2
1982 unranked 8-4
1983 #7/#7 11-1
1984 #1/#1 13-0

FIVE Top 12 Finishes in 6 seasons, 66-9 overall (88%), 6 conference championships, and a 24-game winning streak.

Compare that to

Utah 2004:
1999 unranked 9-3
2000 unranked 4-7
2001 unranked 8-4
2002 unranked 5-6
2003 #21/#21 10-2
2004 #4/#5 12-0
TWO Top 21 finishes, 2 losing seasons, 48-22 (69%) overall, 2 conference championships.


Utah 2008
2003 #21/#21 10-2
2004 #4/#5 12-0
2005 unranked 7-5
2006 unranked 8-5
2007 unranked 9-4
2008 #2/#4 13-0
THREE Top 21 finishes, 59-16 (79%) overall, 3 conference championships.

In the official BCS championship polls for 2004 and 2008, the Utes finished #5 and #4, tied and barely higher than BYU's #5-ranked 1996 Cotton Bowl winning team.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@All the BYU fans in denial

No wins over a ranked team. A narrow 24-17 victory over a 6-5 team in a lower tier bowl. What other team can say that? Um, ah, eh...........

Enough said, NC by default no matter how you want to spin it. Was it there fault? Of course not. Sorry if the truth hurts; but that's exactly what it is.....live with it; and accept it; move on, it was over 30 years ago, not that't the End of Story!

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Spokane Ute

"No wins over a ranked team..."

but a road win against the #24 team in the final AP poll, a team that finished higher in the final AP poll than the only ranked team Utah played in 2004, #25 Pittsburgh.

Only a blindly jealous Utah fan obsessed with his BYU-hatred couldn't see that BYU paid its dues and so impressed the nation with 6 outstanding years of excellent football, that when BYU finished the 1984 season as the only unbeaten team in the nation, BYU had so impressed the majority of college football experts that BYU was chosen the consensus National Champion by every major college football organization in the country.

Obviously they could see and appreciate what you're too stubbornly blind to see.

Despite your frantic and emotional attempts to deny reality, BYU is the proud and deserving owner of a Crystal Football National Championship Trophy that is only awarded to legitimate major college football National Champions.

The only one hurt by the truth is U! Live with it, accept it, and move on; none of your jealous whining is going to change history.

National Championships
Utah 0

True End of Story!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Park City, UT


BYU 2001 was 12-0 until December when BYU was hit with a triple set back....Third - while still undefeated and ranked #9 in the AP poll, BYU was informed that they had been removed from consideration for a BCS bowl


AP rankings? Try searching BCS weekly rankings in 2001.

To guarantee a BCS game a mid-major had to finish 6 or higher in BCS rankings.

A) BYU has never been ranked in the top 10 let alone 6 or higher in the BCS rankings. In 2001 at 12-0 they were ranked #12 they were never going to jump 6 spots by beating Hawaii. Then at 12-1 they dropped out of the top 15, thus no BCS bowl guarantee.

B) Staley didn't play defense... your defense got lit up for 72-45. It looks like your offense wasn't as fatigued as your defense because they ran 103 plays compared to 73 for Hawaii:


Total Yards: 612 vs 646
Total Plays: 105 vs 73
Passing: 515 vs 543
Rushing: 97 vs 103
Penalties: 12 vs 15
Yds: 110 vs 168
Turnovers: 7 vs 5

East Salt Lake City, Utah


How many national champions can match this record building to a national championship?


How many played a WAC schedule?

TCU went 35-3 and they beat more ranked teams than BYU did over those 7 years, yet they never came close to a national title.

The only reason your team won a title is because teams around BYU beat each other. That's not an accomplishment, that's called winning by default.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Sandy, UT

Spokane Ute

How many national champions can match this record building to a national championship?

