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Published: Saturday, Aug. 3 2013 4:10 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Whittingham knows how to have undefeated top 5 seasons

So does Erickson

We will be in a rose bowl within 5-10 years max

Our FIRST year in the league we were one field goal away from the PAC 12 tilt game with rose bowl on the line.

Only 5 years ago we were a top 5 team

Recruiting has improved the past several years

Which is why we are handling byu easily but still struggling against PAC 12 teams who also have great recruiting

I am not worried in the least.

I think this year we will be in the title hunt within the last game or two of the season

Mark that down! I will remind you all I was r

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

To all who mock Utah: you only wish the PAC 12 or another bcs league wanted you,

But they don't!

Cris B.
Sandy, UT

Thomas Jefferson,

How does it feel knowing the Maryland of the PAC 12 seniors are about to complete the career 4-0 sweep over your team?

Van noy and Hoffman are supposed to be stars, and yet they will be 0-4 against "Maryland"

Never beat them!


As "bad" as we are, you lost 54-10 to that bad team!

Murray, UT

And six years after joining the PAC 10 Arizona was nominated to and joined the prestigious academic group AAU which was really their goal when they left the WAC since they had no football history in the WAC to speak of. Utah will achieve both goals in the PAC 12, membership in AAU and a Rose Bowl game appearance in six years. Mark it down.

pocatello, ID

Two years in and Cougar fans say its a failure and look for comparisons. Hey its not working for AZ football.

Well Brad start writing the next article: Could BYU football be the new Idaho? After all, they are both in the same conference of independents.

ThomasJefferson, your comment about Maryland is interesting. Many schools would like to be them, especially after being invited to join the Big 10. I think several BYU fans would jump all over an invite like that.

Mcallen, TX

The race is on!

What will occur first?

Utah in a Rose Bowl, or our national debt being paid off?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utah will not be Arizona.

Arizona was as awful football school when I lived in Tucson just over a decade ago. They only fielded a football team because that was expected. They had two or three years in a row not winning a single conference game. Utah will never be that bad.

Utah should make it to a bowl every couple of years even at the worst of times because they play in the easier of the two divisions. They are typically better than Cal, Colorado, Washington State and can beat the middle of the pack teams as well depending on when the games land on the schedule. It will all really depend on what kind of teams they play out of conference. If they play teams like Utah State and BYU, Utah even if they win those games is not likely to come out of the game healthy enough to play in conference. That is what happened last year. Utah beat BYU and had practically nothing left in the tank for conference play. They lost a few games where had they not played BYU, would have won.

Big Brother BYU
Orem, UT

Hahaha, this is great. While we're playing for national championships, U will be, uh, not playing for the Rose Bowl. BYU is true.

Plano, TX

Good luck to the U - their success is critical for the reputation of the other schools in UT and the Rockies in general.

Gilbert, AZ


"Our FIRST year in the league we were one field goal away from the PAC 12 tilt game with rose bowl on the line."

LOL at the spin. U had a gift-wrapped PAC south there for the taking and U were dominated at home in the first half by a 10-loss team that hadn't won a road game in four years.

Gilbert, AZ


Two years "in", and you're not even capable of beating the only WAC team on your schedule to qualify for a bowl.

Baby steps:

Before beating your chest about "potential" Rose Bowl berths, or even winning the PAC south, U might want to start by beating your first PAC foe with a winning record.

Sandy, UT

@big brother byu. Byu playing for national championships? What makes byu fans that delusional?


Hmmm, slow sports day. Let's write an article questioning the Utes' ability to compete in the challenging PAC 12 in order to please the BYU-friendly Deseret News readers. Let's create controversy any way we can, right? Especially if it's at Utah's expense.

Lame, Rock.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Let's talk about the Sun Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl; shall we?

Springville, UT

“Going to the Pac-12, we knew it was going to be a transition and a process, and a work in progress, I guess you could say,” Whittingham recently said."

But that's not what Ute fans were saying 2 and 3 years ago!

It's interesting to see and hear how the message has been morphing into excuses since last season. LOL

Frisco, TX

Utah is my 3rd favorite school behind BYU and USU.

However, I think this article is spot on. Hopefully a few of the commenters will quit looking at their team through Rose colored glasses.

Utah has a tough schedule and will struggle to be bowl eligible. I think the biggest question is, will Erickson bring innovation, and progress to the offensive side of the ball like he did at Washington State and Oregon State. Or are his last few years at Arizona State a sign of things to come? Every coach in the PAC knows his system, so the offense will not surprise anyone.

I'm glad so many Ute commenters define a successful season as a win against BYU, but the season is 12 games long, not one. Hopefully U can get it turned around a get back to your winning ways. And hopefully BYU can get back to beating Utah.

North Salt Lake, UT

"Could Utah football be the new Arizona?"

Um, yeah, it will. It already is. And many of us correctly predicted this back in 2010.

And I love the revisionist history here, trying to portray Arizona as a patsy in football. In reality, Arizona and Arizona State dominated the WAC in the mid-1970s, finishing 1-2 in the conference three times. Which is why they got invited to the big party in the first place.

(Speaking of Arizona State, they have only been to two Rose Bowls during their history. That's two Rose Bowls out of 70 total years in the PAC-10 between the two schools.)

Oh, and for the statement "Utah will never be that bad", Utah ALREADY has been that bad. During the '70s and '80s they usually finished in the bottom half of the conference -- right where they are now. The past decade of Utah football has been an anomaly compared to the previous 40 years; now that Utah doesn't have a steady diet of UNLVs and Wyomings to pad their schedule, they have returned to their accustomed position in the conference.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I guess it is time to remind the BYU faithful that the same year Utah lost to Colorado they also curb kicked BYU 54-10 at BYU. The Utes have owned BYU and still do, the green eyed jealousy of BYU fans is showing again in their attacks upon the Utes. Everyone knows that BYU was not wanted by the PAC for various reasons and they are still smarting from the snub. It now seems that no other conference wants anything to do with them also.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Anybody want to add to the flaming pyre of Ute sports by talking Utey basketball... at least Arizona can carry a conversation on the court.

pocatello, ID

Gilbert, AZ

Two years "in", and you're not even capable of beating the only WAC team on your schedule to qualify for a bowl.

Baby steps:

Before beating your chest about "potential" Rose Bowl berths, or even winning the PAC south, U might want to start by beating your first PAC foe with a winning record.


talkinwithoutfacts, please show me where I said anything about a Rose Bowl berth.

Baby steps:

Beat ranked teams. Not just one every so often. BYU might want to start by giving a better impression on ESPN. Otherwise they will become more of a TV slot filler than they are now.

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