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Published: Saturday, Aug. 3 2013 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

Markie23 -- interesting statement. Perhaps you are by putting asterisks around the word *knew* discounting your earlier convictions. But clearly you must not have "known." This does always present a challenge which I try to address with patience, tolerance and acceptance those who sincerely cannot get that assurance or who choose to publicly deny it. But the fact is that I do actually know. That won't change. Ever.

Do feel people should not say they know when they just believe. It's okay to believe or only want to believe; just say so. Reserving sure knowledge for just that.

Dan Bishop
Lehi, UT

Children under the age of 16 don't have a clue about life, let alone about sex, religion or money. Most of the current generation are spoiled beyond words and are increasingly more immature. In fact the only ones I have noticed that seem to have any sense are the kids who appreciate and respect their parents, unless the parents are alcoholics or worse.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

People make their minds up about "truth" based on the information that they are given and many MANY times, NOT given.
Markie, I hear you. So many people have been in your position. It takes a great deal of strength to be able to challenge your beliefs and admit that you got it wrong.
Those who will criticize you for leaving would likely not even consider putting their beliefs to scrutiny. To the contrary, they believe the best way to maintain a testimony is to not.

“I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth - and truth rewarded me.”
Simone de Beauvoir

Potsdam, 00

Like to agree with so many, that the information we have about this is insufficient.

But since this is a common question and situation, my opinion could go like this :

We cannot encourage her for anything, since we ought not to interfere with her parents,
if she is not beaten to church.
She is young enough to learn and change, but most likely tired of the think tank demand.
The parents need advice, and I would tell them to let her experience Sundays in a switch between one day do as she likes another as the rules say. That way she would have more feelings to compare things with. The parents have lost control of their own comprehendo of life in general. If they had understood the gospel, her daughter would act out on other terms.
Seek to understand Lehi when he said : "...for behold, I know that if ye are brought up in the way ye should go ye will not depart from it"

If they depart, most likely we done something wrong.

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