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Published: Friday, Aug. 2 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

To Brother BF and everyone else who has something to say about t he LDS Church and their beliefs.

Why do you care what they do or don't do in the Temple? It is just the same as why do you care what your neighbor is doing? You need to get a life!

Morgan, UT

Thank goodness the church has updated the film. Because of recent changes the movie was pieced together in a number of places. And of course outdated it felt like I was watching .... well I was watching a 20 year old rerun. The church does such a great job on the church website and even now having the council the 12 and the Prophet on Facebook and Google+ so many modern technologically advancements but we still had a 20 year old movie when we went to the temple so this is a great move I'll make sure to go see it this week.

St. George, UT

There is a difference between reverence and keeping secrets to avoid being embarrassed.


I certainly do not think the Church should openly discuss what goes on in the Temple because some people are demanding openness. My reason for suggesting it be discussed openly is for an entirely different reason. The ceremonies that occur in the Temple have been filmed and posted on the YouTube. Rather than letting rogue members control the disclosure, maybe the Church should?

Tooele, UT

@Brother Benjamin Franklin 1 of 4

Most of the knowledge you are searching for concerning the Temples is found in the Scriptures. This includes the Holy Bible (Old and New Testaments), The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. I have been attending the LDS church for almost 40 years now, with the past 17 years being worthy to participate in Temple worship. I have not seen the newly updated film, mainly because the Temple I attend most frequently is the Salt Lake Temple, which has not started using any of the films.

If you have attended an LDS Sunday worship (sacrament meeting), or a Baptism, you might notice that occasionally, the prayers are redone, if a mistake in the wording is made. The same thing occurs in the Temples when a mistake is made in the wording. The films help to prevent wording mistakes and allow for less Temple workers for Temple worship. The approximate time for worship with a film is about 1 ½ hours, and without a film is about 2 hours.

Tooele, UT

@Brother Benjamin Franklin 2 of 4

As most of my Temple worship has been at the Salt Lake City Temple, I have listened to many mistakes in wordings, as well as the corrections made immediately thereafter. I have had the time to ponder why things are worded in a specific way, and have also found that many of the exact wordings are found word for word in the scriptures, however they are not all in one place or order.

God is teaching everyone on earth continually and allows us to accept the teaching or reject it. When we accept God’s teachings, God gives us more teachings or clarifications of teachings and allows us to do the same with these. In this way, we are only held responsible for our decisions concerning the teachings/clarifications that God has given to us. This is the “Milk” before the “Meat” that is referred to in Hebrews 5.

Tooele, UT

@Brother Benjamin Franklin 3 of 4

In 1 Corinthians 13 Paul tells us that when we are young in gospel knowledge, it is like looking ‘through a glass, darkly;’ Then he says that he now sees ‘face to face:’ but only knows ‘in part;’ and that eventually he will know all about God even as he is known by God. Where are you at in your learning of God’s teachings?

As I have studied and participated in the LDS faith, it has brought me to the Temple. The Temple didn’t change what I had already learned from the scriptures, it clarifies it. It simply reiterates in a short, condensed, organized manner what is already talked about in the scriptures, and includes covenants/promises concerning these gospel teachings.

Tooele, UT

@Brother Benjamin Franklin 4of 4

In Matthew 6, Christ speaks about those who practice fasting and ‘disfigure their faces, hat they may appear unto man to fast.’ Christ says that their reward is the acknowledgement of others. He then stresses that when we are building are relationships with our Father(Heavenly) through ordinances and or covenants that this should be done in a solemn manner away from the view of others, and says that when the Father ‘seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.’ I know of some people who have shared these sacred ordinances with those not of the LDS faith, or members of the LDS faith who are not Temple worthy. I have seen that they have received acknowledgement of others, but they have lost the promised blessings for keeping them sacred, just like those who fast for men to see, instead of for God to see.

St. George, UT

I enjoyed the new film. It gives great insight into the event outlined in the sacred ordinance. The film talent of those who put it together is phenomenal. I look forward to going again.

Anyone has access to this film. Talk to your local bishop for details on how you can access this information.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

I actually went and looked at the information out there. I proceeded to watch this film and had a very bad feeling from the moment it started, so I turned it off.

I'm not going to say that I had some kind of amazing spiritual experience, but I do know right and wrong. I have tried to be respectful and sensitive of things as best I know. And this did not feel appropriate for some reason.

