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Published: Friday, Aug. 2 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

The first temple film was introduced in 1955 with the dedication of the Swiss Temple (now called Bern Switerzland Temple.) Films have subsequently been used in every temple dedicated since then.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

I sure do appreciate this coming out. It is good to see The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints putting information out about what goes on inside the temple after it has been dedicated.

I am increasingly concerned over the selective and evasive approach the Church takes to discuss various aspects of its faith. I am concerned as to why something they say is so important to them is kept behind closed doors and hidden from public knowledge.

If this is so helpful to making Church members better people, why not share it with the community? The public are welcome to hear from missionaries, attend Church activities, classes, and services, listen to General Conference, and go to temple open houses. Why not encourage those not of your faith to attend these wedding ceremonies, endowment proceedings, and other similar events to gain better understanding?

I believe the time has come to put pressure on Church officials and members to please be more forthcoming on temple matters. With the increasing focus recently on the losses of some members of the LDS faith due to inadequate doctrinal understanding, I have serious concerns about the lack of answers to legitimate concerns.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

"Out of reverence for what Latter-day Saints consider the sacred nature of temple worship, Mormons are admonished to be circumspect about discussing the details of temple instruction."


For most of Church history, temple patrons were essentially threatened with "penalties" if they revealed temple rites.

Saint Paul, MN

@Brother Ben,

It would seem your concerns are parallel with those of a leading religious ruler during Christ's time, who admonished his fellow, "non-Christ following" leaders to steer clear of the Christians. Paraphrasing, if what Jesus did was "of God", and they continued to fight against it, they were decidedly on the wrong side of the equation. On the other hand, if it was not, it would die on its own.

He knew that if Christianity was God-sent, no amount of public pressure would redefine the role or nature of the religion.

While those hapless leaders went on to kill Christ, they definitely did not redefine the gospel, but rather did find themselves decidedly on the "wrong side" from Christ's and his follower's perspective ... and if that gospel was/is true, on the wrong side in the eternities.

If what the Mormons have is "true", no amount of public protest will matter or alter its course -- God won't care what those who choose not to follow him think about His path! If false, it too will fall on its own. Thus it comes down to only one question ... "Is this religion of God?"

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT


I believe in God and Jesus Christ. I believe in right and wrong. I follow the Constitution and worship according to my conscience.

I am not redefining anything. I am asking the LDS Church to talk to people about their temple worship, the clothing, symbols, and so forth. I have tried to do so in a spirit of fellowship and civility. .

I want the truth to be told. And if you stand up for those who promote covering up, sidestepping, and avoiding giving me the truth I ask for, then you are no different than they.

And in the end, I am not going to be on a side that covers things up.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

So you worship according to your conscience but aren't willing to extend that privilege to the object of your not so veiled derision, the LDS church?

Daughter of G-d
Modesto, CA

Brother Benjamin Franklin,

You are most welcome to the knowledge of the temple, the same as it is offered to all the world. There is a proscribed manner in which you must be taught the sacred things of the temple. We welcome you to fellowship with the missionaries and embark upon the path of Christ. First, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. Then after a year, after the fruit of your repentance has started to become evident, you are invited to start the process to go to the Holy Temple of The Lord and learn. This process is the same for every member of the church and is offered to all of the world.

Your sister in Christ

orem, UT

Bro. Ben - Why such a need to know? Are there not things in your life that are sacred to you that out of respect you would not want plastered around the internet and discussed casually or mockingly among strangers? Why so threatened?

"I am concerned as to why something they say is so important to them is kept behind closed doors and hidden from public knowledge."

....precisely because it is so important and sacred to us.

A Scientist

"For most of Church history, temple patrons were essentially threatened with "penalties" if they revealed temple rites."

This has not been an issue for over 20 years. "Circumspect" is an appropriate word.

Orem, UT

Brother Ben says, "Why not encourage those not of your faith to attend these . . . endowment proceedings, and other similar events to gain better understanding?" Maybe because the purpose of these proceedings is not to promote understanding of the Church; it's to provide members the opportunity to make covenants with God. They're not spectator events. One doesn't have to know every detail of a ceremony to understand its purpose.

"I am asking the LDS Church to talk to people about their temple worship, the clothing, symbols, and so forth." They do. See mormon.org.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT


I hope you don't have a chip on your shoulder. I respect the LDS faith's right to worship. I wrote out their full church name (see above comment). I try hard not to say Mormons, though I mess up. No issues there.


Thanks for being nicer than CoachBiff. I appreciate your honest response. The concern I have is that your response doesn't answer my questions. But you expressed very clearly the tenets of your belief and I respect your boldness. Thank you.


I said it before, then why not share it? Why not offer the same joy this gives you to others instead of keeping it for yourself? I don't understand why the LDS members are so thick in this regard.


I apologize for any implication I may have made. Perhaps the LDS Church can devise special accommodations on a case-by-case basis. This exclusionary attitude troubles me. And are temples not a place to learn, as your scriptures teach? I researched Mormon.org. It is a good website for LDS theology basics. But it lacks in-depth information, which makes my point.

