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Published: Friday, Aug. 2 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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Cedar City, UT

"I am not redefining anything. I am asking the LDS Church to talk to people about their temple worship, the clothing, symbols, and so forth. I have tried to do so in a spirit of fellowship and civility."

@Brother Ben.

I believe you are asking in sincerity and with pure intent to inquire about something that is sacred to many members of the LDS Church. There are reasons why these symbols are kept sacred because they can only be understood within a certain context and through the Holy Spirit. That context is provided in the temple.

While it seems as though members are trying to keep it secret is farther from the truth. If a car driving along the highway only contained temple going members, it would still be inappropriate to discuss the temple ritual despite the fact that they all know what goes on in the temple but rather the lack of context.

Cedar City, UT

@Red Corvette

I received my endowments long after the penalties were removed from the temple ritual. I suspect like everything else in the temple, they were symbolic in nature.

South Salt Lake, UT

I hope that new temple film come out in HD format this time. I have seen two different version of old one.

Selma, OR

I have read the comments and wonder if some people are sincere in their questions. If you are here are the answers. When you were a teenager and learning to drive, did your instructor check that you followed safety protocol every time you got into the car to drive? Parents are loving and want to make sure you are safe, so they check and recheck that you stay safe. Our Heavenly Father wants to make sure we are safe too, so he gave us info to help us know how sacred the temple ordinance are. When we progressed, He has let us know that He believes us capable of knowing how sacred things in the temple are, so he doesn't have to check that we are following safety measures, and not succumbing to pressure from anywhere.it until our children are old enough to handle a car before we put them behind the wheel. Same goes for what happens in the temple. Everyone who goes there has to be mature in the gospel to understand what happens there. Would you give your checking account info to everyone. (continued)

Selma, OR

In continuing with why not tell everything we know or do?

As for the same car, we wait until our children are old enough to handle a car before we put them behind the wheel. Same goes for what happens in the temple. Everyone who goes there has to be mature in the gospel to understand what happens there. Would you give your checking account info to everyone who asks it of you? NO You would see why, and how they use that info. What goes on in the temple is even more important that that, so please understand we actually want you there, just go through the same process we all have gone through to get there, and ALL of your questions will be answered, and you will embark on the most amazing and precious adventure of your life. You will grow in knowledge for all eternity. Please come and take the time to REALLY investigate and research the knowledge you seem to want so badly.

But if you are NOT sincere, then why even ask?

Cedar Hills, UT

My temple worship is personal. I don't even talk about it with my wife unless we are in the temple's celestial room. It would seem inappropriate anywhere else.

Plano, TX

First of all, nothing is "hidden." It is available to everyone, but you must QUALIFY to participate. Organizations around the world have standards set up to qualify to participate in specific events/functions.

The Church will not be making any changes to how people are invited to attend. Because temples are the Lord's house and HE decides who is invited and how they qualify. If the Lord deems such changes, He will make them. And no amount of pressure from "interested parties" is going to be successful.

Again, as stated above. All are invited to come unto Him, but He has made it plain that strait is the gate and narrow is the way.

Joseph M

For those curious about what happens in the Temple and why we don't make the details public
it is important to understand that temple instruction comes with covenants and can't be
separated from them. Participation in these covenants and knowledge of the signs and
tokens puts a person under obligation to live by them. While we believe that every one will
be judged according to the light they have received "he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation." (D&C 82:3) As such giving someone unprepared detailed knowledge of the Temple feels like the spiritual equivalent of handing a loaded handgun to a 4 year old.

There is actually a lot more available from the Church on the temple than is generally recognized.
I recommend the section on Temples at LDS.org, reading the Temple Preparation Manual.
(Search preparing to enter the holy temple @LDS.org).
Also, look at the research done on temples at the Maxwell Institute(FARMS), The Temple Sties Group, Academy for Temple Studies,and FAIR.

Medical Lake, Washington

At least for the time being, people have a right to keep aspects of their lives private. Why is it that so many people here are demanding access to what is kept private? Should we also open up men's and women's locker rooms to the public -- after all, if they don't have anything to hide, when then are there closed doors? What are people ashamed of? People may also be curious about my sex life, but I'm not puting that out there for public display or comment either. For me and my wife, that is something that is also sacred -- and we don't discuss it in church or in a temple or in front of a National Enquirer reporter.

I certainly don't think that the private temple ceremonies of the LDS people are harming anyone. If someone thinks otherwise, they'll need to give specific examples.

Provo, UT

At the time of the previous 2 movies that this one likely replaces, there were also some major changes to the temple endowment in 1990 which the church announced as well.

Are we to assume that there are additional changes to the temple endowment with this new film?

A Scientist
Provo, UT

With so many "secret combinations" in the world today, and many of them carrying out lethal activities around the world, it is reasonable that the general public is suspicious of the LDS Temple "secrets".

Likewise, it is unreasonable for many commenters here to disparage and treat with hostility questions and calls for transparency made in good faith by individuals who have connections to or interest in the LDS community.

It is public knowledge that Mormons have been treated with suspicion since its founding, and millions continue to be suspicious of what goes on in LDS Temples. Historical facts, as well as relatively recent revelations of what has gone on in Mormon offshoot group Temples further add to the suspicion.

Which is why I am surprised when comments here by defenders (why are they defensive?) try to explain the secrecy with comparisons to what goes on in locker rooms/bathrooms, what goes on in bedrooms. Those analogies only heighten suspicions.

