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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 6 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

We would've been ranked #1 logo if it weren't for those darn refs

Gilbert, AZ


Silly little Ute.

Call us when you've reached the pinnacle of team and individual achievements in major college football - a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy.

BYU didn't win the National Championship by beating Michigan in the Holiday Bowl.

BYU won the National Championship by winning 66 of 75 (88%) over the course of 6 seasons, 6 straight conference championships, and 5 of 6 Top 12 finishes, concluding with 24 straight wins and back-to-back Top 7 finishes to establish enough credibility with the poll voters that when BYU completed the 1984 season as the only undefeated team in the country, ALL FIVE major national selecting organizations selected BYU as the CONSENSUS National Champion for 1984.

Only a jealous Utah fan would be so naive as to think BYU won the national championship solely by beating a 6-5 Michigan team in the Holiday Bowl.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Per the final top 20; tell us which teams they beat that year? Tell how many other teams won the National Championship with out beating a single ranked team. Do tell.

  • 7:25 a.m. Aug. 7, 2013
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Gilbert, AZ

Spokane Ute

What's really important about 1984 is who BYU didn't lose to, but just to satisfy your yearning for validation, BYU beat Air Force(8-4) on the road, a team that finished #24 in the final AP poll, though technically not ranked because in 1984 the AP rankings only included the Top 20, Air Force still finished higher in the final poll than Utah's much ballyhooed Fiesta Bowl opponent, Pittsburgh(8-4), which finished #25 in the final AP poll.

The next time Utah has a 24-game winning streak, including two road wins against Top 15 teams, back-to-back Top 7 finishes, is the only undefeated team in the country, and is selected as the consensus national champion by every major selecting organization of the day, call us, and we'll discuss which team's national championship was more deserved.

Bottom line, all five major selecting organizations selected BYU as THE MOST DESERVING team to be selected the 1984 National Championship. The proof of that statement is evidenced by the FIVE National Championship trophies resting proudly in BYU's Sports Hall of Fame, including the coveted Crystal Football National Championship Trophy.

btw, the AP SELECTED Utah #2 in 2008.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Sorry talkinsports, but everyone out side of Provo County knows BYU won the NC by default. Was it their fault? No. When you hang your hat on beating a 8-4 Air Force team; well that speaks for itself. When you knock off a top 5 SEC power house in the Sugar Bowl (Their back yard), go undefeated and beat 4 FINAL top 25 teams along the way, give us a call. No non-SEC school has beaten Alabama since. At least in 2004-2005 Utah beat a ranked team in their bowl. Sorry, beating 6-5 Michigan, by the narrowest of margins, really told the nation that BYU was waaaay over ranked. Michigan lost to #17/#18 Iowa that year 26-0. They lost to BYU 24-17. Numbers don't lie.



Yet another way that BYU is superior to my Utes - they are winning the "logo war." BYU's "stretch Y" logo is seen by two dudes at Athlon Sports as being cooler than Utah's drum and feather logo.

I have become despondent. Please, is there anyone out there thay can talk me off of the ledge?

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Spokane Ute

"When you hang your hat on beating a 8-4 Air Force team; well that speaks for itself."

LOL at the biased inconsistent spin.

What did Utah hang their 2004 BCS busting hat on?

The Utes backed their way into a BCS bowl only beating three teams with winning records, none with better than a 7-5 record, against a SOS that was ranked around 60th, about the same as BYU's 2012 schedule.

Then the Utes were SELECTED #4 in the AP and #5 in the Coaches polls after beating #25/unranked 8-4 Pittsburgh in a bowl, a team that finished in a four-way tie for first in a weak 7-team conference, one game ahead of the 5th place team.

When you hang your hat on beating an 8-4 team that finished LOWER in the AP poll than Air Force, and then criticize BYU, well, that speaks for itself.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Snack PAC

Where are you getting BYU's strength of schedule number? Utah's was #67. There was no such thing as the saragin rankings back then. Utah beat then #20 Pitt in their bowl, which finished #25 in the AP Poll, and #23 in the saragin rankings. BYU beat unranked 6-5 Michigan. BYU's best win was against Air Force, who has a final ranking of #24/#25 (tied with Notre Dame). Utah beat 3 teams with above .500 records and 4 teams from power conferences. BYU beat 4 teams with above .500 records and 2 teams from power conferences. Were the schedules comporable? yes. Did Utah beat a better team in the bowl game? Yes. Utah season was 9 years ago, BYU's was 31 years ago. Sorry guy, Utah's season was more impressive, but slightly; and certainly more recent. I noticed you didn't mention the 2008-2009 season. Now that's curious.

Congrats on the Logo though. That and 75 cents will get you a newspaper.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Seriously DN, you rated this a "Top Comment"?

"Per the final top 20; tell us which teams they beat that year? Tell how many other teams won the National Championship with out beating a single ranked team."

The comment isn't even on topic.

Highland, UT

So steel ute and spokane ute come along and just prove they feel major angst as it oozes from their fingers onto their keyboards.