Please respond accordingly. I appreciate your sincerity.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Why not make the film available to the public?

I just don't think the "sacred" argument holds any water.

Unless you are suggesting nothing that happens outside the Mormon temples is sacred

Is nothing that happens in your regular churches "sacred"?

And yet the public is open to see and hear what goes on there correct?

I think the reason the temple is kept secret is the truth of what happens would scare the public.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


What penalties?

Were Mormons previously kicked out of the church for acknowledging what happens in temples years ago?

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


I would appreciate some info from a Mormon, so thank you in advance if you are willing to actually answer questions, and not just bounce around the subject.

You seem to admit something changed 20 years ago in the temples is that right?

Just curious, did god change his mind on something 20 years ago?

And what was that?

I thought Lds doctrine was that god didn't change?

Does that mean that whatever happened previous to 20 years ago was incorrect?

Thanks if you are willing to ANSWER

orem, UT

Brother Ben -

When things are shared with anyone there are many that would trash it and treat it with disrespect - as already happens with websites showing pictures of "Mormon under clothes" along with mocking comments.

Temple attendance isn't like a beautiful picture set in public for all to see and take or leave as they will. It's a place set apart from the trenches of everyday life where the faithful make promises to live a more Christ-like life and feel closer to God.

Maybe you are sincere in knowing what makes the temple so special for LDS members. Not everyone is. How does an organization who believes in sacred things keep them sacred? They seek out the sincere and not just the curious - even among its own members. Everyone doesn't want what the temple has to offer. They don't want the commitments a temple worthy member has. The temple is reserved for those who are willing to make the commitments and sacrifices necessary to attend.

Temple City, CA

Brother Benjamin Franklin wants to "put pressure on Church officials and members to please be more forthcoming" about the temple. He is doing this, he says "in a spirit of fellowship and civility."

Yet he uses pejorative language and offensive words.

There should be little wonder why Latter-day Saints do not want to parade their most sacred experiences before a public who describe us as "selective and evasive," and who accuse us of "covering up, sidestepping, and avoiding giving me the truth I ask for."

It's hard to take seriously any "concerns about the lack of answers to legitimate concerns" when the language says only, "I demean your beliefs, your practices, and your people, and I have an overwhelming curiosity about what goes on 'behind closed doors and hidden' from those who wish to be critical."

Salt Lake City, UT

The fact of the matter is that anyone who wants to know what goes on in a Mormon temple, simply out of curiosity, can get it all online. You don't think that anyone has surreptitiously recorded it all on their iphone and posted it to Youtube? You don't think anyone has written it down word-for-word and posted on the internet? A very brief part of a quote by Hugh Nibley--"Anyone who would reveal these things has not understood them...." Nor do I think you'll understand it.

Without a proper foundation, it will be meaningless to you. But have a go. It's all there for you.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


The fact that such information is available doesn't change the fact the Mormon church tries to hide such things.

Frankly, the missionaries talked to me a few times as my ex wife was a mormon, but it was partly my research and learning about the temples via the Internet that I politely told the missionaries "please do not ever return"

So the question remains, why hide it?

And as I have stated, "sacred" doesn't work unless you are saying nothing in the Mormon church outside of the temple is sacred.

Temple City, CA

@ Christopher B/Chris B from Salt Lake and Ogden:

You ask, "So the question remains, why hide it?"

Again, consider your approach to such subjects, and you will see why some things in Mormonism are supposed to be so sacred that we might not want to discuss them outside certain parameters.

There are things in everyone's life that should be so. "Intimacy" and "sacredness" in our private/family lives could even be considered synonymous. If you don't see that, it might be why you don't see the sacredness of the temple.

In your own posts, however, you betray language that suggests that you would not treat what we consider sacred to be sacred.

Further, why would you be so concerned about what goes on in the temple if, as you say, "it was partly [your] research and learning about the temples via the Internet that [you] politely told the missionaries 'please do not ever return'"?

Excuse us, please, if you ask for "some info from a Mormon," and we decline to give the "info" you want, because it's clear from what you say that you would have no intention of respecting the info we gave you.

orem, UT

Christopher B.

The changes were in wording, not principles.

So, does God change? As much as a parent whose children grow from toddlers to teenagers. They are the same parents who want to teach their children the same principles but they use age appropriate language. God is not a statue carved in stone and ridged. He is a parent who can change methods to teach the same principles according to the changing needs of His children.

That's the best I can do for you. :)

BTW most people understand there are varying levels of sacredness. It is not all or nothing.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


What have I said that shows I won't respect information?

I am simply asking for information.

The fact I disagree with the reasons I have heard for hiding information doesn't mean I am disrespectful.

I have not made fun or laughed at your temples.

I just point out what I notice.


I appreciate the response. It may even be a logical response, based on this next clarification.

So just to be clear, overnight 20 years ago god decided that his children were now different than they had been in previous years?

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