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Published: Saturday, Aug. 3 2013 11:30 p.m. MDT

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pocatello, ID

Pac-12 preview: Utah Utes eager to go bowling again’


Independent preview: BYU eager to play in the Kraft Fight Hunger or whatever bowl again.

Orem, UT


BYU eager to win their 5th straight bowl.

Utah eager to play in their 2nd straight couch potato bowl.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC.

As I posted before there is no question that Utah has dominated in the BCS era:

Utah is 10-1 (91%) vs BYU 6-5 (55%)

36% of Utah’s bowl opponents were ranked in the AP top 25 and 55% in the AP top 30

27% of BYU’s bowl opponents were ranked in the AP top 25 and 36% in the AP top 30 (55% in top 35)

The difference, BYU loses so your opponent moves up in rankings:
2001: BYU 10 Louisville 28 (AP #23 - Final #17)
2005: BYU 28 Cal 35 (#31 - #25)

When Utah wins our opponent moves down:
2003: Utah 17 Southern Miss 0 (AP #28 - Final #42)
2004: Utah 35 Pitt 7 (#19 - #25)
2005: Utah 38 GTech 10 (#24 - unranked)

Love skiing
Salt Lake City, UT

Snack Pac- spin it all you want. Results don't lie. BYU have a losing record in bowl games. I love BYU but it is what it is. Deal with it. Get to .500 and then talk.

Orem, UT


Nice try, but none of your weak arguments explain how BYU can LOSE a bowl game and still be ranked, while Utah, even with a bowl win, still isn't good enough to be ranked.

The final AP/Coaches Rankings say it all:

2011 ur/#25
2009 #12/#12
2008 #25/#21
2007 #14/#15
2006 #16/#15
2001 #25/#24
1996 #5/#5
1994 #18/#10
1991 #23/#23
1990 #22/#17
1989 #22/#18
1985 #16/#17
1984 #1/#1
1983 #7/#7
1981 #13/#11
1980 #12/#11
1979 #13/#12
1977 #20/#16

2010 ur/#23
2009 #18/#18
2008 #2/#4
2004 #4/#5
2003 #21/#21
1994 #10/#8
1964 ur/#14

of the 1053 AP Polls to date:

BYU has been ranked in 22%: 11 times (Preseason), 17 times (Final), 236 Weeks (Total)
Utah has been ranked in 7%: 2 times (Preseason), 5 times (Final), 77 Weeks (Total)

Spin it however helps U sleep at night, but if the Utes and their bowl opponents had really been any good, they would have been ranked in the final polls.

The final rankings are the final word.

Live with it!

Salt Lake City, UT


"When Utah wins our opponent moves down:..."

In 2011, when Utah won the Sun Bowl, not only did Utah's opponent Ga Tech move down, so did Utah.

2011 Pre-Bowl Sagarin Rankings
#41 BYU versus #31 Tulsa
#38 Utah versus #45 Ga Tech

2011 Final Sagarin Rankings
#34 BYU, #35 Tulsa
#39 Utah, #56 Ga Tech

While Tulsa barely dropped after losing to BYU in the Armed Forces Bowl, the teams in the Sun Bowl were so pathetic, that not only did the loser plummet 11 places, the winner also dropped a place, leaving the loser of the Armed Forces Bowl ranked higher than the winner of the Sun Bowl.

Another one of those much talked about "impressive" bowl wins for the Utes. LOL!

Sandy, UT


No, the real question is will BYU ever accomplish something meaningful during the BCS era like, oh I don't know, actually go to a BCS bowl game?

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


No the real question is will Utah ever accomplish ANYTHING meaningful on a national scale in any era, like say, winning a national championship, winning a Heisman Trophy, winning a national individual award, having a player selected to the national college football hall of fame, or even reach double digits in AP Top 25 rankings sometime during their first century and a half of football.

Utah's trophy closet is completely bereft of any national individual or team trophies.

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