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Published: Sunday, Aug. 4 2013 6:25 p.m. MDT

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I'm most certain this comment will not be "approved" by the Deseret News. However, it seems to me that many individuals most of whom are located in Utah County truly need to brush up on their facts! One of the NUMEROUS reasons the PAC 12 had ZERO interest in BYU was not only weak athletics & the inability to constantly compete in a conference like the PAC 12 but also its academics. Yes! Fact. I'm aware how much you all hate them in Provo but The U of U offers many more graduate degrees and the PhD level is light years ahead of that other school down in Provo!

West Jordan, UT

Star was a full qualifier out of snow, I don't know why bronco wasnt interested in him then but that looks like a major failure on his part. Claiming players didn't go to the y because of their high academic standard is a myth, academic standards are so much lower for athletes than it is for the general student.

Las Vegas, NV

Just Truth: Please re-read my post. Star had an offer from byU coming out of Snow! byU lost him when he chose Utah over byU coming out of Snow. He was only an academic casualty to byU coming out of high school.

"But I guess facts don't get in the way of great reporting like yours...haha"

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I refer you to the book on Bronco's program, "Running into the wind." Bronco requires a 3.00 GPA. He is insistant that student atheletes actually have a higher standard. Sorry you have not read the book. It's a good read but part two is a little redundant.

Las Vegas, NV

BigCougar: "Really talented kids who commit to BYU from Timp are going to be under extremely heavy barrage of pressure from Whit's brother to switch their commitment"

This kid wanted an offer from Utah when he first visited, but Utah didn't offer him then, so he "settled" on byU. Things obviously changed from that moment at both Utah and byU. He did finally get an offer from Utah, and accepted it. Deal with it and move on. It had NOTHING to do with undue pressures or undue influence from Timp's head coach. He chose Utah over byU. byU lost him to the big brother on the hill - maligning the character of a good man and coach won't make the facts change.

Go Utes!

Provo, UT

@ SLCWatch

Harvey langey didn't serve a mission...


Is the "high academic standard" argument really being brought up again? After a certain team took a player this year who had to sit out an entire year of junior college athletics to focus on getting his academic eligibility to the level that any school would take him? Keep using it if it keeps you feeling superior.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT


I suggest you read Hans Olsen's quotes from a Deseret News article of Jan 27th 2009 written by Jeff Call, Amy Donaldson, and Dick Harmon so you can get the Manti Teo story straight. Manti's offer was pulled as was Star's after he struggled academically on the junior college level.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

U25 please read Star's quotes from the D news story of May 1st 2012 written by Brandon Gurney. Even Star said he had no offer from BYU comming out of JC.

CO Ute

First regarding the point of the article. This young man changed his mind, probably because he didn't have a scholarship to the Y but who knows if that was the only reason. Nothing indicates he will have a scholarship at Utah right now.

Second, what a total bunch of garbage in numerous posts about Star, Murphy, Teo, and Langi. Several posters clarified the Langi situation (he's on a mission), some clarified Teo (he was going to pick ND over BYU and had nothing to do with a scholarship). Murphy felt Utah was a better fit, same thing happened with Unga deciding BYU was a better fit. Finally, Star went to JC because of academic reasons. He WAS given an offer from BYU after JC but choose Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

I assume you meant Harvey Unga, I corrected that it was Manase Tonga on page two. If you did mean Langi, he is currently serving a mission as others have stated.

@Elk Hair Caddis

I stand by my statement. Manti Teo never commited to come to BYU. His cousin did but was asked to leave after getting arrested for a DUI and not telling Coach Mendenhall. If you want to say BYU withdrew their offer after Manti did the unspeakable of committing somewhere else first...more power to you. Manti didn't commit anywhere until signing day when he surprised USC and went to Notre Dame. USC thought Norm Chow and convinced him to come to USC but Charlie Weis won out.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Elk Hair Caddis

You're absolutely right, Hans Olsen says the offer was withdrawn. He was not an insider and had no first hand knowledge however.

But Manti Te'o said it wasn't. His dad Bruce didn't say it was. Bronco did not say it was. He was still being recruited on signing day. Again, he never committed to BYU.

Las Vegas, NV

From what I have read, Pita Taumoepenu won't be eligible to play until 2014 anyway. If that is the case, and he REALLY wanted to go to byU, wouldn't byU have a spot open for him in 2014?

Just wondering....

Arlington, VA


After failing to meet academic requirements at BYU, Star spent 2007 building furniture before deciding to get back into football at Snow. BYU simply lost track of Star and Utah was the fortunate recipient of BYU's loss.

As far as Pita is concerned, it remains to be seen where he ultimately ends up playing. At this point, it's far from a given that he'll be academically eligible to play at either BYU or Utah.

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

Don't know if this kid will be good or not, don't know if he decided to go to the U because he felt it was a better fit, or he didn't like the atmosphere at BYU, or whatever. Doesn't matter. Seems like a good kid and I'm glad he has the chance to get his education paid for. But please, let's drop the "holier than thou" attitude at the Y. The U has to juggle scholarships for RMs too. I'm pretty sure "fit" was more of an issue than scholarship. Even Bronco isn't that dumb. And secondly, BYU's academic level is not higher than the U's. Their collective team GPA isn't even higher. The Newsweek ranking so often quoted takes into account cost, which is heavily subsidized by the LDS Church. If tuition was the same you would see the Y slip way below the U. All other credible ranking institutions have the U higher. No knock on the Y, you still have to get grades, and some of their programs are ranked higher than the U (accounting, communications). But better overall? Nope. That's a myth.

Logan, UT

It has been reported that Pita didn't want to play for the Cougars because they just plain stink.

River Falls, WI

RE: ekute

"I too love my Pac12 membership. My membership makes the Utes The Best in baseball, rugby, volleyball, academically, women's gymnastics and, you didn't mention basketball but the Runnin' Utes are the best in that too. And...We have a long history of owning you're team in football."

Are you being serious? Utah definitely has the best women's gymnastics team in the state, all the other things you listed are debatable at best.

Baseball? In the last five years Utah is 115-153 (.429) and BYU is 142-130 (.526), and BYU owns the head-to-head 14-7.

Rugby? Seriously, do you not read the paper? The Utes program is currently suspended and in the last five years BYU has three national titles and the other two years finished second… in the nation! And they own Utah 6-1 over that period with the lone loss being by two points.

River Falls, WI

Volleyball? The Ute’s are so intimidated by BYU’s nearly always ranked #5 or better team that they don’t even compete in men’s volleyball.

Academics? Utah definitely is a better research school (offer more graduate programs and have more grant money) and BYU is definitely a better undergraduate institution.

Basketball? Get real… BYU owns 11 of the last 12 and has been dancing six of the last seven. Utah? I think they beat Montana once. Or was it Sacramento State?

So, ekute, I don’t think you were trying to be sarcastic or ironic, but perhaps you were. If so, thanks for again reminding us who clearly has the better athletic program. Hint: it’s not the one that dwells at the bottom of a stellar conference.

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT


You are way confused. Harvey didn't go on a mission but he did grey shirt his first year due to a fractured hip. He chose BYU over Utah mostly because of his relationship with Coach Lance Reynolds.

As for Murphy, I was told by a current BYU coach that a scholarship was made available for him after his mission but for his own reasons Jake selected Utah over BYU. Big loss for the Cougars but Jake will probably move on and have a successful pro-career and be a fine representative of the State and the Church.

Olympia, WA

Sounds like he decided against his mission at this time and needed a scholarship that BYU couldn't give him. Probably a good decision on his part. And the competition is already pretty strong at that position, his chances to play would better at the U. Wish him the best of luck.

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