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Published: Monday, Aug. 5 2013 11:25 a.m. MDT

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Cedar City, UT

The cocktail of chemicals was likely aluminum and hydrochloride acid. When they react they produce hydrogen gas and aluminum chloride. Like a dry ice bomb with a little acid in it. It is dangerous but not as dangerous as stated in this article.

Austin, TX

In era of suspending elementary kids for pointing their finger like a gun, there is probably much less here than meets the eye. I have a hard time believing this rises to the level of a felony. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a double-date gone awry with the poor judgement of one or two boys trying to impress a couple of girls. I suspect local law enforcement is exaggerating the events to flex their muscle and make a statement. Not uncommon in my community when I was a kid when we did stupid stuff but not necessarily worthy of prime placement on a major news website. Possibly equally poor judgement on the part Riverton FD and PD and Deseret News for playing with people's lives, each for their own reasons. The Bridger Hunt experience from a few years ago reminds us explosive devices can be dangerous. I doubt this was that. The lack of details in the story along with Mecham's claim that it could have killed someone don't make sense. It doesn't sound like the behavior was malicious. It was likely stupid, not well-thought out and worthy of citation.

Idaho Falls, ID

Agree. This is not worthy of felony arrest. Yeah these kids need to be scared straight but NOT get a permanent criminal record. People get away with a lot worse offenses with barely a slap on the wrist. Who hasn't done stupid stuff like this when they were a kid? People are way to uptight these days.

Salt Lake City, UT

Keep it classy Riverton!

Clearfield, UT

When I lived in Kearns someone put one of these type of bombs in my mailbox. Blew it up. I found pieces of my mailbox on my roof. Just a teenage prank. I don't think so. Shame on Miss Riverton and the others involved. When I first started driving a bus I car full of teenagers pulled next to me and told me there was a bomb on board. They thought it was a joke. Yes it was a prank and I did not report it. If I had they could have been in serious trouble.

Farmington, UT

I just roared when I read most of these comments, especially the ones about not wanting world peace, someone in West Valley making fun of Riverton and a double date that went awry.

After reading about the death of a missionary in Wyoming and a shooting in Pennsylvania, I needed a good laugh.

Now then, punish the little folks and remind them to act like adults, since they are now 18. And hopefully their embarrassed families will try a little harder to teach their younger siblings about being good citizens.

Salt Lake, UT

@GiuseppeG We have way too many felonies on the books. I can see if they were throwing dangerous explosives right at people (and if they were then yes, that, is a problem). But if these were little more than homemade fireworks thrown on driveways I think we need to just let it go. We have enough people with a criminal record who have no chance of getting decent jobs who end up on welfare or homeless as it is-why throw away another kids life over a stupid mistake?

Phoenix, AZ

Way to go Miss Riverton!!! NOT smart!

Manti, UT

Mentos and soda pop. I call for more candy control. There should be a background check for anybody buying soda pop or candy!

Santa Monica, CA

Judges: Umm, hello Miss First Runner Up--remember when we said, "if for any reason our winner is unable to perform her duties.....?"
Look, I'm not saying she should automatically lose her crown and not be able to compete in the Miss Utah Contest, but there's no way she should be in the running for Miss Congeniality.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

I can see the made-for-TV drama on Lifetime: "Blond Bombshell: A Night of Terror"

They'll get Linsey Lohan to star in her comeback performance with Paris Hilton as her accomplice. Perhaps they can get Honey Boo Boo Child to be one of the contestants in the Riverton pageant in the lead up to the crime. Can't wait!

Stansbury Park, Ut

These funny bombs are capable of blowing off fingers and creating serious chemical burns to anyone who touches them. Police across the nation are taking them very seriously. The combination of aluminum foil and toilet cleaner creates hydrochloric acid and hydrogen gas. There are various kinds with various bad effects, but commonly it takes 10 minutes to go off.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

re: Say No to BO

Beauty pageants have spawned reality TV.

re: justamacguy

You haven't been keeping on Mayor Bloomberg & NYC; have you?

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