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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 6 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Not hard to see the difference at the local retail stores that sell both logoed merchandise...Once it's put out the BYU stuff disappears but there is always an over abundance of Utah merchandise on the shelves...and suffice it to say that BYU does have a much bigger national as well as international following for their catalog sales as well.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Why are you getting so excited? Did I ever say, or say that a BYU fan claimed that the 1984 BYU team was the best ever? Which Utah fan beats on their chest about the 1944 championship? I've never mentioned it.
"Using your silly argument, BYU opened the season beating multiple national champion, #3-ranked Pittsburgh on the road and finished the season beating multiple national champion and the winningest major college football program in the country in a bowl."
I have no idea what in the world you are saying and I'm not sure you do either. Take a deep breath, it will be all right.

Sandy, UT

It doesn't matter that the logo is 4th, because their big brother's logo up north will always attract better recruits

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

"Despite the records and rankings, the Michigan team that BYU beat in the 1984 Holiday Bowl would have curb stomped the Pittsburgh team that Utah beat in the 2004 Fiesta Bowl."
Look at it from a statistical and objective point of view. Win-loss record and rankings say otherwise. Bo Schembechler stated that before the game that if BYU beat them, they would deserve the NC. After the game, he stated that there was no way that BYU was the best team in the county. His opinion caries more weicht than mine or yours. I totally disagree.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe that Michigan would have went to the Rose Bowl with a victory over Ohio State. They would have had the same record as Purdue, but Purdue beat Michigan.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

While I'm not a big fan of logo rankings, and think this topic is sort of silly, I'll bite on this one.

I haven't taken a close look at the ute logo these days. I had assumed i was something akin to the PAC12 logo inside of a circle. They seem to be more proud of the conference logo than theirs.

Anyways, the more impressive thing to me is the representations of their symbols on the hill and Y mountain. I was at University hospital back in October and noticed that the U was actually what looked like a bunch of plank boards in the shape of a U, painted white, and sitting in some guy's back yard. Maybe I was looking at a different one.

But I am way more impressed by the Y. I hiked Y mountain a few years ago and was thinking that it must be a miserable prospect for the rivalry vandals to have to climb that high up a mountain to paint it red. And that would take a lot of paint. That thing is huge, well done, and hard to miss.

Pretty much like the university it represents.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC

The Utes backed their way into a BCS bowl only beating three teams with winning records, none with better than a 7-5 record, against a SOS that was ranked around 60th, about the same as BYU's 2012 schedule.

... When you hang your hat on beating an 8-4 team that finished LOWER in the AP poll than Air Force, and then criticize BYU, well, that speaks for itself.


And you backed into a national title with a #104 SOS.

We hang our hats on the fact we beat each and every team by 14+ points. Did we deserve a title game? Nope. 2008? Yes.

FYI your own QB criticizes BYU and I agree with him you would have been a top 5 team at best under BCS rules.

"With the way the [BCS] system is now, there's no question we wouldn't have been No. 1. We probably would have gone to a better bowl, and that would have been great, but there would have been four teams higher than us in the polls." -- Robbie Bosco

With tougher rules BYU hasn't even sniffed a BCS game, let alone a national title or even a top 10 ranking.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"We hang our hats on the fact we beat each and every team by 14+ points."

Margin of victory isn't even used in BCS standings calculations.

"Did we deserve a title game? Nope. 2008? Yes."

Obviously, the answer is NOPE for both 2004 and 2008 - not according to the BCS rules; the Utes finished #6 in the final BCS standings both years.

"FYI your own QB criticizes BYU and I agree with him you would have been a top 5 team at best under BCS rules."

Bosco was simply saying he didn't think BYU would have been given a chance to play in the national championship game under the current BCS rules, but he also said immediately following the Holiday Bowl, that he believed that BYU deserved to be ranked #1.

With tougher rules, BYU still would have won the AP National Championship, since the AP awards its national championship completely independent of BCS rules.

