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Published: Sunday, Aug. 4 2013 6:25 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Kyle Whittingham (head coach at Utah)

Cary Whittingham (head coach Timpview HS)


Steve Leeflang
Sunnyvale, CA

Steven S Jarvis

D news reported last year that Langi was to enter the MTC in July 2012.... hopefully that's why we haven't heard about him

Aurora, CO

Sorry to see him leaving BYU...I'm sure he had his reasons, and they are probably not all because of the lack of scholarships.

Glad he stayed instate.

ESPN had him going to Hawaii.

No stars means nothing. It what he does in practice and on the field that counts.

He'll probably end up as a linebacker and the Y is loaded with outstanding linebackers.

Bluffdale, UT


Langi is on a mission.

Frisco, TX

Sorry, I don't understand the Y fans who are now doubting this kids talent. Managing scholarships, missions and NCAA rules is tough business - especially when mission plans change.

I'm disappointed we lost Pita, but we get our fair share of athletes who commit to other programs and then come to BYU after their missions. (No, we don't recruit them on their missions.)

One of the other ones I'm very disappointed we lost is DeMarcus Harrison on the basketball team, because of no scholarship after he postponed his mission for a year.

I wish Pita well and hope he still decides to serve.

Payson, UT

Ute nation has their arms wide open for this kid. Not sure he has a scholarship at Utah. Article just says he had an extreme interest in the Utes. Hope he works hard and turns into the talent that will earn him a full scholarship. The Polynesian culture is strong at the U, and surely had a lot to do with his commitment.

BYU does what a lot of schools do, and offers way too many scholarships - more than they can give out. If they want to walk the talk, they should hold off extending offers a little longer. Are they so worried that their recruits will change their minds once the BCS schools make their offers?

Harrisville, UT

he's sure to make "all american" first team now and lead the utes to 7 or 8 rose bowl victories.

Salt Lake City, UT


I'm pretty sure Unga didn't serve a mission, unless it was the Max Hall version. He was 20 when he was MWC Freshman of the Year.

As to Star going to the U after Snow, I've never seen any evidence BYU wouldn't have accepted him after Snow.

Taumoepenu seems extremely athletic, but inexperienced. Ziggy 2?

Richmond, VA

Congrats to the Utes for winning over another BYU commit! Whether it's a lack of scholarship or the Whittingham connection it doesn't matter. This Cougar faithful wishes him the best and hope he'll shine where he's planted. If BYU can still compete and maintain a level of success with the talents they're able to get then that's all that matters. I love it when they can still compete with no name athletes others looked down on as just 2 stars or even no stars. I love it also that these kids have missions on their minds besides football. Great things awaits them when the Lord is made an important part of their lives. I am obviously very proud of the poly pipeline to all the Utah schools and hope BYU will continue to win it's fair share.

Go Cougs beat the Utes and Aggies! And yes I do love both those schools too!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Thx for the heads up on Langi.
That's great news!!!

Sandy, UT

More Pac-12 Patch spin...

Conference spin only helps when you're one of the Big Boys of your league.
Conference Bottom-feeders i.e Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Duke etc. don't ever play that card. They play up their academics, another area where Utah falls behind not only BYU, but the rest of the Pac.

No Whitt, he's coming your way because BYU didn't have room for him at this time.
Just as Jake Murphy did.

Being honest with young men you are recruiting and your fans, will go a long way in establishing credibility.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I love my BCS Pac 12 membership and being the best program in the state!

Go Utes!

How does it feel cougars?


Draper, UT


"He had to settle for Utah." Really? Going from a mediocre independent to a PAC-12 school is hardly "settling." BYU (and Bronco) have lost some outstanding talent to Utah; this kid is just the latest to see the proverbial light.

Iowa City, IA

Lets see...Whittingham gets a BYU commit to change his commitment from BYU to Utah for, Oh yea, Coach Whittingham his brother. Never saw that coming. It will happen again...

Idaho Falls, ID

In other words, somebody talked the kid out of going on a mission. How special.

Idaho Falls, ID

Re: 3grandslams

Not to worry, after this season LittleWhit won't have a big brother in the coaching profession.

Salt Lake City, UT

You were right about Harvey Unga, it was Manase Tonga I was thinking about. My point was that the schools both have people who switch. They are young and often change their minds. Neither school is better than the other as a general rule.

As to Star BYU does have a higher entrance level and Bronco Mendenhall has an even higher level. Star did great getting his up but not to the level the Y required. Utah has a state school entrance level and it's not as high so after a year he qualified there. He still likes the Y but his college and career choices were on hold so he moved on. It's not a "gang" red/blue kind of thing.

Centerville, UT

@Elk Hair Caddis

"Manti Teo was originally slated for BYU then the offer was pulled and he did fine at Notre Dame."

Factually, you are correct but circumstantially a different story. Bronco pulled Teo's scholarship only after he was courting a prettier girl in Notre Dame. Notre Dame was not a second choice.

But yes, I suppose we can hang our hat on BYU rejected him.

E & EE
Ann arbor, MI

Based on some of Whittingham's comments, I wonder if there are some issues preventing him from serving a mission. Perhaps that is why he has changed his plans.

Whether that's the case or not I hope he still ends up on a mission someday. And it's (maybe) unfortunate that BYU let him get away. Time will tell.

Payson, UT

I hope he is happy at Utah and get a chance to play well. Best of luck.

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