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Published: Friday, Aug. 2 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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Hays, KS

@Christopher B: There are different levels of sacred experiences. If one rejects the fullness of the Gospel, perferring only the part they have (even though that part is almost certainly a good thing and a blessing in their lives), then how can they ever understand the teachings of the Temple? Why do you think the first Apostles spoke about milk before meat (1 Corinthians 3:2, Hebrews 5:12)? Do you think it's because no one else could have sacred experiences? Do you think it's because they were sinister, secretive people? No, it's because they knew that wisdom and truth recieve their own. If you want greater truth, you must embrace truth, not seek after mysteries you can't understand (see Jacob 4:14). You must sactify yourself by living the pure standards required of those who attend the temple. In short, your own Temple of flesh and spirit (Soul) must be pure for you to be able to appreciate and understand the light of a Temple made from stone. There are no shortcuts, and, even if LDS people told all, the sacred wisdom and light we receive would not transfer that way.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


For me, the covenants help direct me closer to Christ. There is the understanding of how God and Christ direct. There is the concept of reporting to Christ. Just my thoughts.

I don’t judge you for not getting it. BTW, I did not grow up LDS.


It has nothing to do with anyone’s grandparent being good enough. Yes, it is about the validity of the ordinances but that is in no way personal. It is not about whether Christ's sacrifice is sufficient but about compliance with his commandment regarding baptism. Nor is the salvation dependent upon an individual. In LDS doctrine, the millennium will assure all the opportunity. And it is always a choice.

A Scientist

It is a maturity in the faith. Nothing more. But why do you care? You think it is all fantasy anyway so why worry about being admitted?

As to “secrecy and suspicion”. Surely you know that this can all be had on the internet. These don't transmit proper context, but it is there.

Finally, Christ himself required things not be shared.

Nampa, ID

I was very moved by the new film. Even just the pace and the voice in which the dialog is delivered helped me to get new insights from it. It made my experience that much more special last week.

I think most people would be surprised at the simplicity and innocuous nature of the temple film and ordinances and probably wonder what all the fuss is about. I promise it’s not deep or dark or mysterious. Even some who have prepared for the experience often don’t get a great deal out of it the first time, which is why we’re encouraged to return frequently. It’s like reading the scriptures multiple times and seeing and understanding the various layers of meaning the more you read and study. As in so much of the Gospel, the scriptures, the parables, and in the Law of Moses, symbolism is used to teach. Without the background knowledge, joined with study and prayer to understand the meaning of the symbols, it’s just a nice movie – in the same way that to some people the Bible is just a collection of stories.

Layton, UT

The temple and it's ceremony is very sacred. The church does not need to make it public so that enemies of the church can belittle, degrade and drag it through the mud.

I love the temple. It is a wonderful place.

A.F., UT

"All who are worthy and qualify in every way may enter the temple, there to be introduced to the sacred rites and ordinances". The Holy Temple by President Boyd K. Packer


It has never been the teaching of the LDS Church that God does not change. Just read Joseph Smith (and by extension his teachings in the PoGP & the D&C). It has ALWAYS been the teaching of the LDS Church that God is eternal, omnipotent, and as powerful in our lives as we let Him be. (That is, He can't save us from ourselves if we choose to be willfully disobedient.)

Frankly, I like the way jeanie put it.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

To: Christopher B, Ogden, UT: I am not of the LDS faith and yet seem to completely understand that certain religous ceremonies take place in a temple while others take place in the neighborhood church buildings. Even I understand that if you want to know more, simply take the lessons and go through the process of joining the church and living your life to be accepted into the temple. I am always amazed at people in Utah and their understanding or misunderstanding of the LDS Church. This is not a tough subject to understand.

Ron Burgundy
Ogden, UT

I respect the LDS church and their temples. People should respect the sacredness of every belief, and or religion, from scientology's activities to the sacredness of the FSM's colander.


Brother Benjamin Franklin:

If it hasn't been suggested by someone else, read Boyd K. Packer's "The Holy Temple". It explains many of the things about the temple and why they are not open to the general public. In the Old Testament, the temples the Jew had were not open to the general public either; this is not a new concept.

However, I do know that having temple weddings can be a real issue when one of the couple is a convert. In the past, many Mormons have been insensitive to the feelings of a convert's parents. We have gotten better at accommodating this by having ring ceremonies right after the temple ceremony so that the entire family can participate in the great day.

We do need to be better in explaining why the temple is closed to those who are not living in a way required to enter. My best answer simply is that it is the Lord’s house and He sets the rules for entering; no amount of pressure will change the entrance requirements, nor the responsibility to not reveal the specifics of the convents or symbolism we learn in the temple.

clearfield, UT

I have not come close to reading all of the posts, so I'm guessing that I'm not the first with this. A new film will likely get more of us Temple recommend holders out to do Temple work. I wish the Church would produce about 30 different films so that each time one would likely see a new one with different actors. I know how sacred and important the work is, but we all know how it can get boring to watch the same film over and over and over..............