Sandy, UT

@Sooner Ute

The masters of rip offs are found at the U of U, not BYU.
-Ask the Washington Redskins.
-Ask Duke's Coach K.
-Ask the U of Miami, about hand signs.
etc.. etc..

Even the U on the mountain in SLC (est. 1907), only came after BYU had already put the Y on their mountain (est. 1906).

Yale's "standard block Y" (which is not their creation) didn't appear on their football helmets, until the late 1960's and after BYU had already put one on theirs (1966).

And a full 6 decades after BYU had already placed the "standard block Y" on the face of a Rocky Mountain..

BYU's National Brand is secure. Not only because of savvy marketing, but more importantly, because in football, their program has received every major coveted piece of hardware, which College Football has to offer.

Utah hasn't even managed to possess the phrase
"The U" on a National Basis.

Let alone establish a National Brand.

@ Y/Grad Y/Dad

Yahoo was est. in 1995.
The "modern Y logo" was first seen in 1978, with the first Y on a BYU helmet appearing in 1966..

Do the math...

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Duck Hunter

Not really, just having a civil, factual and interesting debate which I know is foreign to you. Isn't this about the time you call my posts "emotional and frantic"?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@Deductive Reasoning

Does that upset you? I didn't bring up the topic, I simply responed to talkin sports. My comment on topic is on page 1, FYI.

Gilbert, AZ


"Where are you getting BYU's strength of schedule number?"

Read a little more carefully.

I compared Utah's 2004 SOS with BYU's 2012 SOS meerly to show the inconsistency of Utah fans beating their chests about Utah's great 2004 season, while whining about how "weak" BYU's schedule was last season.

Anaheim, CA

Spokane Ute

Utah was SELECTED #2 in the final 2008 AP poll in EXACTLY the same way BYU was selected #1 in the final 1984 AP poll.

The real difference in BYU's 1984 undefeated season and Utah's 2008 undefeated season can be found in the credibility that BYU had been building with the national media since 1979, and Utah's lack of credibility.

Prior to 1984, BYU had finished in the Top 12 in 4 of the previous 5 seasons, including beating two Top 15 teams on the road and finishing #7 in 1983.

Prior to 2008, Utah hadn't been ranked since 2004, and had suffered that embarrassing shutout loss to UNLV(2-10) in 2007. The nationally relevant momentum Utah had gained in 2004, had long since died by 2008.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Spokane Ute

"Does that upset you?"

Not at all; just wondering why the DN would pick a comment that isn't even on topic as a "Top Comment"?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Phoenix or Talkinsports or who ever,

The schedules were comporable, as I stated, but the bowl opponents were not. I was just curious, since I don't believe there was such a poll/rating in 1984. Neither team played a good schedule; but you can't change how your opponents fare.

Deductive reasoning,

Fair enough, I was suprised to, but what the hey.

Deep Blue,

Congrats on your credibility. That and National Realavence are certainly subjective and open to opinion. I merely compared the season using facts and stats. BYU's 1997 season, and Cotton Bowl victory are far more impressive then 1984.

Lincoln Park, IL

Spokane Ute

"Utah beat 3 teams with above .500 records and 4 teams from power conferences."

Get over your "power conferences" obsession. Simply being from power doesn't prove ANYTHING!

Using your silly argument, BYU opened the season beating multiple national champion, #3-ranked Pittsburgh on the road and finished the season beating multiple national champion and the winningest major college football program in the country in a bowl.

Besides, each season is different.

No BYU fan has ever claimed that BYU 1984 was the best college team ever, but, what BYU accomplished in 1984 was judged by every major national organization as being more deserving of being named national champion than any other team.

It's funny that Utah fans beat their chests about winning an NCAA tournament in 1944, yet whine about BYU's 1984 National Championship.

BYU's 1984 schedule was an NFL caliber schedule compared to Utah's 1944 high school caliber schedule.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

So BYU has ranked higher for Logo and Stadium than Utah in the past short time....Can't we just get to the end of August already and get to the games?

Orem, UT

Spokane Ute

Despite the records and rankings, the Michigan team that BYU beat in the 1984 Holiday Bowl would have curb stomped the Pittsburgh team that Utah beat in the 2004 Fiesta Bowl.

Michigan was a Top 10 team and an early national championship contender themselves before a rash of injuries led to a mid-season meltdown. Even so, the Wolverines were good enought that they would have been playing in the Rose Bowl if they'd beaten Ohio State in their regular season finale.

By the time BYU played Michigan in the Holiday Bowl in late December, most of Michigan's injured players, especially on defense, were back and healthy. Michigan's coach was so confident in the health of his team, that he fully expected to dominate BYU in the bowl.

BYU proved that even with a rash of 7 turnovers - wasting several scoring opportunities and giving Michigan some easy scores - and with an injured QB who played the entire 2nd half on a leg he could barely stand on, BYU was still good enough to overcome a 4th quarter deficit to beat a very good Michigan team.

Simply comparing records and rankings doesn't always tell the whole story.

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