The ONLY rule for winning an AP national championship is the same today as it was in 1984; to finish with the most votes from a national panel of sportswriters.

BYU did in 1984.

Utah didn't in 2004 or 2008.

Mesa, AZ

snack pac--

"What did Utah hang their 2004 BCS busting hat on?"

Well, for starters, as far as you as a 2-Star byu fan goes, does 52-21 ring a bell? 3 blow-outs of your school during this current BCS Era, zero in reverse.

AF came the closest to us, losing by 14 points. ua was next by 17. Every body else by 21+, including 2-Star byu by 31. Contrast this w/'84 2-Star byu while playing against the 3rd weakest schedule in the nation.

Original BCS Buster when the threshhold was higher. 1st of 2 undefeated seasons. If going undefeated is so unremarkable, why hasn't 2-Star byu come any closer than 2 losses during this same era? Shoot, even Hawaii/Northern Illinois managed an undefeated regular season!

Also, why not discuss '08 as well as '04?

While you're at, discuss the following, as well--

3 straight, 4 of 5, 8 of 11, 13 of 20 and the insurmountable overall record, 56-34-4!

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

"My Logo can beat up your Logo"

Never have I had so much enjoyment reading the comments, and where the topics stray, than from this pointless article.

Skip the article and read the 4+ pages of comments!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


The truth is, BYU won a national championship that was recognized by every major national championship selecting organization in 1984 (all FIVE), and Utah wasn't recognized as the national champion by any major national organization in 2004 or 2008, so stop whining about it.

The jealous whining of Utah fans and a few other outspoken BYU-haters doesn't negate the fact that the majority of sportswriters, coaches, and other college football experts agreed that BYU was THE MOST DESERVING team to be awarded the 1984 National Championship.

Mesa, AZ

snack pac--

"BYU did in 1984.

Utah didn't in 2004 or 2008."

Regarding '84--

Brigham Young

Texas Christian, Boise State, and Utah have been tearing it up over the last decade, but in 1984 Brigham Young did something none of those other "Little Big" teams have even gotten a legitimate shot at: they finished #1. Unfortunately, BYU '84 differs from those other teams in another way too: they did not play a single ranked opponent. The only so-called "national champion" that didn't (though Oklahoma came very close in 1956).

BYU's 1984 opponents went 61-85-3, placing their schedule 96th amongst 98 division 1A schools.

And yet their performance was as weak as their schedule.

They won five games by a touchdown or less, from a 20-14 win at 3-7-1 Pitt in their opener to a 24-17 win against 6-6 Michigan in the Holiday Bowl-- by far the worst bowl opponent ever faced by a so-called "national champion."


@Spokane Ute - many of us know exactly what Killarney is talking about. Your rants about the weakness of the Michigan team beaten by BYU to clinch the national title in 1984 exposes your overwhelming ignorance of the nature of that Michigan team, just as Killarney has explained. That was an incredible victory against a very, very good Michigan team whose record was merely reflective of the injuries they had sustained, which had been overcome by the time of the bowl game. Had they been healthy throughout the season - as they were against BYU - they would have easily played in the Rose Bowl and would likely have been a very highly ranked team.

That victory against Michigan was impressive enough to win unanimous acclaim from every voting organization in its day, although envious and clueless Ute fans 30 years later surely know better than all of them. Just like Washington, who thought they were robbed of the NC, then got their butts kicked by BYU at the beginning of next season.

By the way, the 2004 and 2008 Ute teams deserve all the props you can think up, and should have been given their shot at the championship.

Salt Lake City, UT


"...does 52-21 ring a bell?"

Wow, you dominated one of the worst BYU teams of the last half century. Take a bow.

"If going undefeated is so unremarkable, why hasn't [BYU] come any closer than 2 losses during this same era?"

If 11-2 is so unremarkable, why hasn't Utah (except for 2004/2008) EVER had an 11-win season? Bronco bookended Kyle's 13-0 season with THREE 11-2 seasons.