1979 #13/#12 11-1
1980 #12/#12 12-1
1981 #13/#11 11-2
1982 unranked 8-4
1983 #7/#7 11-1
1984 #1/#1 13-0


Boise State another WAC team in different era:

2002 12-1 AP #15
2003 13-1 #16
2004 11-1 #12
2005 9-4
2006 13-0 #5
2007 10-3
2008 12-1 #11
2009 14-0 #4
2010 12-1 #9
2011 12-1 #8
2012 11-2 #18

2005 11-1 AP #11
2006 11-2 #22
2007 11-2 unranked
2008 11-2 #7
2009 12-1 #6
20010 13-0 #2

The difference is BYU kept climbing when teams around them lost but for TCU and Boise the ceiling was set at #2.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


First, at 12-0 BYU was #12 in BCS rankings and dropped out at 12-1. So BYU was never going to be guaranteed a BCS bowl since you were never going to be ranked in the top 6.

Second, it seems BYU offense was so fatigued that they ran 103 plays for 615 yards (Hawaii ran 73 plays for 645 yards). Yet it was your defense that got exposed 72-45.

Third, Luke Staley plays offense so I don't know how he could have helped BYU's defense standing on the sideline.

Fourth, even without Staley BYU still scored 45 points which was above your season average of 44 PPG

Sandy, UT


"The only reason your team won a title is because teams around BYU beat each other."

Isn't that what happens every year. Other teams lose and those that don't rise to the top of the rankings? That's certainly the way Utah rose to the Top 5 in 2004, since the Utes didn't beat anyone of consequence during the regular season (three teams with winning records, none with better than a 7-5 record).

It's entirely possible that a rested BYU team, with a healthy Staley, and a BCS berth riding on the outcome, would have beaten Hawaii and been invited to play in a BCS game as an at-large team.

Orem, UT

"With the way the [BCS] system is now, there's no question we wouldn't have been No. 1. We probably would have gone to a better bowl, and that would have been great, but there would have been four teams higher than us in the polls." -- Robbie Bosco

I like and respect Bosco, but in this case, I have to disagree with his statement (which was taken out of context, by the way).

First, the voters, not the BCS system, determine who's ranked No. 1.

Second, in response to the controversy created by the voters in the AP poll naming USC as the No. 1 ranked team at the end of the 2003 season, the formula was rewritten. Supporters of USC and the media in general criticized the fact that polls were not weighted more heavily than computer rankings and this criticism led to the new algorithm. This revised system places twice as much emphasis on polls than computer rankings and makes it highly unlikely that the top team in both polls would be denied a place in the title game, as happened in the 2003–04 season.

BYU would have played in the BCS championship game.


Payson, UT

The funny thing is I like the Utes helmets. The red and helmets they wore with the black look really good.

Orem, UT

Whether BYU would have beaten Washington, Nebraska or Oklahoma in the BCS Championship game is impossible to know, but there's this:

BYU and Washington both beat Michigan (their only common opponent) by similar scores, and Washington beat Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl, suggesting that BYU could have held their own against either team.

And, 8 months after the Holiday Bowl, BYU did play Washington and brutally curb stomped the Huskies 31-3 in what many viewed as a chance for BYU to prove they were better than the Huskies, a team some fans had suggested should have won the 1984 title.

As the #1-ranked team in both polls at the end of the regular season BYU deserved the opportunity to prove themselves against another top-ranked team. The fact the BYU wasn't given that opportunity isn't an indictment on BYU, but on the system that locked teams into certain bowls and prevented the top-ranked teams from playing each other.

Despite the jealous nay saying of our friends on the hill, BYU did everything they could to prove that they were worthy of being the 1984 National Champions and all FIVE major college football national organizations agreed.

Baltimore, MD


"How many played a WAC schedule?"

It's laughable how Utah fans constantly demean a conference that the Utes were members of for 37 years.

The truth is, throughout the history of the WAC, there were some VERY, VERY GOOD teams like Arizona State, BYU, Air Force, and Boise State. Unfortunately for U, the Utes weren't one of those teams.

btw, TCU only played 38 games in 7 years? hard to believe; try again.

Gilbert, AZ


"The only reason your team won a title is because teams around BYU beat each other. That's not an accomplishment, that's called winning by default."

Only in the jealous world of Uteville is an undefeated season not an accomplishment.

If the WAC was really such a weak conference, why weren't the Utes more competitive? And how did the Utes become BCS busters in the MWC, which was basically the exact same core group of teams?

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