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Published: Friday, Aug. 2 2013 8:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

This has to be the most unrealistic plan I've yet seen. I can support a 2 tiered minium wage where 16-17 year olds are paid $8/hour and a next tier up where after one is age 18 it goes to $11/hour. But Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is no independent since he usually caucuses with the Democrats, but truth be told he is a self proclaimed Socialist who beleives in nationalization of industry. He is left-winged radical fringe...so far left he's left the country as Ronald Reagan would say. The working poor are an issue I agree, but this level of extremity is no way to accomplish making any progress.

DN Subscriber 2

More stoking the flames of class warfare by the envious and covetous left.

First, if someone wants a higher paying job than entry level work at Burger Doodle, then they need to do a few things to make themselves employable:
Finish high school, stay off of drugs, and don't have children unless you are married and can afford them.
Then, after getting a minimum wage entry level job- show up on time, work hard, and learn how to do a better paying job. Find a better job.

Blaming employers for low wages or suggesting a minimum wage of any sort ignores the reality of the free market where people get paid what they are worth to the employer. Demand too much, and the will be no job, or the product price will have to be raised so that it becomes unaffordable and the company fails. Count the costs of government imposed benefits and taxes.

Why not make the minimum $50 per hour so everyone can eat steak, and live in a mansion? And, start your own company to pay these high wages!

The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money to spend.

New York, NY


And of course by implying the people that make mimum or low wages are high school drop outs and drug users does nothing to stoke the fires off class warfare right?

Mcallen, TX

This is like a classroom, and the low graders wanting the same as the honor roll students.

Combo meals $49.00.

Salt Lake City, UT

Workers are paid so little that in many cases they still are eligible for food stamps. Walmart uses this trick well, pay little wages, let the gov't pay for food stamps, then have the workers use their food stamps at Walmart. Works perfectly for the company while everyone else suffers.

Logan, UT


I'm a 26 yo high school drop out that earned his GED his junior year, left school for a full time well paying job. Last year I was forced to quit my better paying job due to my hours being slashed down from fulltime to 5 hrs a week. I am married and at the time my wife was pregnant. I now work in the restaurant industry, I am supporting my family on minimum wage and freelance work, I am never late, and have more working experience than my managers. My hours were just cut again down to 12 hours a week. Newsflash, its not about your years of experience, your education, your work ethic. I compete for work everyday against high school kids that still live with their parents but want to save up money for a car, meanwhile I cant afford my car and still feed my family. But it costs less for my boss to have a minimum wage worker than for them to have a reliable hardworking experienced worker that needs more to live. I'm not lazy, I just want to feed my daughter.

Farmington, UT

Get this and get it right: Minimum Wage is for Minimum Work by Minimum Qualified Employees. Selling and making Fast Food is a Minimum Job and will only ever be worth a Minimum Wage.

If you want better wages, get BETTER qualified to do something of value!!

By inflating the wage, you'll upset the economic apple cart and thousands of employed persons that depend upon Minimum Wages (like students getting a summer job) will be unemployed and the prices will climb to where the businesses will literally not be able to keep their doors open for lack of customers. Watch it happen!!

La Vegrne, TN

A LIVING wage is needed. A person can barely survive on a MINIMUM wage paycheck - nevermind a family. With items like milk going up to $4 or even $5 a gallon and other staples going up in price as well one would need two full time jobs to pay for rent, utilities, food and clothing. Also teaching people how to save and spend their money wisely is something needs to be looked into and developed.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

Here's an idea, if you want more money, get a job that pays more.

Far East USA, SC

30 years ago, CEO's made 30 times what their average employee made.

Today, it is around 300 times.

I sincerely doubt that CEO's have become that much more productive compared to their workforce.

It is a fact that the wealth in this country is steadily collecting at the top.


1) why do you think that is happening?
2) is it good for America

Answer those questions and then we can talk.

Taylorsville, UT

Minimum wage is irrelevant and so is education, a popular argument to demean the merit and worth of anyone working for a wage. FYI, many college graduates are working for minimum wage and that refutes education to gainful employment in jobs that does not exist.