I then visited one of the temples locally. It will suffice to say that the workers and members were all very friendly and happy to answer questions regarding the temple. One of them even walked around the outside and in the waiting area showing me different things people can do while they wait for others who are inside.

I still think the LDS Church can and should be more forthcoming regarding the temple, but I apologize to all LDS members here for any insensitivity communicated through my comments.

I ask commenters like Christopher B to please be careful regarding what you write. The LDS temple visit I made exceeded my expectations. Why not visit the temple and see it for yourself?

Orem, UT

Wow, Brother BF! No apologies needed. Thanks for your honesty, sensitivity, and respect.

Walnut Creek, CA

It's embarrassing when you're a member of the LDS faith and a friend outside the faith tells you something they discovered on the internet about the history of your most sacred rituals (such as the penalties, among a few other things I won't mention) and you laugh and tell them they're most certainly wrong only to discover later that they knew more about your religion than you did. I think there's a case for at least making the history of temple worship and how it's done more available to LDS members from official sources.


@Brother Benjamin Franklin

Perspective is an interesting thing. In 1981 I was shown a filmstrip about the temp,e to prepare me to go. After seeing it I thought, that didn't tell me anything about the temple ceremony. I went to the temple, received my Endowment and entered the MTC. One of our teachers showed the same filmstrip saying he felt impressed to do so. After having been to the temple my reaction was, wow, they told us everything about the temple ceremony. The actual wording is sacred, the concepts, in my opinion, are openly taught.

Can't remember if it was The Hose of The Lord or The Holy Temple.


I have been a temple worker for many years, and attended the temple long before that. Here are a few things non- or former members CAN know:
1. The temple ceremonies used to take almost 3 hours; they have been shortened as circumstances and needs have changed. The work is accelerating, and more needs to be done in the same 24/7 as before. The doctrines and covenants have not changed, only the presentation.
2. New films are released from time to time to reflect the growing membership and changing demographics of the Church, but, again, the doctrines and covenants do not change.
3. How many high schooler graduates would be admitted to an advanced post-graduate course in any university? Is it because they are being shut out? No, it's because the are not prepared for the knowledge and teaching to be found there. The Lord has set the requirements for entrance into His "university", and anyone willing to meet them is welcomed and encouraged to come and learn. The basic requirements have been ably stated by others here. Complete your "bachelor's degree" and you will be ready for the temple.


Elliott, you are confusing co-incidence with causality. Just because one thing looks like another superficially does not mean that one is a direct result of the other. The temple ceremony was revealed by God, and, according to Him, was around long before Freemasonry. There are bits of the temple ceremony in ancient Egyptian temple rites, some African nativist rites and religious observances throughout Asia. This alone would presuppose an ancient source that predates all of them. Try reading Dr. Hugh Nibley's excellent treatises on the ancient origins of temple worship.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Because it is sacred and only for those who choose to be worthy to and to live their lives in according to God's will. It is not something you take lightly...it is sacred and only for those who are found worthy.

South Jordan, UT

There's nothing that goes on in a temple that anybody needs to worry about. Our desire to keep it private and sacred instead of inviting disrespect by making it public is only offensive to those who would love to mock it, and feel thwarted. Most of it is in the scriptures which are publicly available, and it is only the covenants and additional details that are not public.

Would you share all the details of your family relationships? Private conversations with your family members? Is every contract made public? Do you not have concerns about government invasion of privacy? What if they lose control over the data they are collecting, and all of your financial information and emails were made public? It really is not so different.

Bill Fitz

Would a person attend high school before finishing grade school? Of course not. Do we have baptised members go through the Temple right away? of course not. Dedication, understanding and commitment are needed before giving a person calculus before basic math.

layton, UT

@Rita 52,The basic requirements have been ably stated by others here. Complete your "bachelor's degree" and you will be ready for the temple.

The True Temple for Christians is Jesus. “destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up” (John 2:19). After Christ’s resurrection the meaning of these words became plain, when Jesus spoke of the destruction of the temple, he was speaking of his own body (John 2:22).

Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. 17 These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.( Col 2:15 -17).

RE: Jeff, “The endowment was and is a ceremony that can be adapted to the needs of its audience. Brigham Young attempted to introduce the concept of Adam-God into the endowment, as far as it had been revealed to him and he was able to interpret.

Layton, UT

Chris B:

The Catholic Church kept people from having access to the bible for centuries. Care to explain why?

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