"BYU '84 differs from those other teams in another way too: they did not play a single ranked opponent."

BYU 1984 beat Air Force(8-4), which finished #24 in the Final AP poll, unranked only because the 1984 poll only ranked the Top 20, but higher in the poll than Pittsburgh 2004, which finished #25 in the final AP poll.

Margin of victory is a meaningless comparison. BYU 1984 was a more defensive oriented team, as evidenced by their three remarkable goal line stands versus Pittsburgh, Air Force and Hawaii.

Excluding the meaningless 12th regular season game versus USU after BYU had already risen to #1 in the polls, the overall record of BYU's 1984 opponents was almost identical to Utah's 11 2004 opponents.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC

"Did we deserve a title game? Nope. 2008? Yes."

Obviously, the answer is NOPE for both 2004 and 2008 - not according to the BCS rules; the Utes finished #6 in the final BCS standings both years.


Obviously is was my opinion, just like it is my opinion that TCU 2010 deserved a shot at the title.

Ironic you pull up the same BCS top 6 rule which existed from 1998 to 2006. The same rule that SOME BYU "fan" argues that never existed prior to 2004. Falsely calming that #10 Tulane, #8 Marshall, and yes 2001 BCS fraud #16 BYU were deserving of a BCS game.

Iowa City, IA

If you borrowed your logo from another team a.k.a. The Washington Redskins, you really don't deserve any props.

Park City, UT


BYU 2001 was 12-0 until December when BYU was hit with a triple set back.

First - BYU lost Luke Staley, the best running back in the nation in a win at Mississippi State

Second - Because of 9-11, BYU-MSU was moved from September 15th to December 1st, forcing BYU to travel to Starksville for a Saturday night game, return to Provo on Sunday, and then travel to Hawaii for a night game the following Saturday, a distance of 6,400 miles traveled in less than a week

Third - while still undefeated and ranked #9 in the AP poll, BYU was informed that they had been removed from consideration for a BCS bowl

Losing their star running back, combined with the physical fatigue and mental letdown were simply too much for the team to handle and BYU lost big to a well-rested Hawaii team on their home turf.

Hardly a BCS fraud, except in the eyes of a jealous Utah fan.

If not for 9-11, BYU might well have beaten #17 MSU in mid-September, not lost a rested Staley, and been undefeated and ranked in the Top 5 at seasons end.

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

1984 National Champions - BYU. That ain't goint to change.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


If you honestly believe that beating a 5 loss team by 7 points is impressive, then there's no need to carry this conversaton any furhter. Your bias is very, very obvious. Michigan wasn't even close to the Rose Bowl. Purdue thumped them. Purdue would have went, even if Michigan had beaten Ohio State. I noticed the Sportsfan never admitted that. I guess it's easier to make stuff up then use facts. As far as ranting goes, I'm merely stating facts and statistics which really put you on the defensive. Was it BYU's fault that the system was what is was? Of course not. Again, no team has EVER won the NC with 5 loses or with out beating a single team ranked in the final top 20. No team ever will in the future. Care to refute that? Congrats on winning the NC by default, because that's exactly what happened and everyone outside of BYU knows it. When you have to use injuries as an excuse, that's a sad day indeed. We can agree to disagee. Have a good evening.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

In 1984, Michigan lost it's second game of the season, at home, to Washington 20-11. I'm sure the whole team must have been injured and didn't recoved until the Holiday Bowl. Ask Bo Schembeclher who had the best team that year, he should know. He certainly didn't think it was BYU. Naw, letsdebate and Sportsfan know better. Too funny!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the national championship is given to the best team in the nation. Whether or not you believe that BYU won it by default (or they backed into it), BYU was deemed to be the BEST team in the nation that year. Who cares if some other team some 10 years later was better. Alabama's team last year was probably better than BYU's 1984 team, but does that mean that BYU's 1984 championship suddenly needs to have an asterisk?

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