Yes, riots, strikes, and demands are the only means that anyone working for a business has to become prosperous. It doesn't matter that these workers are doing, all have worth and its their choice to decide their worth, business or governmnent does not have the right to deny them a their value.

The generations after the post war educated americans of the 1940 and 50's who were the masterminds of prosperity and individual wealth, were brainwashed by the collaboration of government and business to decry unions as responsible for US corporation deserting this country by the NAFTA treaty.

Its going to take organized labor and more than 4 times minimum wages to bring this country out of its strife. In the US there are no jobs that manufacture or create for global distribution.

Small business is temporary line of credit debts employing one.

Marlborough, MA

Significanly increasing the minimum wage for fast food workers may actually be very good for the U.S. in the long term if the cost of cheap bad (for peoples health) food significantly increases also.

Sandy, UT

This plan would turn every city in the nation onto another Detroit. Brilliant.

Moab, UT

The fast food industry is one of our few growth industries left. So naturally the Dems.and unions feel obliged to destroy it, as they have manufacturing.

South Jordan, UT

They can raise the minimum wage for fast food workers as high as they want as far as I'm concerned. I quit eating fast foods a long time ago because of the cost. If I get two sandwiches at Arby's with fries and a drink, it will cost me over $10. I can enjoy a much better meal for just a couple dollars more at Chili's, Applebee's, Red Robin, just about any Mexican or Chinese restaurant, any buffet, and others. Those have become my low cost dining options.

So raise the wages, run those blights on our scenery out of business, and let their employees go find real jobs.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

We have forgotten that the United States is supposed to be a free market economy.
These workers have a right to demand more money. The burger chains will decide if they are worth it. At will employment means they can fire the demanding worker for no reason at all.
Fine so far.
Enter the government. Regulations, mandatory wage scales, mandatory benefits, job protections for strikers. Gone is the free market.
Now, the answer for some of you is government-owned fast food restaurants. Uniform pay and benefits. Probably an employee union.
Who wants to buy their burgers from the IRS? or the DMV?
How's that Postal Service model working out for you?
And don't even get me started on the push to inject illegal alien workers into the low-skilled workforce. That's just plain foolish.

Redlands, CA

Minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage, simply a minimum wage. Even when I first started working as a teenager, I got minimum, then a few months later, a raise. To continue to raise the minimum wage ($15? Are you kidding?) only means that there will be no motivation to find something else, or work harder to get a raise.

South Jordan, UT

JoeBlow: You really aren't naïve enough to believe raising the minimum wage will improve the ratio between CEOs and employees, are you? It never has before. Greed is still greed. Companies will raise prices before they start taking wages from CEOs

To solve the problem you bring up, we need to establish a maximum wage. After all, CEOs are also paid employees. If we have a national maximum wage, the very wealthy would be company owners, not CEOs (and, depending on how it is enacted, perhaps not professional athletes or entertainers). That would incentivize people to establish businesses, create jobs, and revitalize the economy. It would lower prices (by lopping off the huge salaries and bonuses paid to corporate executives). It would make America more competitive in the global marketplace. It would, in essence, do the opposite of minimum wage (which is raise prices and make America less competitive).

However, there is the moral, legal, and ethical dilemma of whether that falls into the purview of government; the exact same dilemma we should be asking ourselves about minimum wage standards.

Mcallen, TX

Something for nothing mentality:

* students not earning it,-- get passing grades
* Obama phones
* food stamps
* etc

Takes a half hour learning to work at fast food, compared to years for a dentist. We have the choice to succeed. Some lack the will, and grit to do it, than wants the same pay.

Compare to a classroom. Why should those with low grades get the same rewards as the honor roll students? Same teachers, books, instruction, etc.

Fast food employment, is a great way of working through college.

Far East USA, SC

"You really aren't naïve enough to believe raising the minimum wage will improve the ratio"

No, I dont. And I didnt say that it would.

I find that the first order of business is to admit that there is a problem. Only then could it be dealt with.

Many many people see no problem with the steady, upward movement of this countries wealth, or the rising cost of health care. Either that, or they wont admit it.

I dont believe that it is the Govts place to cap CEO wages (could you imagine the outcry?). Until the masses (ie stockholders) get fed up with it, it wont change.

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