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Published: Friday, Aug. 2 2013 8:30 p.m. MDT

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SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

The problem is you go to school to learn how to be a good employee. There's no school for good business owners that create the jobs everyone else is whining for. The economy we have right now is what you get when theres too many bean counters, and not enough beans.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

In this economy, no one can "work their way through college" at a minimum wage job. Just do the math. Every cent you earn would be taken up by rent, leaving NOTHING for tuition, books,transportation, not to mention food or clothing. 40 years ago I could do it, and did it, just working 4 hours a day. But that was when wages and expenses weren't so asymmetrical. Not true anymore.

Durham, NC

I love the comments by the few who frequent here to prove just how much better they are then the so called 47 percenters they like to feel superior to... the comments are often filled with disdain for those whom they judge to be lazy and unworthy - at least compared to themselves.

I do find this "issue' a bit odd. Like many, during high school I worked fast food. At that time, other than managers, everyone who worked in the store I worked was within my same age group. No one but managers were trying to support a family by working there. I have even known some ladies in my wards that have taken day time shifts to augment family needs like college funds and missions. I don't understand the mentality of anyone thinking working the line at McDonalds should be a career that provides a living wage. I don't think those jobs were ever intended or advertised to be jobs to support a family.

These people took these jobs knowing what they were getting. To turn around and try to transform these jobs into anything else is foolish.

Saint George, UT

Minimum wage laws should be eliminated. The Democrats and Republicans love minimum wage laws because it keeps the poor poor and the rich rich. Wake up! All those business owners love minimum wage laws and the Democratic liberals can 'talk' about how much they care for the poor. It's too bad that basic economics and principles that truly help the poor aren't understood by people on the left and the right. Too bad, there are a lot of good regular folks that could make something of themselves if more liberals and Republicans understood real charity.

Saint George, UT

Logan dropout: If I were a business owner and read your story I'd hire you on the spot for a higher wage. Unfortunately, the liberals and many Republicans want to keep you right where you are. Just keep your mouth shut and accept that you need all those government programs to 'help' you (In other words, stay poor). It doesn't matter whether you are a high school dropout or a harvard grad, this country traditionally has been a place where you could succeed, whether you went to school or not. Minimum wage laws and government programs are there to keep you poor. I'm looking more for people like you that are searching for how to get the job done and need government out of your way. I'm going to pray for you and hope for you. Don't wait on government to help you. Do the best you can and keep it up. P.S. One of my best friends from high school (Logan High) with only a high school diploma (barely) has done very well. Inch by inch, year by year, he has done very well,better than my bachelors, masters, and administrator's endorsement!

metamora, IL

Joe5 re: 10:05 post. Very astute observation and well said.

Mcallen, TX

JoeBlow-You can blame Obama for pitting people against people.

Who has more wealth? Romney or Obama? And who is portrayed as a greedy rich man?

Houston, TX

We TeaPublicans know that government should NOT set wage requirements on private enterprise! America IS a free market economy . Business should be able to set any wage they want to make their business successful. The law of supply and demand will determine those wages. We don’t believe in redistributing the wealth. We earn what the market tells us we are worth! If you don’t like that you could always do the alternative….do nothing and earn nothing. How does a wage of 0.00 per hour sound to you? Oh wait a minute, we already have a lot of those kind of people doing that already. Now tell me, just what part of living in America don’t some of you people understand? This IS capitalism…which was what America was built on. If you don’t like it, then leave it for some socialist country. I tell you, when we TeaPublicans take back our America in 2014 and 2016, we ARE going to take back that minimum wage law too! “P n P” in 2016…yes it is going to happen. Perry N Palin in 2016!

Mcallen, TX

Our political leaders sit back and laugh at us, while we argue with each other. Let's just keep paying for their vacations, conferences, and whatever else they're worthy of getting.

We just can't figure this out. Can we?

Brigham City, UT

Re: "Business should be able to set any wage they want to make their business successful. The law of supply and demand will determine those wages."

As banker Sanjay Sanghoee wrote on "The Huffington Post": "That would be fine except for the reality that wages for low skilled workers are not determined by fairness but by the desire of businesses to maximize profit, and that workers are not livestock or grain whose worth should be measured solely in terms of supply and demand."

It is a bad joke that the best way to help low-income workers is to pay them even less.

Jesus said, "In everything, treat others as you would want them to treat you, for this fulfills the law and the prophets." How would you like to be treated as an employee? Would you like to be treated as a commodity like livestock or grain and paid as little as possible, or would you like to be treated like a human being and paid a living wage? Or even though Jesus said "in everything," can't we look at things that way, because business is business and church is church and never the twain shall meet?

Centennial, CO

Only a Democrat would think that a minimum-wage job anywhere, in any industry, ever, is intended to be something you can make an actual career out of. Such people have no business sense whatsoever and shouldn't be put in any position of authority.

I lived in a lower-class environment growing up and had more than one of those jobs in my formative years. At no point did I--nor any of my friends in the same situation--ever think (or even seriously consider) that we would make careers out of not advancing at any of those jobs.

If you really can't find a job that pays better anywhere else in 90% of the US, even in Obama's economy right now, then you're just not trying very hard in one or more aspects of your life--and instead of complaining about this, you should start trying harder.

Charlotte, NC

Economic illiteracy at its best. You cannot legislate wealth. If we could, why not make the minimum wage $1000 an hour. We can all be rich!

Marlborough, MA

@toosmart Re: Get this and get it right: Minimum Wage is for Minimum Work by Minimum Qualified Employees. Selling and making Fast Food is a Minimum Job and will only ever be worth a Minimum Wage.

This statement is patently false on many levels and get this and get this right, you know it.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I think it is in their right for workers of these fast food chains to organize and perhaps strike. If it proves to bring fruits for their cause then the market has spoken.

Deep Space 9, Ut

I always have to laugh at the people demanding that minimum wages be raised so that people can support a family on that wage level.

It is great to hear about people like "Logan dropout" who are hard working. That is a great attribute to have, and he is showing that he is a hard worker and is doing all he can for his family. However, that is only part of the equation. You can be the hardest worker at a business, but unless you have some skill or can fulfill a special need that the company has, you won't get more than minimum wage.

This goes back to supply and demand. How many hard working people are there that are willing to work for minimum wage? If "Logan dropout" quit, I am sure that the manager where he works could hire an equally hard working person the next day.

Now, for you liberals out there, answer this: If US manufacturing jobs are going overseas where labor is cheaper, what do you think will happen when you make labor even more expensive?

Ogden, UT

This is an undercover socialist argument. If you want to make more money work harder, get more education, make better choices. America is now a lazy entitlement society.

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