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Published: Saturday, Aug. 3 2013 11:30 p.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

Hopefully it happens, and Utah can start getting more respect in the PAC12 and represent the state. I love to rib, joke, and make jabs at Utah as a Cougar fan, but I sincerely do hope that the utes can turn it around and have some success. Good luck in what will easily be the toughest year for the U.

Oceanside, CA

A four year void in a healthy, quality QB and three different Offensive Coordinators in three years has contributed greatly to Utah's slow start in the PAC 12. No one should underestimate the effect Dennis Erickson will have on the offense. Healthy, quality QB's and a deeper bench under DE's offensive leadership will now have the Utes on their way. Will they be in the Rose Bowl this year? Of course not. However, those jealous folks with their snide comments about Arizona and Maryland will be disappointed in the coming years. Here comes four in a row; Go Utes!

springville, UT

Will the Utes ever going bowling again is the question!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Will the Utes ever going bowling again is the question!!!"

Considering Utah has already been bowling one out of the two years they've played in the Pac 12 I think it's pretty safe to say they'll be going to more bowl games in the future.

Question, are there any BYU fans out there that cringe when their cougar brothers continue to go to the bowl conversation despite the fact that it was the only year in the last ten that Utah hasn't been to one? It just comes across as extremely desperate if you ask me. There's gotta be something better coug fans can use to shake up Ute fans, this one just makes us laugh.

West Jordan, UT

Will the Cougars ever beat Utah again is the question!!!

Richmond, VA


"I love to rib, joke, and make jabs at Utah as a Cougar fan, but I sincerely do hope that the utes can turn it around and have some success."

I'm with you 100% on that except I don't joke, rib, or make jab at the Utes or disrespect them in any way. I do sometimes try and respond to a lot of the hate from some of their fans in which a few of my comments never made the cut. There's nothing more I would love to see than Utah to tear up their conference and win the Rose Bowl someday. But I will also root against them only when they play BYU.

Go Cougs beat Utah! And good luck to the Utes too after we beat them. How sweet that would be!

Love skiing
Salt Lake City, UT

"Will the Utes ever go bowling again" Yes they will. The real question is, when will the cougars have a winning bowl record. What's the point of the bowling smack when your team have a losing records in bowl games. Go Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

When will the UofU hold a memorial for Gaius Vaenuku?

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Love skiing


Try again.

While BYU and Utah have both won 13 bowl games, the real difference between BYU and Utah in bowl game performance is

16 of BYU's 31 bowl opponents (52%) have been ranked in both polls, including 8 in the Top 15, and 4 in the Top 10

only 4 of Utah's 17 bowl opponents (24%) have been ranked in both polls, including 3 in the Top 15, and only 2 in the Top 10.

The real question is, how many of Utah's bowl teams, win or lose, have been good enough to be ranked in the Final AP Poll?

AP Ranked Bowl Teams
BYU 16 (BYU had one ranked team that didn't play in a Fiesta Bowl played on a Sunday)
Utah 5

Salt Lake City, UT

When will Utah beat a Pac opponent with a winning record? Gotta start there first before U go bowling. Just saying.

Aurora, CO


Utah has no chance for a bowl game this season...have you looked at the schedule.

This has to be a rebuilding year where 5-7 will be a huge step in the right direction.

PAC-12 is loaded this year so IT'S best TO set sights on 2014 when realistically the schedule will improve. Taking state will be a miracle but anything better would be a pipe dream.

Mcallen, TX

Of course the utes can go bowling!

There are plenty of bowling alleys in Utah.

Payson, UT

@snack pac

Your logic has a serious flaw. A team that wins their bowl game will obviously be ranked higher, hence the reason why a few of the cougars opponents ended up getting votes in the final polls. Utah has the best bowl winning percentage and so their bowl game opponents end with a loss and are bumped down in the polls.

It was a nice try to deceive those that don't pay attention.

Idaho Falls, ID

Coach Whittingham is to be commended for giving his players plenty of down time in December to study for finals.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT


Nice spin, but you're not deceiving anybody but yourself.

The serious flaw in your logic is that most of BYU's ranked bowl opponent were ranked high enough that, like BYU, they still would have been ranked in the final poll even with a bowl loss.

Utah didn't become a regular bowl participant until the proliferation of bowls began in the early 90's, and even then, the Utes were usually a 3rd- or 4th-place team from the WAC or MWC, meaning, of course, that most of Utah's bowl opponents were just as mediocre as the Utes.

While BYU was playing Top 25 conference champions and 9- and 10-win teams from major conferences, the Utes were playing 6-, 7-, and 8-win conference also rans from mid-major conferences and 5th- and 6th-place teams from major conferences.

Bottom line, win or lose, 16 of BYU's bowl teams were good enough to be ranked in the Final AP poll, while, win or lose, only 5 of Utah's bowl teams were good enough to be ranked.

Obviously, mediocre Utah teams beating up on other mediocre teams in a bowl didn't fool anybody except the kids on the hill.

Harrisville, UT

Utah doesn't go to bowl games anymore.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"A team that wins their bowl game will obviously be ranked higher, hence the reason why a few of the cougars opponents ended up getting votes in the final polls."

So why have only a handful of Utah's bowl-winning been ranked?

And, how have so many of BYU's bowl-losing teams been ranked?

The truth is, NOBODY is impressed with Utah's bowl winning percentage except U. Utah's win over #56 Ga Tech is a perfect example. Utah actually DROPPED in the final Sagarin rankings after beating Ga Tech in the Sun Bowl.

Spin that with your "logic".

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

Why did the DN use a pic from last season's Utah-USC game to accompany this story instead of pic from Utah's last bowl game?

Las Vegas, NV

Can't wait for August 29th! I am tired of playing the posting game for entertainment, I want football action!!

Go Utes!

Cougs and thebigsamoan: always enjoy your contributions. Your views are not driven by a hatred or by a desire for failure and I respect that. You represent your team well.

Go Utes!

Provo, Utah

This Ute/BYU pre-rivalry game posturing and chest-beating is going to get unbearable during the two-year hiatus.

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