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Published: Sunday, Aug. 4 2013 6:25 p.m. MDT

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Payson, UT

RE:Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

You have some facts wrong.
"Star lotulelei was originally headed to BYU then the offer was pulled and he did great at Utah." Star had to go to JRCO route. BYU did not pull his offer. They just did not offer him again went he finish at Snow. BYU's mistake.

"Manti Teo was originally slated for BYU then the offer was pulled and he did fine at Notre Dame." Manti Teo sign with ND and never sign with BYU so BYU could not pull an offer that was not taken. Nothing BYU could do here.

Wendall Hoop
Salt Lake City, UT

SLCWatch - "By the way, I am glad he could get into a school on scholarship. But I hope he doesn't give up on the mission because it's far more important than football. Hope Utah coaches keep that option open for him."

I agree. Knowing players and coaches up there, he will go on a mission unless he stops practicing the faith. They have lots of RM's there and the defense coaches are supportive as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

why ride the pines when you can start right now on the Utes.....wont win many games but who cares if you are starting?

Santa Monica, CA

Wardog--I consider myself a much higher caliber than the average "moran." I don't say moranic things and even though I'm not a BYU fan and I'm not a Morman--I love my Morman friends and neighbors and I respect Brancos progrom. But I think that the idea of the kid wanting to be a part of the PAC 12 is totally conceivable and I totolly respect his decisian.

Layton, UT

"Personally he’s got things that he hasn’t shared with or anybody else"

Probably other things involved in his decision. I wish him the best.

Provo, UT

I love how BYU fans just make stuff up to excuse their own miserable failures. Nothing better than the jealous rantings from Cougar fans on Utah articles LOL at the Y fans who continue to come in hoards to Utah boards seeking validation.

Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to Ute Nation young man! You obviously made the right choice. We look forward to watching you grow in the classroom and on the field!


"so he had to settle for Utah"

LOL! Ya, he had to settle ... just like Sealver Siliga, Star, Jake Murphy, Davion Orphey, et al.

Spin away!!

Go Utes!!

Go Utes!!

Just Truth
Saratoga Springs, UT

It's just a matter of scholarships lining up at the right time. But two can play the game of twisting the article on these silly comment boards. From my perspective, this is how it is when a player wants to play for the best college in the state, BYU. But yeah, Utah always seems to have an opening if the first choice falls through. Guess what? Weber State would accommodate this young man also. I'd rather have BYU's predicament of turning potential greats away because the cupboard is full, than Utah's fall back plan of waiting for the leftovers.

Las Vegas, NV

Every one from Utah County refuses to accept that byU DID offer Star out of Snow. All the reporting services state that he had an offer. The only evidence I have been given to the contrary is an article written by Gurney (?) - who is hardly objective - quoting an obscure statement made by an unnamed assistant coach.

It seems that byU fans approach their recruits the same way they approach their football games - they have never lost a single one!

Go Utes!

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Regardless of the reasons for Pita going to Utah, it is true that there is little BYU can do when all of their scholarships have been offered based on the comings and goings of players. Pita sounds like an extremely talented player, one that I would like to see at BYU. But if he said he was going on a mission, clearly BYU would not offer him a scholarship so that it could sit unused for two years. When his plans changed, were the BYU coaches then supposed to pull a scholarship offer from another player to whom it had already been promised? I certainly wouldn't want them to do that, even though it is costing them in this case and it cost them with Jake Murphy. Dealing honorably even when it costs you in the short run is better than losing integrity for the sake of winning at all costs.


Shame on those few who have questioned his character. Did we learn nothing this past week when a Utah player and a Texas A&M player died?

Woods Cross, UT

Agree with Mr. Passion --- could have occurred for any number of reasons, and it would be indiscreet for any program to offer and then withdraw a scholarship.

This is not necessarily a slam against BYU, just another young man laying his cards on the table & trying to choose his optimal personal pathway based on the advice he receives and his perspective of chances/options to play.

Blogs are also reporting, for example, Miami's first string Sam LB is moving to Utah after two years in Southern Florida; he'll have a RS year, but with Brian Blechen currently in his senior year, the timing could be great for him. (Haven't seen info from Miami as to why the move is happening.)

And probably more turbulence is on the way.... Very well could be alot more moves during the next few weeks / months before Signing Day, most likely this is just one of many.

Frisco, TX

@ Chris B - "I love my BCS Pac 12 membership and being the best program in the state!"

Two questions -

1. Do U have a membership in the PAC or is the University a member of the PAC? I didn't know they were issuing individual memberships.

2. Please define "best program in the state". Best at football? USU doesn't think so. Best at basketball? Nobody thinks so. Best at baseball? I don't think so. Best at Rugby or Volleyball? Not even close. Best academically? Not according to US News. Best at women's gymnastics? That's it. U probably meant to say best gymnastics program in the state.


Please define "best program in the state". Best at football? USU doesn't think so.

Two questions -

1. Why are you trying to have a conversation with Chris B?

2. Why should we care what USU thinks about who has the best football program in the state? Every program should think they are the best, and most fans will think their program is the best. USU beating Utah 1 time since '97 doesn't prove much on its own, but win 2 in a row and a conversation can be had. Add to that USU has lost two BYU twice in a row, a team that Utah has beaten 3 times in a row. Football starts in 24 days, thats when USU fans can start thinking they are the best if they win in week 1.

As of now Utah is the best football "program" in the state. Last year USU was the best "team" in state.

As for any other sports, irrelevant in this discussion.

Holladay, UT

Chris B. - It feels great seeing your beloved utes get smacked around week in and week out. But good luck this year in your pac12 your going to need it.

Idaho Falls, ID

Here are some others who love utah's membership in the Pac-12:
University of Arizona
Arizona State University
University of Oregon
Oregon State University
University of Washington
Washington State University
University of California - Berkeley
University of California - Las Angeles
University of Southern California
Stanford University
University of Colorado

Did I miss anyone?

Just Truth
Saratoga Springs, UT

Yes, VegasUte, star had an offer at BYU, didn't make the grade, lost the offer, and went to Snow, then transferred to the U where a scholarship was available. That's hardly losing a recruit. But I guess facts don't get in the way of great reporting like yours...haha

Layton, UT

I too love my Pac12 membership. My membership makes the Utes The Best in baseball, rugby, volleyball, academically, women's gymnastics and, you didn't mention basketball but the Runnin' Utes are the best in that too.

And...We have a long history of owning you're team in football.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Just Truth
I'd rather have BYU's predicament of turning potential greats away because the cupboard is full, than Utah's fall back plan of waiting for the leftovers.


If you define "potential greats" as NFL talent then you are wrong.

I think the kid wants to play in the NFL. If that's the case then Utah is the place, if firesides are more important to him then the legacy program down south should have been the choice.

Current NFL Roster:

Utah 31
BYU 15
Utah State 13
Weber State 3

Bountiful, UT

Well, I think this effectively closes the Timpview pipeline we enjoyed when Louis Wong was coach. Really talented kids who commit to BYU from Timp are going to be under extremely heavy barrage of pressure from Whit's brother to switch their commitment. Chalk one up to the Whittinghams.

I wonder if they can get Fred Jr in as the HC at Bingham now?

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