Liverpool, 00

Why hide it? To keep it 'exclusive' so the faithful will keep on paying. Because no matter how many good deeds have been done, prayers said, scriptures pored over.....unless the bottom line (the tithing) is met, the temple recommend won't be issued. Anything can be said about anything at the recommend interview(s) and there may well be economy with the truth but if that cash figure's not in place, the stark economics of lds come into play. So no - they're not about to admit all & sundry anytime soon - they just couldn't cope with the lost income.

Payson, UT

Brother Benjamin Franklin....how about if we all come over to your house, day and night, and see what you're doing, how you live your life, what you eat, etc., etc. etc. and pick it apart. But wait. I really don't care. Why do you care so much about Mormons? Try New York, or Los Angeles, or Chicago. Hey....Detroit!!! Help those people find the right path since you seem to know what it is.

1.96 Standard Deviations

I find it curious people accuse the church of hiding temple rituals. The church sends tens of thousands of missionaries to preach the gospel to the entire world (where the church is accepted). Part of this preaching includes a goal to go to the temple after a baptism. It is also re-iterated on Sunday meetings as one is learning more about the gospel.

In sum, the church wants EVERYONE to go to the temple. And to go to the temple, one needs to be prepared spiritually. Curiosity is not preparation. Talk to the missionaries, they can help you prepare spiritually for your temple journey.

Provo, UT


So the best way to learn what mysteries and knowledge can be found in the temple is to join the LDS church, pay at minimum 10% of your hard earned income and then go get a temple recommend?

I was an active member of the church for nearly 40 years. I taught Gospel Doctrine for 5 years and Elders quorum, attended the temple over the span of 25 years and saw multiple changes.

I didn't gain any knowledge, insight or find out any mysteries to life that I didn't already know and discover outside the temple.


I agree with you. The church should produce about 30-40 versions of the movie instead of just relying on 1 or 2. I always liked the one with the brunette couple best and the one with the blonde couple in the 1980s. But, I would often find myself dozing.


Put pressure on Church officials and members? Are you kidding me? The Church, especially the Prophet and the Brethren do not give in to "pressure." Go ahead and tell them that. You will get a firm response. The Church does not bend it's ways to please the world. We're here to please God, nothing less.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


I am not sure the temple has provided me with any insight into mysteries. But I don’t think that is its purpose. I find it a place where I can feel the Holy Ghost in a more pure and unfettered fashion than most anywhere else. Did you never feel that peace?


During the temple recommend interviews I have been involved with, the tithing question is one of a series of short questions. It is no more or less important than the other questions. However, there are several questions that involve more significant thought about where we are in our lives and why. Take the tithing question out completely and there would be perhaps a few more attending. But there are more significant issues in my experience.

Warren Zeigler

Everyone: 1) The Latter-Day Saints are a covenant making people. 2) Most things are learned as we strive to obey and have the help of the Holy Ghost. 3) As we learn more and make more covenants we gain more responsibility and are held responsible to higher standards by God and the Church. That is why the Savior taught in parables, ensuring those that will not follow are not handed more, causing them to be judged harder.
The Temple is where we make several covenants with God. The teachings and covenants are inseparable. If people don't heed the warnings and don't "enter by the path specified by Christ", they curse themselves. They will be judged by the knowledge they gain, even though they don't have the background requisite for understanding and following.
Discussing sacred things just anywhere with just anyone makes those sacred things not feel sacred. That reduces our respect, even for God.

Ann Amberly
Greenbelt, MD

The new temple film is wonderful! The two main characters actually have a loving relationship. They look to each other for guidance. They consult with each other. They even hug. What a far better example of equal partnership than the previous temple films ever gave us. Bravo!

1.96 Standard Deviations


I am sorry you went to the temple for 25 years and felt it wasn't of much value. My experiences have been different and going to the temple has helped guide me in my personal life and strengthen my relationship with the Savor.

It is also good to keep in mind that temple work is not just about you or obtaining more spiritual knowledge. You well know temple work is for others who cannot receive ordinances of salvation for themselves. Maybe your temple experiences would have been more positive if had continued seeking out your ancestors and did their temple work.

Also, you are well aware tithing is not the only requirement for a recommend. There is much more. It is also good to keep in mind that any income you earn by the sweat of your brow is not really yours to begin with. Tithing is simply giving back 10% of the 100% God gave us since he organized / created the Earth. We are all eternal beggars and 10% is a small price to give back. I'll pay my tithing any day.

Lastly, just remember the Savior gave his life for you! He paid the ultimate price.

Salt Lake City, UT

Brother Ben the temple is a house of order - sacred ordinances are done in order, it is a house of learning - we go to the temple to learn and each time we go with the right attitude of why we are there, even thought the endowment is the same for everyone each time we go we learn something new. We must first however receive the endowment for ourselves before we can do the work for our ancestors. The temple is a house of prayer. Many go to the temple to pray to receive guidance to that day's problems whether it's whether or not they should buy a house, move or how to handle a family member's illness.

I would love to share this part of the gospel with my non-member friends. But I can share the beauty of the pictures. A neighbor that I have met in the temple. The temple endowment is in the scriptures just take the time to read them.

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