And as Chris B has pointed out, justifying "secrecy" by invoking "sacredness" fails because many public things in Mormonism are "sacred" yet not cloaked in secrecy.

Unfortunately, too many comments here only increase suspicion, suggesting it is warranted.

us, CA

I'll out myself right up front...I'm a non-member. It seems to me that those calling for the CoJCoLDS to be "forthcoming" about temple doings on are not really interested in learning about them from a purely academic motive. As others have said, it is all on the net. Not only is it there, it is so easy to find not only transcripts but actual films that even my dog could find it and trust me he is not that bright. The intent then seemingly becomes one of an attempt to ridicule or disparage the ceremonies. It is like bullies who point fingers and make fun of the different kids in school. Frankly, I couldn't care less what they do there because the true test of any belief system is the quality of the people. I also have yet to have a single person take me up on my offer to help them prove the church is false. They choose to mock the church by showing their garments with bullet holes in them.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

But beyond the secrecy and suspicion issue, Brother Benjamin makes an important point: if what is taught in Temples is so wonderful and beneficial, why not give it away for free to the whole world?

Many defenders make an analogy with math, saying you don't teach calculus before a student has mastered algebra.

But we also don't keep calculus "secret" and restrict those who can have access to it. Anyone can open up a calculus text at any time.

Not so with the "higher math" of the Mormon Temples.

If the "higher math" of LDS temples is so valuable and wonderful, then it is unethical to withhold it from the world.

Others make the empty declaration "all are invited! You just have to do it the right way!" This is an obvious copout, just as (in)effective in protecting horrible, lethal secrets in doomsday cults and terrorist cells.

The only reason for secrecy that holds any weight is the desire to not be mocked. But then we must wonder what is going on that is so fragile? And what a poor image of "outsiders" is assumed by such a paranoia? You distrust your fellow man so profoundly?


Most people want to be privy to the secrets of others but to retain their own privacy.

God commanded the construction of a temple anciently; not everyone could enter every part of the temple, one part could only be entered by the high priest once a year.

Jesus visited the Temple at Jerusalem when he was twelve, and often taught there. He twice cleansed it of the profiteering money changers and said "Zeal for Thy House has eaten me up". The temple and especially the inner sanctuary was kept sacred. When it was defiled it ultimately was destroyed. In Jeremiah's day the temple was secretly used by apostates for pagan worship. It was soon thereafter destroyed.

After the death of Christ the apostles John and Peter went up to the temple at the hour of prayer.
That temple was also destroyed, again because of general apostasy. This time it was the Romans, not the Babylonians who did it.

Finally the sons of Levi will AGAIN offer an offering to the Lord in righteousness.

Provo, UT

For those who are asking why temple privileges are restricted to faithful Church members and not the general public, it's not because we're trying to keep things from you; it's that these experiences are for those who are prepared. We are judged based on what we know and covenants we have made. If you were to participate, you would receive knowledge you're not ready for and make covenants you're not prepared to keep because you don't have a testimony of or understand the sacredness of them. Expecting this of you isn't fair. Since God is fair and gives us each what we need, he has instructed that the temple ceremonies be kept for those who are prepared and found worthy.

[see my next comment for a quote from Elder Packer about this]

Provo, UT

"The ordinances and ceremonies of the temple are simple. They are beautiful. They are sacred. They are kept confidential lest they be given to those who are unprepared. Curiosity is not a preparation. Deep interest itself is not a preparation. Preparation for the ordinances includes preliminary steps: faith, repentance, baptism, confirmation, worthiness, a maturity and dignity worthy of one who comes invited as a guest into the house of the Lord. We must be prepared before we go to the temple. We must be worthy before we go to the temple. There are restrictions and conditions set. They were established by the Lord and not by man. And, the Lord has every right and authority to direct that matters relating to the temple be kept sacred and confidential." - Elder Boyd K. Packer, "Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple"

Lake Havasu City, AZ

If you are not a member of the LDS Church and are curious about what goes on in inside the temples, all you have to do is join the church, be an active member, living all the principles, be a full tithe payer, Serve others, and want to be with you family forever, then ou too can attend the Temples of the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter Day Saints. if not then you will not be able to experience the sacred information that goes on in the Temples, or have an eternal family. You might want to stop and think about this, Your Ancestors are waiting.

Provo, UT

Also, part of the reason you don't get to know everything before you go is that's silly - if you know it all before you go, what's the point of providing that info once you're there? It would just be repetitive. That aside though, FAITH is probably the biggest reason it's not all made known before aside from worthiness/preparedness. If you're a member of the Church with a testimony and you're preparing for the temple, obviously you have faith in God and trust that the temple will be great. Pretty much everything except specifics about different ordinances is covered in Elder Packer's book "Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple" that you can get at Deseret Book.

Smithfield, UT

Stop trying to make sense with the two or three people on here that just desire to keep their own opinion. It won't do anything to change them......

Salt Lake City, UT

"if not then you will not be able to experience the sacred information that goes on in the Temples, or have an eternal family. You might want to stop and think about this, Your Ancestors are waiting."

You want to know why people have issues with proxy baptisms? It's because you think someone like my grandmother weren't good enough. That her life, her actions, her faith, her baptism in the Catholic church, Christ's sacrifice... all of it is insufficient to you. Apparently Christ's sacrifice is worthless without some other person happening to stumble upon her records (which in her case of course is easy because after all she was alive 15 years ago) and happening to perform some action on her behalf. It's not biblical when salvation is dependent on someone other than that individual and Christ. Stop and think about that.

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